Himalaya quista pro review

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Himalaya quista pro review

In my himalaya quista pro review, we will see the himalaya quista pro benefits and if there are any side effects. Also we will have a look at the himalaya quista pro ingredients.

Himalaya quista pro is known for its 3 types of whey protein blend. We will see in this himalaya quista pro review if those are helpful and how much protein do you actually get.

Right off the bat, himalaya quista pro shows bluntly that they aim towards thee fitness enthusiasts. Definitely not for pro body builders or elite athletes but for fitness enthusiastic himalaya quista pro is ok.

Quick Himalaya quista pro review

Fitness freaks can experiment with this if the budget permits. If it does not then stick to known high quality protein brands like ON, Mprotein. If you need more vitamins etc then get Revival capsules. And for other herbs etc eat real food. But note this is not the ultimate protein that you should consider for body building or athletic performance. There are other protein for them. The main selling point is the herbs with added benefits.

Himalaya quista pro review 1
Himalaya Quista Pro review

Himalaya quista pro Price

Himalaya quista pro 2kg – Not available

Himalaya quista pro 1kg – 1649 INR

Himalaya quista pro review (Detail)

Protein: 3 type of whey protein. Hmm! Whey concentrate, which comparatively is the cheaper one. Why Isolate, Costlier than whey concentrate as it does not have any allergens of milk. And lastly whey hydrolysate which is more costly as it appears to absorb way quicker than other types of whey.

But.. but.. But.. From the label it is not clear which whey type is used more! They could have used 90% whey concentrate and rest is divided between the other two. You will never know.

But you get 22 gram out of 34 gram scoop of Himalaya quista pro. That is almost as per as other body building focused protein powders in India.In this himalaya quista pro review I am not saying that they are not using whey isolate more or anything, but we simple do not know what we are eating.

At least with known protein brands, if you buy whey isolate you know you are getting what you want.

Calcium: In my himalaya quista pro review I see they also emphasize on having calcium. It has 151mg of calcium per serving. If you are taking 2 servings of himalaya quista pro (34gram *2) then you can cover 50% of your daily calcium needs.

One of the himalaya quista pro benefits other than whey protein.

Taurine: Although our body can create taurine naturally in it, some are inclined towards it as it seems to increase muscle growth. It can help expand the muscle so that they can hold more water and can help decrease muscle damage.

I guess you can call it one of the himalaya quista pro benefits.

Herbs: himalaya quista pro has three herbs. Ashwagandha – This is mainly used to reduce stress, anxiety and help fight depression. Also may boost testosterone in men. Perhaps this is why Ashwagandha is included in this protein blend.

As per the wrapper, it can improve muscle mass, improve muscle strength and overcome fatigue. I believe it may help in fatigue as it can enhance mental alertness but any direct relation to muscles? I do not know. Let me know.

Hadjod: A famous herb that is known for increasing bone strength and joint health. In fact himalaya has tablets of the same. Good addition to a protein powder.

Pomegranate/Dadima: label says reduces muscle soreness and improves post workout recovery. Not sure.

These are all the himalaya quista pro review that I can say.

For the money well spent I would recommend you buy whey isolate/ concentrate and other vitamin supplements. In this himalaya quista pro review I should also mention that the price is quite higher considering a mix of whey protein where you do no what % is actually in it.

Himalaya quista pro side effects

Himalaya have some amazing products, all are well tested. All ingredients in this blend are not harmful. Also there are not reported side effects at all. One possible himalaya quista pro side effects could be loss of money due to the high cost.

Quick preparation instructions

Himalaya Quista Pro review

Himalaya quista pro ingredients

Himalaya quista pro ingredients contains ingredients from milk, if you are allergic to milk like can not digest then the whey concentrate in it might cause some bloating issue. Other whey are lactose free and are not likely to cause any mess in your stomach.

Also among himalaya quista pro ingredients this does not have any preservatives, no trans fat, no added color. But it is not recommended for children and it contain artificial sweetener which is supposably calorie free.

But it does have cocoa for flavour.

Now it has 82.5% whey protein content but again no exact amount of type of protein % in the mix. 

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