Amul pro whey protein review for bodybuilding and weight gain

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Amul pro whey protein review for bodybuilding and Weight gain! – can it help?

Ps: In this Amul pro whey protein review, I would get it off quickly that Amul pro is not a whey protein, it has only 8% of protein.

And even that 8 gram protein per 100 gram of Amul pro whey protein is not whey! Check the ingredients to make more sense of it!

Amul proIt is a malt-based health drink with a chocolate flavour. And it tastes good!

Amul pro whey protein review

For more on the Amul whey protein review, scroll below 🙂

Amul PRO is the perfect milk additive that not only enhances the nutritive value of milk, but also makes it taste good.

It’s a malt-based product that has been produced to keep in line with customer requirements. Amul pro whey protein nutritional value can be seen below.

But for bodybuilding and weight, Amul pro is not a suitable product for healthy weight gain. You should stick to these weight-gaining products:

Ps: Here is my review of the Horlicks Protein PLUS! Horlicks protein plus is a good option if you are 30 or older.

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Top Features:

  • Enhancing the nutritive value of milk
  • Malt-based milk additive
  • Unique pack in the category
  • 500g Refill
  • Amul pro whey protein ingredients: Malt extract (42%),Milk solids (10%),Whey Solids (7%),Caramel (E150c),Cocoa Solids (2%).
  • Amul pro whey protein contents mainly consist of malt, which is filling and has some good health benefits.
  • Amul pro whey protein content is 7%, meaning per 100 gram you get 7 gram of whey. Which is pretty less, and I would not call it the Amul whey protein powder.
  • 7-8 gram protein per 100 gram of Amul Pro.
  • 392KCAL per 100 gram of amul pro.

Amul pro whey protein review

Top Decision Makers

  • The product is granular and has a sweet and caramelized taste.
  • Amul pro is better than other similar drinks of its kind. It is a good protein powder that tastes better than other malt drinks and provides value for money.
  • The product is cheaper compared to other health drinks because milk is just 10%, and the rest is malt.
  • The product is over 30% sugar and only 8% protein, not suitable for people looking for a healthy drink.
  • It is just a drink, not helpful in body fitness, and has too much sugar and too little protein.

Amul pro health drink inside the pack

Amul pro whey protein ingredients

Ingredients: Malt extract (42%), Sugar(32.7 gram per 100 gram), Milk Solids (10%), Whey Solids (7%), Caramel (E150c), Cocoa Solids (2%), Permitted emulsifiers (E322, E471), Raising agent (E500 (ii)), DHA and Salt.

What do these ingredients tell us?

Amul Pro Protein Nurtition valueIf you see carefully, you will see that Amul pro is made from mostly malt! It has 42% of it.

The milk solids are around 10%, and whey solids are 7%.

There is a high chance that milk solids are probably casein protein and whey solids are whey isolates.

That means out of the 8% protein of 100 gram, you get only 7% whey per scoop.

So, 8% of 100 gram is 8 gram.

7% of 8 gram is .56 grams of whey! Tell me in the comments if my maths right?

And Amul pro has 32.7 grams of sugar per 100 grams. That is a lot of sugar to consume in the name of a healthy drink.

Amul pro whey protein age limit?

Apart from infant anyone can drink this health drink. There is no age limit on Amul pro.

How to use amul pro whey protein?

Amul pro comes with a chocolate flavour and has a lot of malt in it.

You can drink this in your breakfast and as an evening snack as well.

You do not need to consider this for before or after workout drink.

However, due to the high amount of malt, you can drink this after a workout. But you should add some more protein into the shake.

Let’s compare Amul pro with another popular health drink, Horlicks Protein plus!

Amul Pro Horlicks Protein Plus
8 grams of protein per 100 gram 34-gram protein per 100 gram
2.2 grams of fat 4 grams of fat
Fewer vitamins More vitamins
186 mg of calcium per 100 gram 320 mg of calcium per 100 gram
32.7-gram sugar per 100 gram

30-gram sugar per 100 gram

Well, well, well. The Horlicks protein plus also has severe sugar content but it still has thrice the amount of protein than Amul Pro. Amul pro has only 8 grams of protein per 100 grams and Horlicks protein plus has 34 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Amul pro also has 2.7 grams more sugar than Horlicks protein plus.

amul pro whey protein benefits

  • Amul pro powder makes milk more tasty and nutritious for people of all ages, especially kids. The drink tastes yummy with milk.
  • This whey malt beverage is good for kids and adults.
  • Affordable price and value for the quality it provides.
  • This product is made with high-quality ingredients. But the fast protein whey is very little in amount.
  • It is available in different sizes, which makes it perfect for sharing and storing away.
  • The product has a wonderful taste that people love!
  • Amul pro excels over other malt drinks that taste exactly like Bornvita but at a cheaper price.
  • Taste of India, high-quality nutrients in high quantities.

amul pro whey protein side effects

  • Many buyers have mentioned that the born vita has better ingredients, but Horlicks protein plus has all the good ingredients.
  • Contains emulsifiers and raising agents.
  • Many would consider this as a protein supplement, but it will not help you if you are a bodybuilder. It has only 7% whey protein. You are better off drinking plain milk.

Finally, in this Amul pro whey protein malt chocolate drink review, I would say, drink it as a health drink.

It is nothing else.

Amul is a good brand, but if you are looking for the Amul pro whey protein malt chocolate drink review, then you will be disappointed.

But if you want a whey protein malt beverage then this is a good one, you might want to add a scoop of whey protein to increase the protein content.

Still, the sugar content is really high. Too much man-made sugar is never healthy.

Check the Pros and Cons of Amul pro at a glance! – amul pro whey protein malt chocolate drink review

Pros Cons
Excellent taste. A bit too sugary taste
Good granular product. Not as nutritional as claimed
Sweet and Caramelized taste. Taste is similar to Bournvita
Great for hot drinks. Less vitamins added
Good protein intake. Hardens quickly when left open
Decent protein content.
Other health drinks has higher protein content.
Suitable for children as a substitute for Horlicks or Bournvita.
Not a value for money. Better than other health drinks.


Amul pro whey protein how to use?

In this Amul pro whey protein malt chocolate drink review, I would say it is best if you drink Amul pro at breakfast. It has high malt quantity and it will help you get through your breakfast!

Is Amul pro whey protein for weight loss?

The main ingredient here is Malt, which is high in calories. Thus, Amul pro is not for weight loss. It is not a whey protein, either.

Is Amul pro whey protein for weight gain?

Since the main ingredient is malt and a small amount of whey protein, this can be considered for weight gain. But you have to use fruits like bananas, dry fruits and oats to make a mass gainer shake.

Is amul pro whey protein for bodybuilding?

No, Amul Pro is not a whey protein and cannot be used for bodybuilding. Can you drink it when you are bulking? Sure. But can you build muscle, reduce muscle soreness, recover faster? No. Thus this malt-based drink is not suitable for bodybuilding.

Amul pro whey protein age limit?

There is no age limit for consuming Amul PRO MALT drink. Apart from infants, no one should have any problem when consuming Amul pro!

Does Amul Pro contain sugar?

Yes, Amul pro does contain sugar. In fact, all health drinks that have some flavour contain sugar. As per the label, Amul pro has around 10% of sugar and milk solids.

Is Amul Pro chocolate healthy?

Amul pro is healthy, but it is not sugar-free or is of low calories if that is your goal. If you are a healthy person without any diabetes or overweight issues, then this malt-based drink is good for your health. This Amul pro is good for kids as well. It is the same as Complan, Horlicks etc.

Is Amul Pro for adults?

Yes, Amul pro can be consumed by adults. But it is mostly a malt drink, so if you are looking for high protein content, then you will be disappointed.

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Amul pro whey protein price is very nominal. This is a tough competitor for Horlicks, Milo, bounvita and complain. But Horlicks protein plus is better if you are an adult and is around 30 or more years older.

And please understand Amul Pro is not a whey protein 🙂

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