Best weight gain powder for females in India


I know you are looking for the best weight gain powder for Females in India, but note that you can not completely change the genetics. Neither you can add slabs of meat or fat at the body parts you desire. Fat is totally not controllable and muscles shape is in our genes. Be realistic. Eat a lot, lift heavy, Rest and you will see results.

Best Weight Gain Powder For Females In India

Weight powder for females are different than males?

No, after all men and women are not of different species 🙂 But the abundance of testosterone in men makes the difference. It makes their muscles more broad, strong and defined. In this list of best weight gain powder for females in India we would see some products that are purely marketing gimmick, and then we will see what can actually help gain weight.

And these are also good as the best weight gainer for teenage girl.

So you can create protein shakes with any type of weight gainer powders or whey proteins available. Stay away from something that looks shady, bad reviews, and stay away from something that says increase testosterone.

Men tend to avoid soya protein powder as soya powder may increase the level of estrogen in them, but it will make you more feminine. You can try that with shakes.

But in general, soya proteins are not as tasty or come in many flavours like whey.

And Protinex for weight gain or Horlicks women or Horlicks protein plus are not that effective. These are good as generic health drink only.

Best weight gain powder for females in India

Nutrigain Women weight gainer India

weight gainer for women

It has 11-12 gram of protein per 100 gram and calcium is 606 mg. Apart from these two ingredients it has the usual, iron, potassium, vitamins.

It also has some herbs like Ashoka, Shatavari etc.

Is this useful for weight gain? Rather muscle gain?

Watching at that protein content, nope. Also they do not tell us what protein is that!

You better add whey protein and Revital Women to your daily diet.

Develo Weight Gainer powder for Women

develo mass gainer review

Let see in this develo weight gainer reviews what I found.

Per 100 gram Develo provides 20 gram protein, 2 gram fat, 1 gram fibre, 11 vitamins, 75 gram carbs, 398 kcal.

What I like is the carb amount, meaning per serving your will ger some decent amount of carbs. But there are no indications on what type of protein is that. Also some spelling mistakes and poor quality branding alarms me to think to stay away.

You can try though, I would not.

By the way, 500 calories extra per day can help you gain weight up to 500 gram per week.

Definitely one of the best protein powder for weight gain for females in India.

Or you can just go for top isolate whey protein in India.

Natures Velvet Soy Protein for Women

weight gain powder for females in india

Per 100 gram protein is 90 gram, energy is 360 kcal.

No fat and no carbs.

Now protein content is normal as soy protein, so soy protein is not as good as whey. But it is a good source of vegan protein. 

Now you can mix this soy protein with oats, add a spoon of vitamin powder and your weight gain shake is ready.

This variant of soya protein or other soya protein are best protein powder for weight gain for females after whey.

Read more: Pros and Cons of High Protein Diet

These are probably the only three which can be counted as the best weight gain powder for females in India.

But as male and female weight gainers do not differ you can check the weight gainers for skinny guys. Honestly the items at skinny guys list are more suitable for weight gain than those which are marketed towards women.

Weight gain is not easy for women

Where some of us are naturally skinny, some of us are skinny due to malnutrition. And some are suffering due to thyroid gland.

If you are naturally skinny you can not alter the genetics but you can do something that may help. Weight gain takes time, takes a lot of effort both physically and mentally.

Be prepared mentally and physically, as you will need to create healthy habits of eating food frequently, lifting heavy weights.

And lifting weights will not make you look like a man, rather your muscles will be more toned.

And do not do more than 30 minutes of cardio each week.

There are many weight gain products for females available, but do not fall for the gimmicks though.

Do you want to gain more muscle or Fat?

Many women completely ignore the workout part and only focus on eating and ultimately get a skinny fat body. Where your arms, legs are skinny but you accumulate most of the fat in your belly and in your butt.

To avoid it you must also exercise with a high calorie diet.

How to gain weight for females in 10 days?

Ideally I do not think anyone can gain a significant amount of weight in 10 days, be it female or male. But you can start a habit for better muscle gain.

Step 1: Change your habit of not eating enough. If you can not eat a good portion in one go, eat several times.

Step 2: Eat better: Add fruits, vegetables, meat, brown rice and remove chocolate, pizza. You can have a weekly cheat meal though.

Step 3: Track weight daily starting from day 1.

Step 4: Workout at least thrice per week and focus on heavy lift not on easy, no sweat exercise.

General guidelines for Skinny women in India

These guidelines are not made by any dietitian or doctor or even a gym owner. Being a skinny guy in India and struggling to gain weight I know a thing or two. And I would like to share those in an easy way 🙂

How to gain weight in a week for females in India

Eat little more every time

Skinny people like you and me can not eat a lot at the same time. So try to eat a little extra with yoru each meal. Eat at least 5 times a day with small snacks in between. Your usual indian diet would work. Just try to eat more complex carbs like rooti, oats, sweet potato, meat, dal, vegetables.


Always keep a snack with you and eat it even if you are not hungry. No best weight gain powder for females in India would help if you stay hungry or do not eat for a longer period of time. Ideally eat big meals after 3-4 hours and in between you can add protein shakes, peanuts etc.

Avoid Junk food

The sure shot easy way to get fat is to eat junk food, skinny guys and skinny girls usually develop a fatty belly but no development in chest, arms or legs. You need to eat a lot of calories but those should come from great foods not from pizza, chicken rolls etc.

Lift Weight

Yeah no matter if you are a boy or girl you can not escape it if you want to build muscle or gain weight. Unless you want to get fat though. Lifting heavy will develop lean muscle which will make you look good. You will not be jacked like dude but you will look strong and bright. You will be more beautiful with strength.

Do not depend on weight gain powders

You can take weight powders in India as supplements, but no matter what the best weight gainer for women is – you will need real food. Supplements are not food and should not be your main source of carbohydrates and protein.

Have protein shakes

Protein shakes with protein powder or even weight gainer are essential for women who want to gain weight. You can also create protein shakes without protein powder with all items available at your home. Like, milk, banana, peanut butter, fruits etc. Shakes are liquid thus your body can absorb them quicker and adds a boost to protein and carb intake at daily level.


Eat a lot, lift heavy and give yourself rest. Full 8 hours of sleep are essential for health and mental development. When you are sleeping your body is actually recovering the muscles, rebuilding you up. So sleep at least 6-8 hours per night.

Track Weight

Everyday after bathroom check your weight and keep track in an excel spreadsheet. You can even create a chart later to see if the graph is going up or going down.

How to gain weight for a teenage girl?

It is similar to the steps above, you certainly do not want to be skinny and weak. And being skinny also effects hormonal releases. This is a good guide for teenage girls who are skinny –

Since you can not buy protein powders or weight gainers, they depend on real food. A lot of food and exercises like pull up, push up, squats.

Do not worry you will not gain muscles like a man, males look more muscular due to the testosterone hormone which you simply lack.

How to gain weight fast for skinny girls?

Something does not happen fast, like weight gain. You are naturally skinny and your body is expert at faster metabolism. So first thing you should do to speed up weight gain as a skinny girl in India is to Eat a lot. Eat more calories, not junk foods. And do some gym workouts. You will not get any benefits if you only eat healthy food, your body will flush those calories out.

To force your body to use those calories you need to live heavy, lift slow and maintain form.

And if it is possible then pick one of the best weight gain powder for females in India. Extra protein helps and since it will be liquid, it will be easy to digest.

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Hopefully these best weight gainer powder for female have been helpful. Muscle gainer for women work just as they would for a man. you have to eat well and workout hard and sleep like a log.

Without these, no weight gainer powder for female would work for you.

Ref: Study on women weight gain

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