Oziva collagen powder side effects and pros

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Oziva collagen powder side effects and pros!

  • Clearly, there are not many side effects of this vegetarian collagen blend, but there are some disadvantages for sure. And there are some pros of consuming this as well. Let’s see below!
  • OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder is a plant-based protein supplement. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, including specially selected superfoods and ancient ingredients like collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, MSM, and proline.
  • The supplement contains 8 anti-ageing, 10 pro-collagen superfoods, and 3 standardized wholefood vitamin extracts. It also contains 45 mg of vitamin C and 630 mcg of biotin to support anti-ageing beauty.
  • OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder provides your body with the building blocks it needs to repair damaged tissue and build new cells. This helps you look and feel younger.

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Oziva collagen powder side effects and pros 1

Best Collagen Powder for Bone and Health in India

Oziva collagen powder side effects and pros 2

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Oziva collagen powder side effects

  • There should be no side effects of Oziva Collagen powder. But there are some reports of side effects online. Some common side effects of Oziva collagen powder is upset stomach, acidity, allergic rashes etc.
  • See the list of side effects (both common and rare) and some negative aspects of the Oziva collagen powder below
  • Disclaimer says “The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA”. Therefore, I would avoid this product if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. 
  •  OZIVA products are not thoroughly tested. So I wouldn’t use them if I was concerned about possible side effects. 
  •  The taste is ok with cold water, but if you take it with hot water it’s just disgusting. Taste is bad for this product. 
  • One user reported that her mother got allergic pimples and her pigmentation increased after using this product. Seems to be some allergic issues.
  • One-formulation-for-all type powders don’t suit all body constitutions or types. This is true for all the supplements out there. But these types of herbal supplements has low success rate than animal-based supplements.
  • One user felt severe heart palpitations and blood pressure! This is a shocking reaction to the oziva collagen powder side effects.
  • One user also had a panic attack because of a drop-in BP.
  • Although the powder mixed well it caused too much indigestion happens after use for some users.
  • Few boldly claim that the skin repair has been unauthentic unless dermatologically monitored. I feel since it is a supplement to improve collagen production, the results can not be extraordinary anyway!
  • Many did not see any signs of improvement. No skin, nails, hair or anything has improved.
  • And finally, it is not collagen but rather a collagen builder helper, you will see results very late. And the results will vary from person to person all the time.

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Oziva collagen powder Pros

  • The powder has biotin and other ingredients like vitamin C that make good food for skin and hair.
  • This vegan collagen might be healthy and beneficial for skin and hair.
  • Many drink it in the morning to improve my skin’s texture and hair growth.
  • Many take it before sleep and wake up refreshed and youthful.
  • Many people see a huge difference in my health

oziva collagen powder side effects pros

Oziva Collagen Benefits

Some features of Oziva collagen powder –

  • Contains 8 Anti-ageing, 10 Pro-Collagen Superfoods and 3 Standardized Wholefood Vitamin Extracts.
  • Provides 45 mg Vitamin C and 630 mcg Biotin to support Anti-Aging Beauty
  • 100% Vegan Collagen Building Ingredients
  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non GMO, No Artificial sweeteners, 0g Sugar

With these features, Oziva is supposed to improve your hair and nails, and that should work since it has a high quantity of biotin. Rest of the 8 anti-aging properties might help you, but it will depend on the usages, time of usages and still vary from person to person.

And this might improve the collagen production in your body!

Do Collagen Supplements Help Build Muscle?

How does OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder work?

Plant based collagen powders are not real collagen, they help your body to build up collagen. The ingredients in the oziva plant-based collagen power will help your body with making collagen. If you are a vegan, then it is a good choice. But if you are not obliged to vegan foods, then choose animal based collagen only.

Collagen supplements in Ayurveda?

Oziva Collagen ingredients

  • Acai Berry – Acai berries are an antioxidant-packed berry that also helps repair damaged skin.
  • Sea Buckthorn – Rich Source of Omega 7, Boosts Collagen Production
  • Bamboo Shoot – Bamboo Shoot is an anti-ageing product I recommend to my patients. It contains bamboo extract and hyaluronic acid, which are both known for their skin-revitalizing properties.
  • Sesbania agati- Sesbania agati is high in Biotin, which helps reduce wrinkles and lines.
  • Rose Petals – Rose petals are packed with antioxidants that support healthy skin. 

How Much Does Oziva Collagen Cost?

Oziva collagen should cost around 900 INR. you can get deals when some festival is around.


Oziva collagen powder does have some side effects. But not all will face this issue. And you should be mindful that the Oziva collagen powder is not actually collagen. If you are vegan, then you might depend on this. Otherwise, stick to hydrolysed collagen, which is animal based and works as expected.

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