Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option)

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Get the Simple Weight Gain Diet Chart for Female +Vegetarian Diet plan

If you are looking for a weight-gain diet chart for females then this small guide will help you with your weight gain journey.

This is a healthy weight gain diet plan sample which only works if you work out. Without weight training no diet would help you.

Especially if you have high metabolism then no diet is of any use unless you put in the hard work.

Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female

Only a mere diet with no dedication on lifting weight will not get any results.

You will gain weight slowly but steadily if you eat healthily and do heavy lifts.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female [Non Vegetarian]


Sample Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan Female
Non -Vegetarian







Milk + Oats + Whey

300ml + 30 gm + 25 gm



Mid Morning

4 Eggs Boiled + Sweet Potato





Roti/Rice + Daal + Chicken/Fish +Salad

4 piece/1 cup + 1 bowl + 100gram + 1 bowl




Smoothie with Creatine
(Can add one scoop whey to get at least 25 grams of protein)

1 glass milk/Curd with fruit



Mid Evening

Soaked/Roasted nuts / 2 Boiled Eggs with spices

50 grams




Curd Rice+Fish/Chicken+Daal+Paneer

1 bowl+1 piece+1 bowl+50 gram







This non vegetarian diet which I would ask you to follow if you are into gaining weight. But do note that you will need to do heavy workouts to get the benefits.

Otherwise you would not be able to take the benefits of the protein.

If you want to increase calories, then you can opt for chapatis, cheese, more sweet potato and olive oil cooking.

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Simple weight gain diet chart for female Vegetarian Option


Sample Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan Female Vegetarian







Milk + Oats + Whey

300ml + 30 gm + 25 gm



Mid Morning

Paneer + Daal + soya chunks

56 gram paneer + 1 bowl + 50 gram




Roti + tofu + Paneer

1 cup + 1 bowl + 1 glass




Smoothie with Creatine

1 glass milk/Curd with fruit



Mid Evening

Soaked/Roasted nuts+2 Peanut butter sandwich

50 grams




Curd Rice+Paneer

1 bowl+100 gram







The vegetarian options in this Indian diet chart for females contain protein sources like paneer, soya, whey.

Now you can also add brown rice and soya protein powder to this mix to increase the protein count as well. Alternatively you can add peanut butter to your evening snacks as well.

If you want to increase the calorie count then add 1 portion of sweet potato, 2-3 chapatis in any one of your meals in the day.

You can also make a weight gainer shake with peanuts, almond/cow milk, any protein powder (preferably whey) and 2 scoops of whey.

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How can these weight gain diet plans help you?

These diet plans for weight gain will only help you as a guide. To increase your body weight you will need to increase your calorie intake.

Use this plan as a guide to change your diet plan as you see fit.

There are no hard rules that you can not break with this diet.

Change up the diet plan as you see fit.

But always consume 1 gram of protein per kg of weight of your body.

Calculate your daily energy expenditure or calorie intake by using any online calculators.

Then you should eat enough to make up for that.

Also be sure to check the healthy weight range as per your gender and height.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 1

Top Fast weight gainer food list – Try to add these healthy foods

All types of animal proteins like chicken, fish, lamb, pork etc.

Healthy fats like olive oil.

Fruits like mango, and banana.

Carbs from brown rice, brown bread, roti and chapatis.

Your every meal should have protein and some portions of fat, and carbs. Divide this into 5-6 meals per day and you should be good.

However, if you are vegetarian then you might want to add more food items like soy protein or whey protein.

Whey protein blends are good for everyone though, even if you want an increase or loose weight.

But you do have to work out and lift heavy steadily.

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Weight gaining snacks

Peanut or dry fruit chikkis are good weight-gaining snacks. These are filling and have good natural sources of protein. You can also just eat almonds, peanuts, raisins and dates.

Brown bread and cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches etc are also a good example of evening snacks.

You might also want to consider sattu, protein shakes or protein bars as weight-gaining snacks.

Weight gainer fruits

Any dried fruits are calorie and nutrient dense. Take the example of dates, raisins etc. Also, juicy fruits like mango are a great option for weight gain.

Bananas are also a great option as a weight gainer fruit.

However, you actually need a good quality of protein in your every meal. Eat a fish, chicken etc.

If you are a vegetarian then you would have to munch on paneer, tofu, soybean, dal etc.

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Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 2

What is the Importance of Weight gain?

Being underweight is not only considered aesthetically displeasing, but it can also lead to a range of health problems for both adults and children.

Additionally, being overly skinny can lead to health problems like anemia,decreased immune functionality, nutrient deficiencies, osteoporosis.

Many underweight adults can go through some mental issues related to their body image as well.

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What are the reasons for Being Underweight?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may be underweight. Some people have a naturally fast metabolism, while others may have a body type that is difficult to gain weight.

I have a fast metabolism, so gaining weight is really hard for me. I need to eat a lot and do workouts to gain some lean mass.

And some people may not be getting enough nutrients in their diet, which can lead to weight loss. Whatever the reason, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help increase weight in a healthy way.

Another reason is a medical condition, such as diabetes, which can cause weight loss.

Mental health conditions, such as depression, and eating disorders, might lead to weight loss as well.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 3

Top Vegetable for weight gain

All types of lentils, soy beans, sweet potatoes, corn, peas are very high in calories. Thus consuming them would help you gain weight.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 4

How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

The most efficient way to gain weight is to eat protein-rich foods and lift heavy weights. Other than this, munching on only rice or chapati won’t help much.

Get Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and exhaustion which in turn can prevent you from performing any physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.

A person needs a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night to stay fit and fine. Good quality sleep helps to strengthen muscle mass as compared to poor quality sleep.

The less sleepy you are, the more awesome you will be in a gym.

Stress kills the gains!

There are many ways that people reduce stress. Some popular methods include baths, dancing, and meditation/yoga. Stress can also lead to a loss of appetite or an increase in appetite, depending on the person.

Either way stress will lower your weight gain possibilities.

Consume Healthy Carbs

You can safely gain weight by consuming healthy carbs. You can replace high sugar and refined carbs with healthier options like bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, rice, and fruits.

Consuming a balanced meal is essential to receiving the nutrients that the body needs to function properly.

Carbs are your calorie source so be sure to get enough of them along with protein and fat.

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Protein Rich Foods are the Best Weight gainer Foods

There are many benefits to eating protein-rich foods. Protein provides the body with energy and helps to rebuild muscle tissue.

It is important to include a variety of protein sources in your diet, including both animal-based and plant-based proteins.

Some good protein-rich food options include chicken, fish, tofu, legumes, and dairy products.

Whole Fat Milk is a great source of protein for people looking to gain weight with a proper diet. It has 4 grams of protein per serving and is also high in calcium. 

Additionally, fruits like mango, papaya, bananas, and pineapple are all rich in natural sugars and can give you great energy. 

If you are looking for a cereal to enjoy, try Natural Granola with no added refined sugar. Lastly, cheese is a great snack for gaining weight because it is high in protein and contains essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12.

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Track Your Goal to gain weight faster

There are a number of ways to track your goal in order to increase the chances of hitting your target.

One way is to maintain a food journal, which will help you write down your calorie goal and track the foods that you eat. 

Checking your weight every week or 10 days can also be very motivating and help you track progress. 

Additionally, tracking your exercise pattern can help measure muscle gain and motivate you for future workouts.

When you are trying to achieve a goal, it is important to track your progress in order to stay motivated and on track. 

Additionally, by tracking your goal, you can ensure that you are meeting your objectives and making the progress you desire. 

Finally, tracking your goal allows you to monitor any changes over time so that you can make necessary adjustments.

Keep Yourself Motivated

It is important to find ways to keep yourself motivated when it comes to staying on track with your fitness goals. One way to do this is by tracking your progress and making sure you are hitting your targets. Another way is to maintain a food journal so you are aware of how many calories you are consuming each day. 

Finally, checking your weight every week or 10 days will help motivate you to stick with your goals.

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Not all High-Calorie Foods are healthy foods

There are many high-calorie foods that are also nutritious and full of the nutrients your body needs. Eat foods like banana, avocados, full-fat milk. Consume nutritious high-calorie food that is high in calories and full of nutrients. A cup of corn flakes, oats with milk, or any cereal porridge (use full-fat milk). 

Chapatis with a cup of veggies and a cup of boiled sprouts.

On the other hand, eating processed foods for weight gain can lead to the accumulation of subcutaneous or visceral fat. This is because these types of foods are high in calories and unhealthy fats. 

While it is possible to gain weight by eating high-calorie foods like chicken rolls, Pizza, and Noodles, it is not a healthy approach.

Strength Training makes gain weight faster

In order to gain weight in a healthy way, you need to engage in strength training. This will help you add lean muscle mass rather than fat mass. Additionally, it is important to choose the right exercises that will keep your body toned and defined while you work out regularly.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 5

Advantages of an Indian diet

Fresh Vegetables and Meat

Fresh vegetables and fresh fish and meat are a vital part of Indian cuisine and have many health benefits. They keep your organs healthy and provide the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

A overall healthy combo of food

The Indian diet is a combination of healthy food that results in a healthy diet. 

This is based on the traditional foods of the Indian subcontinent. The Indian diet is a balanced diet that includes all the food groups and provides all the nutrients that are necessary for good health.

What are the benefits of an Indian diet:

The Indian diet has many benefits. It is a healthy diet that can help to prevent many chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. The Indian diet is also a good way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

What are some of the meals in an Indian diet:

Some of the meals in an Indian diet include rice, wheat, lentils, vegetables, fruits, milk, and curd.

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Satiating flavors

The flavors of our food is very good. And somehow these flavours are very filling so you do not feel the need of eating a lot. Indian foods are soo tasty that you might eat slightly more, if you do then you should much on protein sources like chicken.

Healthy Spices

Almost every Indian cuisine makes use of a variety of spices. These spices add color, flavor, and nutrition to the food. Additionally, they also help with treating various digestive issues. For example, cardamom is known for its ability to treat stomach and intestinal ailments.

Simple Indian Diet Chart for Weight Gain for Female (+Vegetarian Option) 5

Can only a healthy diet chart help with weight gain?

Diet for increasing weight can only get you started. To actually do this you will need to lift heavy. Weight gain requirements are simple, you need to eat a lot, eat healthy and lift heavy.

How can a female gain weight fast?

Be a male or a female, you have to eat 5-6 smaller protein rich milk, lots of water and do some heavy lifts. There is no other way of getting mass gain with only a balanced diet. And do not worry you will not look like some muscular dude. There is no magical way to gain weight faster.

How can I gain 5 kg weight in one month?

There is no realistic way that I know which can help you gain 5 kg weight in one month. Unless you are a movie star who has dieticians, private trainers and supplements to help. Ideally you should aim for 0.5-1kg weight gain with heavy compound lifts and diet.

How can a girl gain weight in 7 days?

You will not gain substantial weight like lean muscle mass in 7 days. If you eat a lot and drink a lot of water then you will gain some water weight. If you plan to gain weight in 7 days then this is the only viable way as far as I can see.

How can I gain weight naturally?

You will need to follow a healthy diet plan and do compound lifts to gain weight naturally. Otherwise you might only gain some fat and water weight which will not stay all year round. And those fats will eventually slow you down. You should rather increase your weight with a good diet plan and workout routine to do all year round.

What increases weight gain?

There is nothing magical which will increase your weight quickly. Your diet for weight gain should have enough protein (0.8-1 gram/kg of your bodyweight), lift heavy 3-4 days per week is necessary to gain lean mass.

Do dates gain weight?

Eating dates along will not help you gain weight.

Which protein is best for weight gain?

Whey concentrate is great for weight gain but your protein sources should also have something like soy,peanuts,lean meat etc. If you have a lactose allergy then you should consider whey isolates, however that is costly.

Can bananas increase weight?

Bananas are rich in nutrients and have a decent amount of calories. 2-3 bananas in addition to your diet will help you gain weight.

How does a skinny girl gain weight?

Even if you are a skinny girl, you can gain weight by doing compound exercise like squats, deadlift, push ups etc. And you should also eat 5-6 times daily and eat protein with every meal.

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