Pros And Cons Of Rowing Machines: What You Need To Know About Rowing Machine Benefits

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Pros and Cons of Rowing Machines: Rowing machine benefits – do you need one?

Rowing machines are one of the best workout equipment for overall health development. But what are the pros and cons of rowing machines? Are they useful for everybody?

Rowing Machine Benefits

The benefits of rowing machines are multifold for the user. It can burn fat, build muscles, and can build an immense amount of stamina.

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Pros and Cons of Rowing Machines
  • Rowing machines are excellent for burning fat and are easy on the joints. The rowing machines probably burn more calories than a treadmill and gym cycle and still is low impact.
  • They exercise a wide variety of muscles, including all major muscle groups. But rowing does focus on back muscles first.
  • Rowing machines are a more satisfying combination of cardio and muscle-building workouts. With a rowing machine, you can move your entire body like in a compound workout. This burns calories builds stamina and muscles.
  • If you want a not so bring workout machine then rowing machines are a good choice although they are costly.
  • Rowing machines are quiet and easy to use, making them ideal for both home use and commercial gyms. Rowing machines usages does not require much coaching or form checks. Rowing as the name suggests is like rowing a boat. And we all have a fair idea on how it is being done.
  • Rowing machines are low impact and they do not have any part that are dangerous to you. Thus these are very safe to use around people and in home.

Is home workout better than gym?

More detailed benefits of rowing machines are below:

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Get full-body endurance and muscle building workout

Rowing machines provide a full-body strength and conditioning workout that targets multiple muscles at once. Rowers have physiques similar to those of high-level athletes, with solid development in both their upper and lower bodies.

Rowing is pretty demanding as well and it builds muscles as well.

And rowing workout is an excellent way to target multiple muscle groups at the same time, resulting in a great cardiovascular workout. Also, this is a multi-joint workout that will keep your joints healthy.

Rowing machines are bound to improve your overall fitness and you will see the results in 2-3 weeks.

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Rowing machines are easy to follow and can be done at home without any training. Some Youtube videos might help but you will waste no time in learning the rowing machine.

Anyone, regardless of experience or fitness level, can complete this workout.

The Full-Body Strength & Conditioning Workout is perfect for beginners or experienced exercisers alike!

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Affordable weight management

You can buy hundreds of home gym equipment for weight loss or just get a rowing machine. In that scenario, rowing machines are more affordable.

Rowing machines work the whole body and require special adaptations for those who cannot use their arms or legs. Since this rowing is taxing on your body you will burn a lot of calories thus you will be able to slim down.

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Joint friendly low impact workout!

Rowing is a low-impact exercise that is recommended for people with knee issues. As opposed to running, you’re not putting an inordinate amount of stress on your knees, ankles, and joints.

Rowing is a comfortable workout that is good for anyone with joint or muscle problems in the past.

A low-impact workout can be a great way to switch up your HIIT routine. Using rowing machines is perfect for those who are looking for a more gentle workout.

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Burn a lot of calories

If you want to lose fat fast and want less chance of knee pain then rowing is a great exercise to at gym.

If you weigh 155 pounds, you can burn 260 calories in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity stationary rowing.

If you row intensely, then you will burn 216 calories per 30 minutes easily.

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Improves cardiovascular health

Rowing is considered low impact, safe for people over the age of 30, and easy to do every day.

Rowing technique is key to getting the best results; if you do not have the proper form, you will not be able to achieve them. But rowing is easy.

Running can cause shin splints and foot problems. Running on uneven surface and with bad shoes also can cause knee pain.

Treadmill and shin splints?

Rowing is a good exercise for people who have joint problems. Many athletes do rowing if they get injured as well.

Rowing causes improved heart health by increasing the volume of blood pumped per minute, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Rowing also improves lung function, due to its ability to increase ventilation and improve oxygenation levels in the blood.

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Good for home cardio workouts!

Rowing machines are ideal for at-home cardio workouts because they’re quiet and easy to move. Rowers can be positioned in front of the television or used for other exercises like weightlifting or games.

But you will pant so much that you will not be able to watch the TV though.

Because rowing is a low-impact exercise, it’s gentler on people with joint, bone or muscular health issues. Rowing is also a good choice for people who have joint pain or arthritis because it’s relatively gentle on the joints.

Rowing can also help improve your breathing and cardiovascular function.

Ab Roller Benefits in Detail

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Rowing makes you stronger

Rowing workouts are effective for building strength because the muscles have to work against a high resistance level.

Since this is a full body workout you will experience all of your muscles working hard thus it will make you stronger.

Strength has numerous advantages, including accelerating your metabolic rate, avoiding age-related weight gain, and improving balance and flexibility.

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Anyone can use

Rowing machines are low-impact and easy to adjust, making them a good choice for people with joint pain.

Rowers have a reduced risk of injury, making them an ideal workout for people with existing medical conditions.

Rowing is also very easy to do and is friendly on joints so anyone can use it easily.

Detailed Rowing machine benefits

Disadvantages of Rowing Machines

Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing machines offer different levels of intensity which can make it challenging for some people. Rowing machine also requires a full body engagement.

They are not as accessible as running, because they require space and a lot of floor space.

Rowing machines are less fun than running, because you don’t get the same feeling of accomplishment or enjoyment from them.

Rowing machines can also cause injuries in other parts of the body, such as the lower back and upper body.

But injuries from rowing machines are rare.

Low back pain

Rowing is a seated activity that places stress on the lower back. You need to bend forward and backward. Repeated movements like this can cause some lower back pain.

Your knee will also keep bending so you might feel some pain in knees as well. Knee pain is a common complaint in rowers.

Running is an upright weight-bearing activity that also places stress on the lower extremities.

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Rowers are not quiet

Rowing machines can be noisy, especially air and water rowers. They’re not ideal for people who live in an apartment or small house with other people.

There are ways to work around the noise issue, like foldable or collapsible rowing machines. But still there will be some noise anyway.

Rowers take large floor space

Rowing machines can be difficult to store in small spaces unless it is a foldable one. But a full sized rowing machine is longer and takes some floor space as well.

If you do not have a gym room or  long space, then storing a rowing machine will be tough.

Pros And Cons Of Rowing Machines: What You Need To Know About Rowing Machine Benefits 1

Can Be Boring & Tedious

Rowing is repetitive movement that can be tedious and boring, just like a treadmill.

When combined with other forms of cardio (HIIT), weightlifting, and running, rowing can lead to amazing results and less boredom.

But rowing alone is boring, and you will get so bored that you will not use the machine at all.


There are more advantages to rowing machines than cons. But whatever you do use rowing machines in a HIIT workout routine. Do not do rows as a standalone workout. If you do, it will get boring very quickly.

Personally I feel rowers are costly and not good enough for home use.


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