Decathlon Resistance Band Review – They only have Loop bands!


Decathlon Resistance Band Review

Decathlon or Domyos only have loop bands and some weird resistance bands. Are these the best resistance bands? Probably not, but these are a great set of bands which are very durable and will last a long time.

These all are essentially made with similar material, and they just vary with the thickness and width of the bands.

The more thick and wide the band, stronger it is.

Here are the most popular decathlon resistance band set in India that you should consider.

They have 60 kg, 45 kg, 35 kg, 25 kg, 15 kg, 5 kg sets of loop bands. For best results, you should have a few bands from this weight range.

Unfortunately, there is no decathlon resistance tube with handles available yet.

Decathlon Resistance band review

Decathlon resistance band review 60 kg

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This Elastic Resistance Band is the highest strength among all the decathlon resistance bands. It provides a massive 60kgs of pull. This is one of the best resistance band to buy if you are looking for strongest domyos resistance bands.

This is one of the costliest bands as well.

I would not recommend this loop bands to beginners since this is a strong band to own.

2 years warranty.

Since this is the strongest band they have, it comes in black color.

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Decathlon resistance band review 45 kg


This 45kg decathlon long loop band can be used by beginners who have been doing workouts for some time now. This band has good strength of 45 kg, and you can use it for various workout as stated below or use it for pull up assist bands as well.

Comes with a 2 years warranty. This comes in red color.

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Resistance band decathlon 25kg , 35 kg and 15kg resistance band decathlon


After the two heavy weights of domyos bands, here are the rest of them. These bands have medium to low weights and can be used for Yoga, physio therapy and for body building as well.

The 35 kg resistance band comes in Orange color, The 25 kg comes in yellow color and the 15 kg comes sky blue color.

The 5 kg resistance band of decathlons also comes in sky blue color, but it is very thin. This band is best for Yoga and stretching.

This will break if you try to use it for pull-ups. For those you should use the costly and heavier bands.

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Hip resistance band decathlon


Now decathlon has two types of hip resistance bands. One is unique, let’s talk about the unique one first.

This is a resistance band with a lock on it, and you can adjust it as needed.

This Adjustable Glute Band is aimed at lower body training, and that too is focused on glute training.

So if you want some extra focus there, then you can check this out.

Ideally, you should be good with a regular small loop band as well. But since you can adjust this you do not need to buy multiple small loop bands.

Best Quality Resistance Bands in India

But that might depend on personal choices, I guess. Since personally, I would be happy with a small loop band and not depend on a strap adjustable loop band.

Another resistance band is similar to a regular loop band like this.

But it has a fabric coating on it.

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Key features of Decathlon resistance band

Material: All the bands are made with good quality latex material. These should stretch just fine without breaking and should last for a long time.

Thickness: Depending on the band strength, the bands are thick and thin. The black band is the thicker and wider.

Durability: All bands come with 2 years warranty and these are surely to be a very durable band which should last for years to come.

Color Codes: Color codes are not uniform. One of the thick band and the thinnest band both have sky blue color. Which is troublesome.

Prices: For the heavy band, it is justified. But if you look hard enough, you will get similar long loop bands at low pries.

Here are some pull up assist bands

Decathlon resistance band exercises

Here are all the info you need when it comes to resistance band exercises!

Here are the decathlon resistance band workout that you can do with the long loop bands of strength of 15 kg and above –

  • Use them as Pull up Assist Band, so you can excel at doing pull-ups.
  • Use the 60 kg black band for doing squats, deadlifts and pull-ups.
  • The 25 kg – 35 kg band can be used for lat pull down, tricep push down exercises!
  • You can use these bands for other pulling exercises as well.

Apart from this, rows can be done very easily with the long heavy bands. And you should also try doing high pulls, thrusters, side lat raises, bicep curls etc.

Ref: History of Resistance Band (Wiki)

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