Decathlon cross-trainer review

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My Decathlon Cross trainer review or reviews are based on my experience with them in their stores!

Some of these are good and some are not so good.

Decathlon cross trainers are generally well-built with 100% steel frames.

Decathlon cross-trainer review

Most of them have a minimum max weight capacity is 100 kg.

All of them have 2 years of warranty on parts and labor.

And 5 years warranty on metallic frames and the spare parts are available for 10 years.

And all of the cross trainers have some set of pre-set programs.

And all the displays of a decathlon cross trainer have some basic tracking enabled like calories, distance, time etc.

decathlon Cross trainer Review (Quick List)

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Decathlon cross trainer feature

Domyos eL 100 cross trainer review

Domyos eL 100 cross trainer review
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Final Verdict: Overall it is a budget cross-trainer that can be used by anyone in the family.

The flywheel is of very low weight thus can not be used for bodybuilding and durability is not high.

You might want to consider the alternative above or buy the 520B model.

The Domyos EL 100 is a budget elliptical cross trainer with a rear-drive system.

The length of the elliptical cross trainer is around 4 feet and the height is around 5 feet. 

Since this is a budget cross trainer this has a 3 kg flywheel and this lightweight flywheel is good for long cardio workouts.

There is no heart rate sensor but the display can show calories, distance, time, and speed.

The resistance setting up is manual and there are 7 levels of resistance with no pre-set programs.


  • 3 kg flywheel which can be used by seniors and by people who are recovering from injuries.
  • The stride length is 31 cm which is good enough.


Weight capacity is under 100kg.

Domyos eL 120 cross trainer review

Decathlon cross-trainer review 1
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Domyos eL 120 cross trainer review

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Final Verdict: This is costlier than the Domos EL 100 cross trainer since it has a 6 kg flywheel.

And the design of this elliptical cross trainer is also very good.

For home gym usages, this elliptical trainer is ideal – It should help you lose some weight easily if you workout 30 minutes on this.

Domyos EL 120 is a sub 20000 INR treadmill with a 6 kg flywheel.

This flywheel is good for those who are looking to get a nonimpact workout to lose weight.

This will be a good cardio machine for home.

The resistance is adjustable and there are 7 pre-set programs that you can choose.

The length of this cross trainer is around 4 feet and the width is 2 feet. So you do not need much space.


  • 6 kg flywheel gives good resistance for home use.
  • Run smoothly with low noise.


The heart rate is not accurate.

Domyos 520B elliptical review

Domyos 520B elliptical review
Check on Decathlon
Decathlon cross-trainer review 2

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Final Verdict: If you want a good heavy flywheel and like the 2 years of warranty then go for this.

There are some cons and it is also worth checking the alternatives at amazon.

If you want something more durable among the Domyos treadmills then you can choose this model.

As per me and many reviews online, this is a very fine model for some full body workout at home.

Domyos EL 520 is a mind range cross trainer with a price of around 33k INR.

And I believe that the price is justified.

This has a flywheel of 9kg and a large display console.

The resistance is motorized and can easily be controlled.

And there are 15 levels of resistance, you can tweak the resistance as you need with good precision.

The max weight support is around 130kg, which is impressive.

This Domyos 520 also has 9 preset programs that you can use.

The stride length is 39cm thus it is enough to get a full range of motion. 

And there are no electricity requirements for this cross trainer for the home.

Another good point is that this cross trainer has 2 years of warranty. 

Note that this is strictly for indoor use and can be used by a small family.


  • Good flywheel weight.
  • It justified the price in my opinion.
  • Good built.
  • 9 Preset programs to try.


  • The flywheel and the belt if not lubricated enough may make some sounds!
  • The heart rate monitor runs slow

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Domyos eL 900 cross trainer review

Domyos eL 900 cross trainer review

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Final Verdict: This is one of the costliest cross trainers by Decathlon and overall.
Unless you require costly gym equipment then better invest money elsewhere.

Domyos EL 900 is a premium cross trainer with a front-drive system.

This is a durable and versatile cross trainer which can be used for up to 10 hours a week. 

This EL 900 has a huge stride length of 51 cm and the flywheel weight is around 13 kg.

Along with these, it has 24 pre-set programs and 6 functions.

And the feature list does not end here, it has an incline facility as well. 

Although in a much bigger size, this elliptical cross trainer also has wheels to transport it from one room to another. 

EL 900 has a max user weight capacity of 150 kgs and also 15 levels of adjustable resistance.


  • High user weight capacity.
  • Heavy flywheel weight.
  • Lots of pre-set programs.
  • Incline feature.


  • Costly.
  • Many people feel that the stride is not deep enough. In that case, it will not be so knee friendly.

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