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Best wooden parallettes India – PVC parallettes for Training

The wooden parallettes in India are really tall push up bars that can be used for a range of calisthenics exercises. But be sure to progress slowly with the parallettes otherwise injuries might happen. Parallettes India are rare and we do not have brands like rouge, thnx etc. But we have USI parallettes, Viva vibe wood parallettes and IBS.

In India it is rare to find callisthenics equipments as people are chasing the pump and not the actual strength. But yet there are some brands who make different workout equipment for us.

Wooden Parallettes bars are popular but you can do just fine with PVC and iron parallettes as well. These bars are created to mimic the parallel bars at professional gymnasiums. And these are used by gymnasts as well.

Parallettes India

Tip: For starting out with your parallettes in India, start with L-sit and usual push up, dips. And to ramp up the difficulty get yourself a Weighted Vest

List of best Parallettes India


Best Parallettes IndiaOur Rating
USI UNIVERSAL THE UNBEATABLE parallettes (7026)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Viva Fitness Parallettes Dip Bars⭐⭐⭐⭐
IBS Fitness Equalizer Black Dip Bars Stand⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Beam Store 24-Inch Parallettes (Set of 2) Made in USA⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ultimate Body Press Wood Bar Parallettes 12×24 inch⭐⭐⭐⭐
Titan Wooden Parallettes | Adjustable⭐⭐⭐⭐
parallettes India


Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 1Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 2

Final Verdict: if you are really into maximizing upper body strength and body control and want to do more callisthenics then these parallettes are for you 🙂 Sturdy and thick handles are a good fit for anyone, even pro gymnasts.

USI is one of my favorite sports/fitness brands. USI has a series named unbeatable and those parallettes comes with the name of unbeatable parallettes. 

This parallettes in India are made of metal, height is not adjustable and since it is metal made I would want you to use some foam grips.

USI parallettes size (dimensions): 23″x14x12″

The handle diameter is around 1 inch.

Total weight is around 12kgs, so pretty heavy since it is made with good quality metal.

Comes in a red and black colored model.

The USI parallettes India comes detached and you will need to assemble it. Which is easy with a spanner.


  • Made of steel and really heavy duty.
  • Comes with powder coated red and black color.


  • You will need two 13 size spanners to assemble the USI parallettes. Or you can go to nearby cycle repair store to get it done.
  • The bolts are not visible in the display picture.

Viva Fitness Parallettes Dip Bars

Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 3Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 4

Final Verdict: If you can do away with the screw alignment issues then you can consider this.

What I like most about Viva fitness parallettes bars is the base. The base is wide and has anti-skid rubber mats. And the handlebars is good even though when you are needed to screw it in.

The parallettes are made of solid steel and are heavy. It is not portable, it is not that small in size. The handles are smooth and good for grips.

Viva parallettes are good for small homes also.


Handle is smooth and polished but you will need a foam grip.


  • Some have mentioned that the product does not feel durable and the screws are not suitable.
  • Screw alignment is not well, probably not machine made.
  • Rubber caps are not even.

IBS Fitness Equalizer Black Dip Bars Stand

Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 5Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 6

Final Verdict: So far almost a budget friendly option in case parallettes India.

IBS has a mid range offering of parallettes bar which can be used as dip bar, push up bar, parallel bar and more.

It is ideal for a small home and it can evenly distribute your weight and help wrist avoid additional stress.

Max weight support: 127 kgs

Powder coated black color.

Almost 1 inch thick handles with good grip.

Length: 45cm, Height: 30cm, Width: 30cm.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Not too costly.


  • Some mention that handles are smaller and can hurt your palm.
  • Some users have received damaged products.

The Beam Store 24-Inch Parallettes (Set of 2) Made in USA

Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 7Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 8

Final Verdict: If you are into the pro feeling of wooden parallel bars then you can consider this one.

Wooden parallettes do feel good at hand and this one looks really nice too. And it says USA made it but that does not matter much.

These are almost 9 inch tall with 24 inch length. The grip or diameter is 1.5 inch thick. The legs are not made of wood the legs are made with steel with black color.

The wood does represent the actual parallel bar made and is of good quality.


Nice looking and sturdy.


Not exactly of the high quality that it may seem.

Ultimate Body Press Wood Bar Parallettes 12×24 inch

Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 9Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 10

Final Verdict: Wooden handles are great to hold and grip but wood can get damaged and get lose.

Hardwood handles with sable and strong metal feet surely provides a great workout equipment as wooden parallettes in India. The feet also have rubber caps for better stability. The wooden parallettes need to be assembled and can be divided into parts for keeping in storage.

The handle length is 24 inches, diameter is 1.5 inches.


  • The look and feel of the wooden parallettes are awesome.
  • 1.5 inch wood diameter is also great for grip.


With time wood may deteriorate and handles may get loose.

Titan Wooden Parallettes | Adjustable

Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 11Parallettes india - Wooden - Do you really Need it? 12

Final Verdict:Only buy if you like the brand and want the height adjustable feature.

The bar length is around 18 inches and it has a stable base of 15 inch wide. The high is adjustable and the whole parallettes can be assembled and disassembled. The height adjustable is an added feature, height can be adjusted in 6,7.25 and in 8 inches.

Total weight of the wooden parallettes pais is around 10kgs.


  • Comes from a reputed brand.
  • Adjustable height can be a required feature for some.
  • Light weight easy to carry.


  • Wrong wood finish might give you splinters.
  • Base has no rubber caps, you better use a gym mat.

Who should use Parallettes bars in India

Certainly if you are here then you are above those gym goers who are just into bicep curls and you are into doing something off beat. Parallettes bars are to be used by those who have fairly low body fat and have some amount of cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

At least some minimum fitness is required as few exercises 

And definitely some grip strength otherwise the parallettes might slip.

Parallette Bar exercises

  • Push up (Archer, Type Writer)
  • Dips
  • Pike push up
  • Planche variations (Be careful)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Shoot through

Parallettes bars can be used strengthen all of your body especially arms, back and core. It gets you to one step closer to a ripped body like Gymnasts.

Correct form is a must for safety and proper execution of the exercises like Planche, Shoot through etc.

Why use Parallettes in India

Since working out at home in India comes with challenges of managing space and buying costly exercise equipment parallettes provides an amazing value. Wooden or pvc parallettes bars do not take much space yet provide an opportunity to get really strong at controlling your bodyweight.

Strength training with dumbbells, barbells is fine but unless you can control your own bodyweight effectively then it does not matter. Many people can bench 100kgs but can not do 40 push ups or do more than 10 pull ups.

Ever wondered why Gymnasts have that ripped body? They can control their bodyweight much better in space than us and they regularly use Gymnastic rings and parallettes bars.

By the way do not try to use push up bars as parallettes bars. Push up bars are small, often made with plastic and have very less height from ground. Your parallettes bars in India like the ones from USI and IBS are meant to carry your all body weight. 

Also do not use tall dip bars as alternatives for exercises to be done on parallettes bars in India weather it is made of wood or pvc or iron.

Pros for using parallettes India

  • Very less pressure on wrists, same as push up bars. Especially with handstands.
  • Good range of motion while using parallettes bars.
  • Can put your body through a different mode of training that enhances grip strength, range of motion and body control.
  • Very less workout space needed and can train almost all upper body and core exercises.

Cons for using parallettes India

  • Safety first no matter what you do with parallettes.
  • May need to do more wrist conditioning for other planes of motion.
  • Some finger pain may happen.
  • Higher parallettes may need more power to do handstands.

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