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Written By Samarjit Sinha

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The best I like about Protoner Pull up bar is that the most of the models are wall mounted pull up bar. I have one similar to one of their models and I love it. Although I messed up a bit while installing it.

Protoner pull up barProtoner not only makes pull up bar though, they have a squat stand that is very popular. Protoner have complete home gym, foldable benches and more to chose from.

Here are the top 5 protoner pull up bar and why you should care –

Protoner Pull Up Bar Review

Protoner dynamic chin up bar combo

Want a pull up bar with lat pull down then this for you. Although you can not go all out with the lat pull down but still it is usable.

And since it is a chain pulley system protoner pull up bar has been generous to add a V-bar, tricep bar, forearm bar. You can do some serious tricep and arm workout on it while being at home.

A good buy for a budget home gym.

While installing use the bolts from AC out unit stand.

Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up bar

Thing about this protoner pull up bar is that it is versatile!

Just with a 180 degree twist you can convert this protoner pull up bar into a dip station. Or place this on the ground and you get a push up stand. This is even ideal for crunches.

And you can basically train your arm, chest, back, abs effectively. Off course there is no leg movement, for that you will need some power rack India for home gym.

If you are willing to unrack it from the wall and change the position to do more various exercises then you can buy it.

Protoner Wall Mounting Pull Up Chin up Bar with Ab Straps

This protoner pull up bar like the others can handle 120kgs of weight, it is wall mounted and comes with ab straps.

This is the main feature of this protoner pull up bar that it comes with ab straps. Top rod is 38 inches.

It seems powder coated so no rust and use AC bolts to install this.

Protoner Pull up bar Multi grip

Now usually with protoner pull up bars you can do mostly Pull ups, chin ups, nu\eutral grip pull ups. But with this white multi grip option there are some narrow grip also.

How to use this narrow grip?

Say you were doing wide grip pull ups and your muscle fatigued. You would stop here. But with narrow grip you can just change the style and push through some more pull ups.

More pulls more strength developed.

Protoner door pull up bar

Apart from pull up bar with pulley or multi chin up bar or wall mounted pull up bar there are some portable pull up bar India that you should look for.

This are doorway pull up bar which can be pulled off the wall or door when you are not using it.

I am not fond of these as they feel dangerous to me but you can try it.

This protoner doorway bar can extend upto 105cm.

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