Push-Up Stand Benefits: How to Use a Push-up Handlebar for a Better Workout

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Push Up Stand Benefits: Will this equipment increase your fitness?

Push-up bars are an excellent piece of equipment to use for a chest workout.

If you’re doing regular push-ups and want to do more challenging ways of doing push-ups then a push-up bar might help.

Although, I am more comfortable and can stay more focused while doing regular push-ups. I have tried to push-up stands and did not like them much.

These bars are a great way to increase your upper body strength.

To get a better workout with the push-up bars, you should lower your body to the floor, below your wrists. This will increase your range of motion and work on the pectoral muscles more.

Are Rotating push-up Grips any good?

Rotating push-up grips allow you to move your arms, thus engaging more muscles than usual push-ups. While you can rotate and do unique kinds of push up, personally I do not like them.

I feel metal-based stable push-up stands are the way to go.

Push-Up Stand Benefits

Push-Up Stand Benefits

Gentle on the wrists

Push-up stands and handles can help you to get the most out of your push-ups. They relieve wrist strain, as they let you move through the full range of motion, and they keep your shoulders and arms in a more comfortable position, preventing you from putting your knuckles on the floor. This makes them gentle on your wrists and helps you to achieve better form.

Makes your grip strong

Push ups make your wrist strong but the traditional style of push up puts a lot of strain on the wrist as well. Push up stand on the other hand puts your 2 hands into a neutral position. This minimizes the strain on your wrists.

But yet push up bars make your grip strong.

You can check comfortable wrist support for push ups here!

Do not lose your grip

Smooth surface, wet? with push up bars or push up stands you do not need to worry. Push up bats have rubber like surface so that it does not slip from the place. Thus giving you a safer workout environment.

Large sized push up stands

The Rotating Push up bars Add an Extra Challenge

Rotating push-up bars are a great way to add an extra challenge to your push-up routine. By engaging more muscles, you will see increased strength and definition in your chest, arms, and shoulders.

However, I prefer the traditional push-up bars with a neutral hand grip.

Can Do Staggered One Arm Push-Ups

With Push up bars, you can do one-arm push-ups while going extra low depth. This will work out your arm and chest muscles more. And it will be extra tough as well. It will also work on your stabilizer muscles as well.

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Works Your Chest More

Since you can get a few inches lower than regular push-ups on a floor, thus you can work your chest more. And your wrists are in a more favourable position, thus you can squeeze in some extra reps without any wrist pain.

Push-up bars excel when it comes to engaging your chest muscles.

Chrome covered S shaped push up bar

Top push-up bar exercises!

  • Reverse grip push-ups
  • Pike Push Ups
  • Close grip Push Ups
  • 1 arm push up
  • Wide push-ups

Disadvantages of push-up stands

Plyometric/Jumping Push Ups

Plyometric Push-ups are a big no because they can cause injuries to the shoulder, elbow and wrist. They are not as effective as regular push-ups and should be avoided if possible.

More Shoulder Strain

While the push up bar puts your wrists on rest it puts more strain on your shoulder. If you stay parallel to your wrist while you are going down, then there is no strain on the shoulders.

But if you decided to train your chest more and go below your wrist, then it will put your shoulder under more stress.

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Push-up stand Buying Guide


Look for soft handles and a large base. Without soft foam-cover dandles your palm might get calouses. And without a big base then the push-up bar might wobble.


Push-up bars are simple gym instruments, thus the costs are usually low. But many brands just hike the price. However, do note that rotating push-up stands are costly and push up boards are costly as well.

Weight Capacity

Always checks the weight capacity of the push-up bar. You do not want the push-up bar to break while doing push up. Face-dropping on the floor is not pretty. I would suggest getting mini parallels bars or metal push-up bars instead of plastic ones.


Always check the push-up stands for stability. And if they are slippery on the cement floor or not. Typically push up bars come with rubber caps, so they should not slip.

push up boards

Push-up bars vs Regular Push-ups

Using push-up bars instead of regular push-ups has its perks. Push-up stands can help you go deeper, so with a more range of motion, you can train your chest muscles better.

However, as you are lowering your body much lower where your wrist is, you will be putting more pressure on the shoulder.

But your wrists will be pain-free with a push-up bar due to the neutral grip.

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Are push-up bars better than normal push-ups?

Push-up bars are better than normal push-ups. They allow you to lower your body a lot lower. This puts your chest muscle on fire easily and quicker than Push-ups. Thus, if you are looking for a tougher workout which will result in generating more strength then give Push-up bars a go.

Do Push-up bars help beginners?

Beginners often get wrist pain from doing a lot of push-ups. But Push-up stands solve that issue. It is much easier on the wrist and helps beginners train their upper body in a better way. Push-up bars also help them do pike Push-ups easily as well.

Are push-up bars harder?

Push-up bars are harder if you go close to the ground or below your wrists. This extended range of motion makes Push-up done on a push-up bar more challenging and harder.

Are Push-up bars good for wrists?

Push-up bars can strengthen your wrist without putting much stress on it. If you regularly use Push-up bars then you will also develop awesome pecs and forearms muscles.

Are push-up stands worth it?

If you think you can incorporate more Push-ups into your workout routine, then these Push-up bars are worth it. They put less stress on the wrist joint and help you train your pectoral muscles more.

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