Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys

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Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys What to Pick?

No one takes you seriously, when you are skinny.

First off the bat, if you as an Indian can afford only one supplement, then choose whey protein.

Otherwise, get both, but do not choose mass gainers alone.

You should get carbs and calories from real food more. And to get your daily protein intake, you can rely on whey protein.

Take it from a skinny guy like me, you will need whey protein more.

This blog is for those who do not keep a calorie count and is willing to eat a muscle mass increasing weight gainer shake every hour.

Which is better protein powder or mass gainer?

I do not recommend mass gainers skinny guys. Mass gainers are loaded with carbs, fats and sugar.

Some mass gainers do come with creatine though.

But you can just buy protein, oats, creatine separately and make your own mega mass gainer at home.

Just drinking protein shakes and a healthy diet of carbs, protein, fat will help you gain weight with heavy strength training.

During my mass gaining or bulk workout routines, I never ate mass gainers. They just seem to be a waste of money.

best time to eat whey proteinFor that huge amount of money you better buy real food than those oats,sugar artificial meal replacements.

And even among the protein powders, do not get the regular consumer protein powders like Protinex, Horlicks protein plus etc.

They do not have whey, just some sugar and malt and a nice price tag. You will not gain any muscle by consuming those.

On the other hand, try with whey concentrate if you are not allergic to milk, and you will see results if you work out. If you are allergic to milk, then go for whey isolate. This is costlier, but also better.

Athletes generally go for a much higher version, which is whey hydorsalate.

As per much research like this, protein supplements along with workouts is seemed to develop muscle mass.

Casein Protein vs Whey Protein for weight gain


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What is a mass gainer?

A mass gainer is a product that is meant for those who need to gain weight. These are used by athletes who want to gain weight.

What is a mass gainer?The best ones are those who have a high-protein content.

But they are also loaded with carbs and fats.

You can get these from the supplement stores or even from your gym. 

A mass gainer is a product that is meant to provide calories to the body.

It is not meant to be used as a protein supplement.

If you are looking to gain weight, then you can go for a mass gainer. But if you are not then you should not buy a mass gainer.

You can eat protein and carbs from real food. And this is how you will get all the nutrients you need.

When it comes to mass gainers, you will find it difficult to get the best ones. And this is because they are all loaded with sugar.

Mass gainer ingredientsSome premium mass gainers have good ingrediants though, check the ingrediants list of ON mass gainer.

It has only 10 grams of sugar, 25 grams of protein and 128 gram of carbs.

This makes the scoop size around  167 grams.

The pack is of 1kg/1000 grams. So how long will it last?

1000gram/167 gram = 5.9 scoops.


You are going to pay 1k INR + for a load of carbs which will last for hardly 6 scoops.

I will pass.

Benefits of a Mass Gainer

  • Mass gainers are designed to help quickly bulk up muscle.
  • This mass gainer has high protein, carbs, and calories.
  • The benefits of using a mass gainer is that it helps increase calorie intake for bulking up muscle.
  • A mass gainer is a liquid shake that can be quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • A mass gainer helps put on noticeable size.
  • Mass gainers are convenient.
  • They are easy to prepare and eat with minimal prep time.
  • The shakes are all natural, made from high-quality ingredients.
  • Helps to ramp up the calorie consumption quickly!

[However many studies like this tells us that mass gainers are often untested and just consuming these might not yeild any results.]

Mass gainer side effects

There are many people who take mass gainers thinking they are going to help them gain muscle, but they actually end up getting fat instead.

The first and most important reason why these supplements are bad is that they are usually made of very high levels of sugar.

Sugar is very bad for your body, especially if you have diabetes.

Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys 1However many brands now making mass gainers with almost 0 sugar, like this Muscleblaze XXL gainer.

The other problem with these supplements is that they often contain very ingredients which sources are not clear.

The bad chemicals and fillers often cause stomach issues.

And finally, these mass gainers are not pocket friendly.

Often a scoop is 100 grams, like in this case of Muscleblaze. So from a 1 kg pack, you can squeeze out 10 servings.

So spend more than 1000 INR for 10 days, 1 scoop a day?

Just go to a local bazzar and get tons of healthy foods in that money. Or just get some creatine, home made food instead. Save the money and buy some whey isolates.

These options are far better than those mass gainers.

Is mass gainer good for skinny guys

Mass gainers are a type of supplement that contains ingredients that increase muscle mass. It is the best supplement for those who want to gain weight without gaining fat or water.

There are many different types of mass gainers on the market, but they all contain the same basic ingredients.

The three main ingredients in most mass gainers are whey protein, carbs and creatine. 

Whey protein is the best source of protein that you can get.

[Mass gainer vs Whey for skinny guys]

Carbs in mass gainer is generally oats.

Sometimes you get creatine. Creatine is a popular supplement that can help build muscle mass and strength.

Very rarely you get these two in Indian mass gainers.

Beta-alanine is used to increase the rate of protein synthesis.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that can help with energy metabolism.

homemade mass gainer smoothie shakeThese supplements can help you gain up to a pound of lean muscle per week. But some mass gainers contain some huge amount of sugar.

Also the carbs is from some cheap source like Oats.

You can stop paying 1000 INR or more for 10 scoops of that mix and make your own shakes easily.

And to get the desired amount of whey protein you have consume at least 2-3 scoops a day. This means you will be very quickly emptying the mass gainer jar.

Meaning you have to buy again spend more money.

So when it comes to mass gainers , skinny guys and skinny girls should skip them and get whey protein and creatine separately.

By this you will be able to increase your muscle mass very quickly. you can also make a weight gainer shake using whey and creatine together.

What is a whey protein?

Whey is a protein found in milk. It is mainly used as a supplement for athletes, but has many other uses such as bodybuilding. It is an excellent protein source for building muscle mass and also helps with recovery after intense workouts. Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys 2It is also extremely easy to digest and has been shown to help increase testosterone levels.

 It is said that this type of protein is good for building muscle and that it is also easier to digest than other types of protein.

However, it is recommended that you do not consume large amounts of it because too much protein can actually cause a negative effect on your body.

Whey Protein is a by-product from the processing of milk. It is very high in protein, low in fat, and is very good for your body.

Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys 3It can be added to many recipes and is a great way to increase the protein content of your diet.

You can use whey protein for a wide range of things, including bodybuilding, weight loss, sports nutrition and recovery, as well as energy and muscle building.

PS: Optimum Nutrition whey protein is very popular worldwide.

Benefits of whey protein

  • It’s a good source of protein which is the building block of your body.
  • It also contains essential amino acids that help build muscle tissue, bones and tendons. Amino acids are the building block of your body.
  • It’s easily absorbed by the body thus pgets praised by body builders and athletes.
  • It tastes good if you like milk. But many flavoured versions are also available.
  • It helps maintain muscle and bone strength.
  • Whey is good for pre workout, post workout even as a snack or breakfast.
  • Very low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.
  • Can be suited to any fitness goal.

Side Effects of Whey protein

The most common side effect is bloating. But not everybody gets it.

Is whey protein good for skinny guys?

daily protein intakeProtein is a nutrient that is vital to maintaining a healthy body.

Whey protein is a great protein supplement because it is high in both leucine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Leucine and BCAAs are essential amino acids that help in the building of lean muscle mass and they also boost testosterone levels.

Whey protein is also high in carbohydrates and can help to satisfy your hunger pangs after a workout or meal.

Whey protein is great for building lean muscle mass, but it may be beneficial to combine it with other types of protein when trying to gain weight.

For example, you can add some extra calories by adding a few tablespoons of peanut butter or some cheese to your protein shake.

Whey protein is a source of fast absorbing protein that is found in milk. It is one of the most common types of protein supplements for athletes.

Since it is fast absorbing and really helps with muscle building, whey protein is good for skinny guys.

Which Whey protein is best for mass gain?

Whey isolates provide the highest quantity of protein per scoop. But this is costly. 

Here are some items that you can pick from

Can you take whey protein and mass gainers together?

Yes, you can take whey protein and mass gainers together. Whey protein is the best option because it contains all the amino acids that your body needs for muscle growth. It is also the cheapest protein supplement that you can buy.

Mass gainers are basically any meal replacement powder that is used for dieting. These are often made up of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Whey protein is an effective way to bulk up muscle mass because it helps with the absorption of amino acids into the muscles.

Mass gainers are designed to help you build mass and are often found in the form of protein bars, shakes, and other snacks that contain a high concentration of protein.

If you are trying to gain mass then you should consume whey protein and mass gainers together to help you build muscle mass. You should consume one of each every day.

You can take a mass gainer with your shake for additional calories, or you can use a whey protein supplement instead of a mass gainer if you would rather have more carbs.

What supplements for skinny people to get big?

Whey proteins, creatine and mass gainers are best supplements for skinny guys to get big. Whey protein is a natural and all purpose protein. And creatine is proven to work for all athletes who want to improve muscle gain, strength and athleticism.

How can a skinny guy gain muscle?

Mass gainers and whey protein are good for skinny guys. But with these you have to work out hard with compound exercises. Only then will you see the results.

Whey protein is the better option for weight gain for skinny guys, as it minimizes fat gain. Whey also gets absorbed very quickly thus is beneficial as a pre- and post-workout drink.

Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys

What protein is best for rapid and massive muscle growth?

There is no protein that is best for rapid and massive growth. you have do compound lifts, eat protein and eat a lot of high calorie foods.

How can a skinny guy gain weight and bulk?

A skinny guy can gain weight and bulk easily with the right diet and exercise routine. You need to eat the right food and use the right exercises to achieve this goal.

There are many different types of diets that can help you gain weight quickly.weight training benefits

It is important to find a diet that works best for your lifestyle.

The best way to get rid of fat and gain muscle is to lift weights and do cardio at the same time.

This is a great way to gain weight and look ripped. I

t is very easy to gain weight and bulk if you work out properly.

Here are the common steps that you should follow:

  • Increase your caloric intake
  • Increase your protein intake
  • Start lifting weights
  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Eat fruits such as berries, melon, and pineapple
  • Exercise regularly
  • Your gym trainer might be able to guide you better.

Who should use mass gainer?

Mass gainers are nutritional supplements that help to increase muscle size. They contain carbohydrates and protein and are typically used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle mass. They can also be used by anyone looking to add muscle mass. However, these products are not intended for people who are trying to lose weight or who are bulking up for competitions.

Does whey protein make you skinny?

Whey protein does not make you skinny.

No food can make you skinny, you have to be in a caloric deficit.

Whey Protein Isolate is a high-quality source of complete protein that provides all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. mass gain tips

Whey protein is a superior protein source for weight loss, as it is a complete protein that provides all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth.  

While the majority of protein is stored in the muscles and liver, a small amount of protein is also found in the brain and bones. 

Research has shown that people do not need more protein. More protein might help with weight loss instead.

The most potent sources of protein are meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and soy products. 

Protein is also found in foods such as bread, peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, and beans. 

You can find whey protein at any grocery store or health food store in metro cities of India. Small towns like mine, does not have a fitness store at all.

What is the best supplement to gain weight for skinny guys?

The first best supplement is creatine and the second-best supplement for weight gain is whey protein.

Along with a balanced diet, these supplements and compound workouts, you can gain weight.

I have done exactly the same.

Supplements for skinny guys can be really expensive, so it is important to find the best one that suits your needs.

Does Whey Protein Increase Height

In order to make the right choice you should look at a few factors such as the brand, the ingredients, the price, and how easy the product is to use.

Gaining weight for skinny guys is a very complicated subject.

This is because you need to understand your body type, your metabolism, and what types of foods work best for you.

Gaining weight will take a lot of effort on your part. 

It can be hard to see results, and even harder to maintain weight once you start gaining it.

Therefore, it is important that you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Choose a diet that you can maintain without putting in any special effort.Chapati for weight gain

Otherwise you will not be able to maintain it.

You should also try to get adequate amounts of sleep and do some light exercise every day.

The supplement that you use should be taken in a dose that will allow your body to absorb the nutrients and get the most out of them.

It may also be necessary for you to see a doctor or nutritionist to help you understand your situation and to ensure you are getting the right amount of nutrients.

Is mass gainer good for skinny guys?

Mass gainers are good for skinny guys if they are also considering a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. And while buying a mass gainer they should check for scoop size, 0 added sugar.

If you as a skinny guy can deal with the recurring costs of buying expensive mix of oats and protein then do it.Does Table Tennis Help You Lose Weight

Mass gainers provide the body with a number of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Mass gainers are usually used by people who want to bulk up, however they last for few scoops only.

A 1 kg pack of mass gainer powder can give around 10 scoops.

Meaning you will be emptying yoru pocket quickly.

Still they are often used by professional athletes because of their ability to give them additional energy they need for their workouts.

Pro people can afford it?

Can you?

What supplements for skinny people to get big?

If you want to gain weight, you need to consume a good amount of calories.

You should eat more food than your body uses up. This will help you gain weight quickly.

Best budget whey protein under 1000Some of the best supplements for gaining weight include protein shakes, whole milk and whey protein powder, protein bars, and energy drinks.

Unflavored whey protein products are versatile, so you can make suitable dishes out of it.

You should also consider creatine, which is proven to work wonders when it comes to improving strength and build.

Difference between weight gainer and mass gainer?

Weight gainer powder and mass gainer powders are the same thing. Some just prefer it as weight gainer and some prefer it as mass gainer.

How can a skinny guy gain muscle?

Conversely, how can a skinny guy gain weight?

If you have been reading the article, you should know that gaining muscle is a very complex subject.

It is not just about eating the right foods and taking the right supplements.

It is also about having the right genetics and working out at the right times.

A lot of people try to gain weight by trying to eat as much as possible.mass gain workouts

Mass gainer shake is helpful when it comes to increasing calorie consumption.

But with whey protein, you can make one gainer shake by yourself too and increase the calorie count.

However, this is not the best way to gain weight because your body will store the excess food as fat.

Gaining weight in an unhealthy manner can lead to other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. To gain muscle, you need to focus on training and dieting.

When it comes to training, you need to do compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. This will allow you to burn more calories and also build muscle mass.

What protein is best for rapid and massive muscle growth?

Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for muscle growth.

It is also the best type of protein for building muscle mass. You can use whey protein powder or whole milk as a protein source.

You should pick a whey isolate or hydrosalte if you have the budget. Otherwise, get a whey concentrate, this should work!Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein for Skinny Guys 4

However, whole milk is better because it contains vitamins and minerals that help with your overall health. If you want to gain muscle mass quickly, you should also be taking creatine.

Creatine helps to stimulate your body’s metabolism, so you can burn more calories during your workout.

You should also consider taking protein supplements for rapid muscle growth. 

How can a skinny guy gain weight and bulk?

heavy squats for mass gainTo gain weight and bulk, you should do 3 things.

  • First, you need to eat more calories than your body uses up.
  • Second, you need to make sure that you are eating the right types of foods.
  • Third, you need to work out with weights.

Who should use mass gainer?

In conclusion, a mass gainer is a product that provides an artificial form of nutrition for the body. Mass gainers provide the body with a number of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A mass gainer is usually used by people who want to bulk up.

Mass gainers are a combination of carbohydrates and proteins that helps build muscle mass. They are often used by professional athletes because of their ability to give them the energy they need for their workouts. 

Best Squat Rack India 

Conclusion — Whey protein vs mass gainer for skinny?

I recommend whey protein for those who are skinny.

Mass gainers are not a replacement for protein. They’re not a replacement for whey.

If you have a goal of gaining mass, then mass gainers are an awesome supplement to use. I suggest starting with just 1-3 servings per day and increasing as needed.

If you have a goal of gaining muscle and losing body fat, then it’s likely you should be focusing on consuming whey protein and eating plenty of actual food and not mass gainer.

Hopefully, if you were pondering over mass gainer or whey protein for skinny guys, I have solved your problem.


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