Best whey protein for beginners in India

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What are the best whey protein for beginners in India ? Before you jump to buy those protein packs with words like for beginners, know this the protein does not really care if you are a beginner or not. And do not buy those protein powders who say they are specially made for beginners, it is just marketing.

  • How are you a beginner?
  • NO workout history before, this is your first time at a gym?
  • Beginner cricketer, body builder, aspiring athlete?
  • Beginner in extreme sports?
  • Or you just trying to get in shape, it could be gaining weight or even losing weight.
  • Or you simply do not have the budget and you are looking for a low cost protein?

Who are you?

Depending on your need the protein you select may change, there is nothing like a 

whey protein for beginners India or somewhere else on this Earth.

For those who are looking for whey protein for beginners non gym goers, if you want to put some muscles and ready to lift heavy in the gym then get muscleblaze gold, ON, dymatize. Choose as per your budget.

If you have a really low budget then select short packs of whey protein from the likes of As it is etc.

Even you can simply skip protein and get creatine. For protein you can rely on real food.

If you are beginning your journey as a pro athlete in any sports then if you have the budget then go for the best. Protein powders like ON, muscleXP, and myprotein will help. That also depends on the budget though 🙁 These are good options when it comes to whey protein for beginners athletes.

Best proteins do not come at low cost.

Here are some of the best protein shaker bottle that you might like!

List of best whey protein for beginners in India


Best Whey protein for Beginners in India Our Rating
Mypro Sport Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Concentrate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
MuscleBlaze Whey Active Protein Supplement ⭐⭐⭐
NAKPRO Platinum Whey Protein Isolate 90% ⭐⭐⭐⭐
NUTRABOX Whey Protein Plus ⭐⭐⭐
IN2 Whey Protein Mango ⭐⭐⭐

I have excluded some whey proteins which can also be tested by beginners as I have written their reviews here – best budget whey protein in India and here muscleblaze beginner whey protein

Best whey protein for beginners in India

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a by product of cheese production. Yeah it’s actually a waste which was actually fed to cattle animals till its importance for body building was discovered. In Indian homes when you make cheese from milk, the whitish water that you throw away that is whey. In factories they extract whey from that. Milk has almost 20% of whey in it and 80% casein protein.

If milk is easily available to you then you can follow the GOMAD diet 🙂 Google it up.

Types of whey protein

Depending on the concentration the whey is mainly of 3 types.

Whey protein Concentrate: This is the most cheapest form of whey protein. Which generally is WPC 80% which means the protein in the pack is 80% of the total quantity. If you buy 100gram then at least 80% is pure whey protein.

This form has fat and lactose and more calories than other whey variants. The calorie is not super dense so even if your aim is losing weight then you can have this. But your overall diet should be in a caloric deficit. 

Have milk allergies? Then stay away from this. It has lactose which will cause trouble in your stomach and other body parts.

Isolate: WPI or Whey protein isolate is not actually essential for beginners unless you want some protein that has very less calories and no lactose. Isolate proteins generally have almost 90% proteins in them. You do get to eat some more amount of protein per serving. But this does come with a hefty price tag. ALmost 20-30% higher cost than the whey concentrate.

Whey Hydrolysate: Well, if you can not digest the protein powder as a beginner or even as someone who is taking whey for sometime then you can look at Whey hydrolysate. This is kind of predigested protein blend which does not take much effort to be digested. This is not good tasting at all and generally is in bitter taste. There are many strong flavours of it to hide the actual taste.

If you are a pro level athlete and can pay the price then you can opt for the hydrolysate protein. This gets digested much faster and reaches your muscles and starts its magic. Definitely not for a beginner.

Effect of whey protein

Whey protein does not have any proven magic that will turn you into some one muscular or slimmer or something. But whey protein has great bio-availability meaning our body can absorb it much quicker rate than other protein sources.

Since it reaches our muscles faster, our muscles can start to rebuild itself once it is broken down.

And you can actually get away with using actual food items which has good protein if you are looking for the best whey protein for beginners in India.

For eg: 

  • Chicken (100 grams breast, cooked): 28-30 grams
  • Tofu (100 grams): 8 grams (soya protein)
  • Lentils (100 grams cooked, without added fat): 9 grams
  • 1 whole egg: 6 grams
  • Other benefits

Whey has some other not proven benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and more.


Is whey protein safe for beginners?

No protein is safe if you take in an extraordinary huge amount. Generally your protein dosage should be around .08 to 1 gram per your body weight.

Whey protein for beginners acid reflux problem?

You are probably allergic to the lactose, in this case you can try to eat whey protein concentrate for a few days half scoop/day to see if your problem increases. If still you face acid reflux issues then change the protein company. And even after that you still continue to face acid reflux issue then you can try whey isolate. Isolate is costly but completely lactose free.

Whey protein for beginners acne

Well whey can cause acne breakouts but not for everyone. You should change the whey protein company and consult a dermatologist and dietitian for this.

Drink whey protein for beginners after workout?

There is something called beginner’s growth, when you are just starting out in the gym, your body will build muscle faster. You will see the growth and the pump very quickly and after sometime that will slow down. Drinking whey protein after a workout in a shake will help your muscle start their rebuilding phase quicker.

Is whey protein for beginners allergic?

No, whey protein is not allergic to beginners only. And if you can digest lactose then you can drink whey protein shake just fine. If you have had hard time digesting milk before then you might need to consider whey isolate.

Whey protein or creatine for beginners?

Well protein is protein, the building block of our muscles. Both creatine and whey can be acquired from natural food. But if you are on a budget and really want a proven way to increase your weight lifting performance then you can choose creatine.

Can you use whey protein for beginners diabetics?

Research showed that whey protein can control diabetics but always consult your doctor first. And if you are concerned about the sugar content in it then you can buy why isolate.

Whey protein for beginners ectomorph

I know, I am skinny meaning ectomorph. I have personally always used whey concentrate all the time and with 6 times of food daily. 

Whey protein for beginners fat loss

Well whey is no magic, just a protein source so your overall diet will determine if you will lose weight or not. But there is some known facts of how high protein diet can help weight loss.

Whey protein for beginners females

Whether you’re a male of female it doesn’t matter what protein powder you choose for health. If you are skinny then you can consider weight gainers for females in India.

You can also look into Soya proteins, those are known to increase estrogen hormone, beneficial for women.

How much whey protein for beginners?

Go by the rule of 0.8 – 1 gram of protein per kg of your body. And you can drink whey shakes as breakfast or after workout.

whey protein for beginners joint pain

What are the whey protein for beginners lactose intolerant?

All whey isolates will work as beginners whey protein for lactose intolerant. But those are costly. If you can get the taste then you can check pea and soya proteins.

Whey protein for beginners non gym goers?

If you are not into eating whey which is probably the best source of protein for our body then you can get any health drink like horlicks protein plus or protinex. They all are similar and note they have very less protein content.

Whey protein for beginners night?

Beginner or not whey is not a nighttime protein. At night you will need casein protein. But if you are looking for best whey protein for beginners then skip casein and get whey.

Are whey protein for beginners vegetarians?

Whey is from milk, if you consider milk as vegetarian then you can use it.

As a beginner what you should know about Whey protein?

  • Do you need it, really?

No, you do not need whey as a beginner if you have low budget or even you do go to gym just to make a decent body.

Supplements are for serious people who even being beginners need the extra protein that they can not get by eating lots of food.

  • When to drink whey?

Whey works best right after workout or after waking up as breakfast. You can also eat whey in between of big meals as snacks.

Best whey protein for beginners in India buying guide

  • Goal based

Weight loss? Get the isolates as a beginner’s protein in India. No fat, no extra calories.

Lactose issue/Digestion issue? Get the whey isolates as there are no lactose in it.

Athletes level training? Get hydrolyzed whey, the fastest way to reach your muscles.

Weight gain? Get whey concentrate and get high calorie diet.

  • Budget based

Sub below 1000 INR proteins are not so good and many costly proteins has counterfeit products online.

Reviews and trademarks are your friend in this case.

Try getting the protein around 1000 INR if you are on a tight budget.

You can try them in 1kg packs and get a bigger pack of the one you like.

Whey protein research data

[Review] Best whey protein for beginners in india

Mypro Sport Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Concentrate

Best whey protein for beginners in India 1Best whey protein for beginners in India 2

Final Verdict: Placing this above in this list as it checks the protein content and price and also carbs and calorie limits in a whey protein.

No, not 100% at all. 100% protein can not be true but it does provide you 24 gram out of 30 gram servings. Which is the truthful 80% protein.

Carbohydrate is only 0.9 gram so they do have much filler elements in it. As a result the calorie per serving is also very less. 

And like in any whey protein it has all the EAA (Essential Amino Acid) in it.

I would recommend this as one of the best whey protein for beginners in India.

Their directions of using this whey Adding 1 scoop to 180-200 ML.of Water Milk or your Favorite Beverage. Better if you use shaker to mix it well.

MuscleBlaze Whey Active Protein Supplement

Best whey protein for beginners in India 3Best whey protein for beginners in India 4

Final Verdict:

If you like the brand then buy it. And do not pick their beginners whey protein at any cost.

Muscleblaze have very similar protein profile in the sub range of 1500-200 INR proteins. Most of them do have similar nutrients value. Few have very minor changes like 1-2 gram protein differences. Basically all are same but for better marketing they have changed the names to make them sound like something else and better.

This active protein has 20 gram protein out of 33 gram protein. So roughly 60% only. If you are in for finding out 80% whey concentrate which you can with little more budget then you should do it.

It has slightly more carbohydrates, probably as filler. Carb is around 9.26 gram. And it is not fat free, it has 1 gram of fat in it. If you are super cautious for weight loss then you may avoid it. SInce it has both fat and carbohydrate.

But controversy is that many say almost all muscleblaze label counts BCAA twice am\nd present the protein content per serving. Could be true. Not sure. But I usually avoid muscleblaze as they all seem too gimmicky.

NAKPRO Platinum Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Best whey protein for beginners in India 5Best whey protein for beginners in India 6

Final Verdict:

Jump into the isolate protein world, even if you are beginner you can use it just fine. Little extra protein has never hurt anyone.

This for those beginners who want to try out whey isolate to check their lactose digestion issue.

Since this is an isolate you get 90% protein per serving. Per 30 gram scoop you get 27 grams. It has only 0.9 gram carbohydrate, no added sugar and very less fat.

You can eat this whey protein 30 minutes before gym or after workout or in the morning.

I would use it with milk as it is isolated and the taste could be worse than a concentrate. 

People have reported no digestion issues and note that this is not 1kg pack. It is 500gram, if you like the effects of an isolated protein then you can use it.

NUTRABOX Whey Protein Plus

Best whey protein for beginners in India 7Best whey protein for beginners in India 8

Final Verdict:

Only go for this protein for beginners in India for more general usages.

This protein blend has only 11.9 gram protein per 33 gram serving but it comes with all minerals and necessary vitamins. If you are not into body building and want a protein supplement that has more health benefits than just high whey content. In that case you can use this whey protein.

It has some flavours like cafe latte, vanilla, mango, swiss chocolate etc.

This also has some carbohydrate per serving for energy purpose.

IN2 Whey Protein Mango

Best whey protein for beginners in India 9Best whey protein for beginners in India 10

Final Verdict: If you are starting out then you can try it.

This is a 500 gram whey protein pack which provides 25 grams of protein per serving of 33 grams. The carbohydrate content is around 3 grams and sugar is .46 gram only. Along with the protein you also get 4 gram of glutamine which will help recovering muscles.

And this beginners protein has almost 3-4 flavours to choose from.

But the low cost comes with some chemicals that you might not be aware off are like – Xanthan Gum.

You might have to go through many protein brands and many beginners whey protein to find the protein best suited to you. Sometimes you will find known high cost protein not good for you and vice versa. Also suitability to our digestive system also matters, personally I have not faced any issues with mid range protein brands like myprotein.

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