Top 6 best table tennis racket under 2000

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If you are looking for the best table tennis racket under 2000 in India, then this is the blog post that you need to read. Here we will talk about what a good TT bat under 2k should have and where you can find it. We also talk about other stuff like how long does a table tennis ball last and different types of TT rackets available in India.

[LIST] best table tennis racket under 2000

Top 5 table tennis rackets under 2k INR
  1. GKI Euro Hybridz Table Tennis Racquets
  2. GKI Euro V Table Tennis Racquet
  3. Stag Ninja Attack Table Tennis Racquet
  4. Nittaku Shake 2000 Multicolor Table Tennis Racquet
  5. Stiga Carbon CR Table Tennis Racquet (Maroon) 3 Star Racket

best table tennis racket under 2000

If you are a TT enthusiast in India, then you must have faced the problem of not being able to find a good racket under 2000. You might be thinking that it’s impossible to get anything decent for 2k and there is no point in looking further.

But we want to tell you that this is simply not true! There are some really good table tennis rackets available under 2000 INR. 

We will guide you through all the best options available on Amazon and Flipkart so that you can pick up your favorite one without any hassle! And at the end, we also give our recommendation for the best table tennis racket under 2000 INR.

Best table tennis racket for professionals!

Reviews of the best table tennis racket under 2000

GKI Euro Hybridz Table Tennis Racquets

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are a beginner or intermediate player and looking to invest into some good quality gear then you can look into this table tennis paddle.

The pimpled rubber and hybrid tech makes it one of the best tt rackets under 2k INR.

Best tt racket for intermediate players India

Top Features:

  • ITTF approved table tennis racket design.
  • Speed: 95
  • Spin: 96
  • Control: 96
  • Double sided pimpled rubber layer.
  • Ergonomically designed flared handle shape

  • Good for attacking player styles with spin and control focus.
  • Flared handle shape is good for controlling the shots.
  • Hybrid ply board is used which is good for beginners and intermediate players.
  • High performance with tournament worthy specks.
  • Very fast delivery with spin.
  • Make winning possible for any level player 
  • GKI Euro Hybridz Racquets are designed to help you achieve new levels of success.

  • Many feel that the racket is slow and they are unable to improve their game.

GKI Euro V Table Tennis Racquet

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are into dominating the gameplay with looping forehand shots then this TT racket will be good for you.

This is mostly used by intermediate players but beginners can also use the same. A value for money TT bat for intermediate players.

Top Features:

  • ITTF approved table tennis racket design.
  • Speed: 94
  • Spin: 93
  • Control: 95
  • Great for attacking playstyles
  • Euro V Tenser rubber provides better control and looping 
  • Attractive design for those who care about aesthetics/style
  • Approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)

  • Can be considered one of the best table tennis bats for intermediate players.
  • Mostly good for speed based attacking players only.
  • Good quality ply and rubber has been used.
  • Good for defence and speedy attacks.

  • None for the price.

Stag Ninja Attack Table Tennis Racquet

Why Should You Buy this?

Probably not the best finishing but this is one of the best TT rackets that you can buy in India under 2000 INR. 

If budget allows then Stag ninja can also be one of the best table tennis bat for beginners who want to excel.

Top Features:

  • Speed: 88
  • Spin: 92
  • Control: 78
  • Weight 180 gram.
  • Hard rubber with sponge thickness of 2mm.
  • Flared handle style.

  • Fairly lightweight table tennis bat for attack based gameplay.
  • Flared handle is also good for controlling the TT bat.
  • Hard rubber which will help with quick defenses and attacks.
  • Great for forehand, backhand and drive shots.
    Good option for intermediate players.

  • Few worry that they have not received an original item.

Nittaku Shake 2000 Multicolor Table Tennis Racquet

Why Should You Buy this?

This TT paddle is most usable by pro players or those who are looking to get good gear to polish their gameplay.

Top Features:

  • ITTF approved TT racket.
  • 95 grams.
  • Japanese smooth rubber on both sides.
  • 2mm sponge thickness on both sides.
  • Good for speedy game play.

  • One of the lightweight TT bats available in India.
  • Sponge thickness and rubber type allows quick attacks and fast gameplay.
  • Can be used by pro level players.
  • Flare type handle for better control.

  • Not easily available.

Stiga Carbon CR Table Tennis Racquet (Maroon) 3 Star Racket

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are a pro TT player who wants to sharpen his speedy spin attacks then get this TT racket under 2k INR.

This could be the best table tennis racket for spin and speed in India.


Top Features:

  • Control: 75
  • Speed: 50
  • Spin: 62
  • 2mm rubber coating
  • ITTF approved.
  • Concave handle.
  • CR technology.

  • CR technology enabled (Combi Revolution) system makes this bat very fast.
  • Ideal for spin players.
  • Lightweight.
  • Premium racket for advanced and intermediate players.
  • Pimpled rubber layer.
  • Composite wood is good for spin attacks and consistency.

  • On the costlier side but pro level players should be able to manage it perfectly. Since this brand is considered one of the best ping pong paddle brand.

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Buying Guide table tennis racket

Price: Since you are looking for the best table tennis racket under 2000 INR then you should at least be at intermediate levels. Otherwise you should look for best table tennis racket under 1000 INR . But if you are a pro level TT player then you should look for much better models as well.

Rubber type: Thin rubbers are good for slowing down the game and thick rubbers are good for fast games. And many do use only wooden bats as well which is comparable to the effects of using thin rubbers.

There are also 4 rubber types. Smooth, short pips, long pips, anti spin.

Player style: Few players want to get aggressive and attack first and some would like to defend and spin the table tennis ball.

Depending on the player style the make of the TT racket changes a lot. And based on this you should pick the best table tennis racket under 2k.

Blade style: Preferably get the lightest blade possible so that you can move more freely. Usually carbon made blades are much lighter than wooden blades. But those are costly as well and under a 2k budget you will not find many carbon made options either.

So you should stick with the lightest wood and rubber made tt paddle possible.

Grip: There are three types of grip or handle type.

Flared, Anatomic and straight. Usually you will find most table tennis rackets under 2k INR have flared or straight grip in India.

Weight: Lightweight table tennis rackets are preferable but depending on the wood and the player he/she can choose heavier table tennis rackets as well. And most of the time the players who favour spin prefe heavy rubber blades. Which does increase the overall tt bat weight as well.


What paddles do professional ping pong players use?

The professionals use STIGA or other TT bats which are made from carbon. These are the most durable and strong materials that you can have in a table tennis bat.

Why is one side of a table tennis bat red?

In order to make it easier for players on the court, one side of a paddle must be red while the other is black. This way, if you happen to get hit by your opponent’s attack mid-play then you can quickly see what type of rubber they’re using and return fire accordingly!

Before this there used to be the same colors on both side and it was really unfair for the player.

What is the best table tennis rubber?

In India, people like to use the STIGA, Palio bats and do like their rubbers.

Are Stiga paddles good?

Yes almost all the models of Stiga tt bats that are sold in India are good. And many of them are used by pro players as well. Beginners and intermediates can use STIGA wooden bats whie pro level players can use the carbon fiber made rackets as well.

What are the skills needed in table tennis?

For any sport you will need the technique first, same with table tennis. Then comes the speed and power. You will need all three, technique, speed and power to master and excel at table tennis.

Why are table tennis paddles so expensive?

The table tennis rackets are made from the highest quality wood, rubber or carbon fiber. And also all of these follow strict guidelines thus pro level table tennis paddles are very expensive.

How are table tennis bats rated?

When it comes to choosing the best table tennis bats, you want one that is right for your skill level and playing style. A bat with a higher rating will be more difficult to use since they’re faster and offer less control than those of lower ratings. For beginners or moderate players, we recommend something on the three-star range while experienced users may enjoy using five star rated blades!



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