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The dry fruit, oats, and multi-grain biscuits like the Diabexy Peanut Cookies are the best healthy biscuits in India. Exploring the realm of healthy biscuits in India led me to some great biscuits that you can eat. Whether you’re searching for digestive biscuits for weight loss or options without maida, high-fiber biscuits, and more, the choices are abundant.

But I am writing this after someone argued with me that Horlicks, parleG, etc biscuits are healthy… well they are not bad for healthy people.

But for someone who has diabetes or someone munching 10s of biscuits per day– I do not think so.

Best healthy biscuits in India

Let’s see what I found when I was searching for the best healthy biscuits in India.

And if I had to pick one then I would pick RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grain Breakfast Cookies.

PS: Many in this list are cookies and apart from the thickness I see no difference between cookies and biscuits.

Top 6 best healthy biscuits in India

In general oats biscuits for weight loss or multigrain biscuits are good for health in India. You can pick anyone from the list below and you are good to go. But still, I have categorized them in a way that I felt suits them best.

For example, you will see them categorized as digestive biscuits for weight loss or biscuits without maida in India, high fiber biscuits in India etc.

Diabexy Peanut Cookies Sugar Control for Diabetes

Best biscuits without maida in India

Taste Good Karela Biscuits

Best high-fiber biscuits in India

Early Foods Assorted – Dry Fruit & Multigrain Millet Jaggery Cookies

Best healthy biscuits for weight loss

Little Chime ADDIT Foods Sugar-Free Oats Biscuit

Best sugar-free biscuits in India

Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive High Fibre Biscuits

Best digestive biscuits for weight loss

RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grain Breakfast Cookies

Best healthy biscuits 

Protein in Healthy Biscuits in India

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Reviews of the best healthy biscuits in India

In these reviews I have picked the biscuits that are multigrain, uses no sugar and contains some protein. These are to be the best characteristics for them to be considered among the best healthy biscuits in India.

Most of these biscuits come with good packaging

From low sugar biscuits for diabetics to best biscuits for health for gym goers – you will find them here! 

best healthy biscuits in india

Diabexy Peanut Cookies Sugar Control for Diabetes

Diabexy Peanut Cookies Sugar Control

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product contains nuts, which may be an issue for those with certain food intolerances.
  2. The packaging and taste are good, but some cookies may be broken in the package.
  3. The cookies contain harmful hydrogenated oil, which promotes plaque buildup in the heart.
  4. The cookies are not very crisp and can get stuck in the mouth.

More Reasons to Pick Diabexy biscuits!

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Performance
Low Glycemic Load4.5 per 100gDiabexy Diabetic Peanut Butter Cookies have 90% lesser impact on blood sugar level compared to normal maida cookies, aiding blood sugar control.
No Sugar, No MaltodextrinFructooligosaccharideThe sweetener used in Diabexy Diabetic cookies does not affect blood sugar levels as it is not metabolized in the body.
No MaidaDiabexy Diabetic Peanut Butter cookies do not contain maida, wheat flour, or any other cheap flour, aiding in blood sugar control.
High-quality peanuts are used as a flour base, and trans-fat-free bakery shortening is used.
Taste DeliciousDiabexy Diabetic Peanut Butter Cookies are delicious and satisfying for those with diabetes, making it a great alternative to normal cookies.
Good for Both Type I&IIEstimated GL: 80-90%Low glycemic load foods are suitable for both types of diabetics, aiding in blood sugar control.
DiabetesDiabexy Diabetic food products have an estimated glycemic load of 80-90% less than normal food products, making blood sugar control easier.

These healthy biscuits for weight loss have lots of peanut protein in each bite.

Why Should You Buy this?

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sugary cookies, I suggest trying out the Diabexy cookies. They are made specifically for diabetic patients and have a low glycemic load.

Despite their high price, the taste is good and they are a great option for those who want to control their sugar intake.

If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy snack, these cookies are definitely worth a try.

The existing peanut protein also makes it good for bodybuilders.

Diabexy Peanut Cookies are probably the healthiest biscuit to eat in India.

Diabexy Peanut biscuits came first in my mind when I was looking for the best biscuits without maida in India.

It is made with peanut butter which is very low in glycemic load meaning it is also suitable for diabetes patients.

It can be used as a snack or with tea. But if you have a peanut allergy then you should stay away from it.

Top Features:

  • The sweetener used is fructooligosaccharides, which is a fiber that is sweet to taste.
  • Get all the goodness of peanuts.
  • No eggs
  • No gluten
  • No maida
  • 17-gram protein per 100 gram makes this one of the high-protein biscuits in India as well.
  • Diabexy biscuit is low in glycemic index which is good for sugar patients.
  • No Sugar so diabetics can be at peace. Many gym goers also focus on getting 9 sugar biscuits as well.
  • No maltodextrin. This is a harmful chemical that fitness enthusiasts do not like.
  • No wheat flour. Wheat flour is generally not considered good for health.
  • This biscuit is suitable for everyone. And has some vegan protein content in it as well.
  • This one might help with healthy weight gain.
  • Peanut allergy.

Taste Good Karela Biscuits

Taste Good Karela Biscuits

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The taste of the biscuits might be a matter of preference. Some may find it mildly bitter due to Karela bits, while others may enjoy it.
  2. The biscuits taste similar to digestive biscuits, crunchy with a melt-in-the-mouth experience. Biscuits are not sweet, which is to be expected, and only certain bites taste bitter when you get the Karela bits.
  3. While the biscuits may be healthier than average sugar-loaded biscuits, the inclusion of a low amount of Karela cannot qualify this as diabetic-friendly food.

These Karela biscuits are good for health in India and these are also low-sugar biscuits for diabetics.

Why Should You Buy this?

A good way to eat veggies it seems, but jokes apart the concept of this biscuit is good.

It is good for hungry people to curb their hunger and thus good for weight loss. And it tastes good as an evening snack with tea.

Each order comes with a total of 40 biscuits made with primary contents like fiber, oats, and bitter gourd flakes.

Each biscuit only contains 5.3gm of carbohydrate, 0.8gm of protein, and 41.5kcal of energy.

Plus, they are free of sugar and cholesterol.

These biscuits are perfect for tea-time snacking and a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Though it may seem expensive, nothing is too pricey when it comes to taking care of our health.

So, I highly recommend these biscuits to anyone with pre-diabetes or diabetes. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Kareal biscuits are one of the healthiest biscuits you can buy in India.

If you are after high-fiber biscuits in India then you can get these.

And like me, you will be also surprised by the taste since it is made from karela.

Yes, that bitter vegetable. And it also has oats, and almonds. And it is natural it is good for people with blood sugar issues.

Top Features:

  • Made with karela which itself provides many health benefits (2).
    My mom would love to see me eat this every day!
  • No added sugar.
  • Might help with diabetes and digestive issues. However, you will need a doctor anyway.
  • Might help with blood pressure.
  • Wheat in this biscuit might help with increasing energy and improving digestion.
  • Almonds and oats will provide some vitamins, and minerals and add to the taste.
  • Get all the health benefits of karela along with oats, almonds.
  • The oats and karela biscuit is good for suppressing hunger.
  • This is good for sugar patients. Might help with lowering sugar levels but not been proven yet.
  • 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fat.
  • Medium Glycaemic Index & Low Glycaemic Load.
  • Many would say it contains maida instead of wheat.

Early Foods Assorted – Dry Fruit & Multigrain Millet Jaggery Cookies

Early Foods Assorted - Dry Fruit & Multigrain Millet Jaggery Cookies

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Unopened cookies have a shelf life of four months, and once opened, they need to be consumed within one month.
  2. They use jaggery for sweetness.
  3. Some users experienced a bad smell and bitter aftertaste with this flavor.

These are high-fiber biscuits in India that can help with your overall health and weight loss.

Why Should You Buy this?

While the cost of the biscuits is a little high, the quality of the ingredients used is excellent.

The biscuits are made with natural ingredients, and the packaging is eco-friendly

The taste is great and this will help you get healthy fats which you can not get from rich foods.

This biscuit is also suitable for low-carbohydrate diets.

This biscuit in India is the best healthy biscuit for weight loss.

It is nutrient dense with nuts, cereal like whole grams like jowar, oatmeal, corn, wheat, ragi etc.

Also contains saboodana/Tapioca Flour, Dry Fruits (Almonds, Pista, Cashews, Dates, Walnuts, Watermelon Seeds, Lotus Seeds/Makhana, Pumpkin Seeds

You will get a good amount of carbs with this biscuit and as a sweetener jaggery is used. Which itself has few health benefits.

Diabetes patients stay away from this one though. This multi-grain biscuit is good for gym-goers.

Top Features:

  • This biscuit contains a lot of cereal thus you will get lots of minerals, vitamins from them.
  • It is Good for any diet as it is very nutritious. But it has Jaggery and nuts; thus, if you have a blood sugar or peanut allergy, you should reconsider it.
  • No saturated fat.
  • Contains healthy fat derived from the nuts and cereals it has.
  • No maida thus it should be good for anyone who wants a low-calorie biscuit.
  • No refined sugar which is very harmful.
  • No maltodextrin which many health-conscious people do not know.
  • No artificial sweeteners yet do not consume them if you want something sugar-free.
  • No added colors so you don’t have to eat other chemicals.
  • No artificial flavors yet the biscuit tastes good.
  • This tasty biscuit can be included in your low-carb diet.
  • Can be used to lose weight if you work out enough.
  • Good-tasting biscuits for snacking healthy.
  • Will boost your metabolism.
  • Good for people with allergies to egg (like me).
  • Tastes great with milk since it has natural jaggery in it.
  • This biscuit is not suitable for peanut allergy.

Little Chime ADDIT Foods Sugar Free Oats Biscuit

Little Chime ADDIT Foods Sugar Free Oats Biscuit

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Each cookie is 570 calories, which is high, and it may have trans fat.
  2. Some customers reported receiving damaged containers.

This is one of the best tasty sugar free biscuits that you can get in India!

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are diabetic and want to add sugar-free biscuits in India to your healthy diet per day then this is a good option.

You can have it as a snack or with tea, works great in both ways.

Oats are generally good for sugar patients and for cardiac-related issues (1) and these sugar free biscuits have a lots of them in them.

Since they are using stevia for sweetness and there is no other sugar-type element this is easily the best sugar-free biscuits in India.

This will definitely not spike your insulin levels.

Top Features:

  • Can be good for a ketogenic diet or for a carbohydrate diet.
  • Biscuit is filled with complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are really good for your body.
  • Can help with digestion but definitely not a remedy.

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  • Good for those with cardiovascular disease. If they really can not live without a biscuit then they can pick this one.
  • This is good for people who are obese since it does not have many calories on paper.
  • Since it has low calories but good nutrients, this is great for people who are dieting.
  • Great for people who are looking for sugar-free biscuits.
  • Little expensive like other healthy biscuits.

Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive High Fibre Biscuits

Sunfeast Farmlite 5 Grain Digestive Biscuit

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The biscuits are also less sugary compared to other brands and have a feeling of grains in every bite.

  2. The product contains primarily wheat (48%) and small amounts of other grains such as corn, jowar, oats, and ragi. It does not contain maida, but it does have high sugar content and maltodextrin, which can cause blood sugar spikes and change gut bacteria composition.

High-fiber biscuits in India with good digestive features and flavours. Probably the best atta biscuits in India.

Why Should You Buy this?

With primarily wheat and other grains like corn, jowar, oats, and ragi, these multigrain biscuits are the right combination of taste and health.

The biscuits are less sugary, nicely baked, and crunchy with a feeling of grains in every bite.

The company claims that it does not use maida, which is a big advantage as compared to other leading brands.

This a great budget option if you are looking for digestive biscuits in India. It comes with a 1kg pack and will last for a whole month easily.

It makes perfect sense for me to grab these at low prices.

Top Features:

  • Made with all types of wheat products like whole wheat flour, wheat fibre etc.
  • Comes with oat flour, jowar, ragi also. Thus I can see this biscuit can provide many complex carbs and minerals.
  • No cholesterol.
  • NO trans fat.
  • Made from ashirvad atta.
  • Sunfeast Farmlite contains a high amount of whole grains which will help with low/high carb diets.
  • May help with maintaining body weight since these are relatively low in calories.
  • Can be good for overweight people as they have a fulling effect,
  • May keep the digestive system healthy.
  • Can get a good amount of macronutrients.
  • Some artificial flavor, and colors are there.
  • Many also note that due to enhancing flavours there are less good carbs and more sugar.
  • Many do not like the taste.

RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grain Breakfast Cookies

RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grain Breakfast Cookies

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Multiple program options and incline functionality
  2. The cookies are larger in size and are well-packaged to prevent damage.
  3. The cookie is made from healthy ingredients such as oats, ragi, sattu, amaranth, corn, wheat, and quinoa.
  4. The cookies are suitable for people who are health-conscious and want to include protein-rich snacks in their diet.
  5. The cookies are a good source of energy for people who work out or are active.

More Reasons To Pick RiteBite Biscuits!

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Performance
Max Protein10 gm ProteinProvides a good amount of protein per serving, helping with muscle building and repair.
4 gm FiberContains a decent amount of fiber, which helps in digestion and keeps the stomach full for longer.
300mg CalciumProvides a good source of calcium for the body, helping with bone strength and development.
Goodness of GrainsMade with 7 grains – Oats, Ragi, Quinoa, Corn, Wheat, Bengal gram, and amaranthThe combination of these grains helps in providing the body with essential nutrients, fiber, and energy.
No NastiesPreservative-free, GMO-free, and MAIDA-freeAvoids the harmful effects of preservatives and GMOs, and ensures the use of healthier flour alternatives.
Comfort Food for CravingsSatisfies sweet cravings without guiltProvides a guilt-free indulgence option to satisfy sweet cravings, without the risk of consuming too many unhealthy calories.
Made in IndiaFirst brand to launch nutrition and protein bars in IndiaEstablishes the brand’s credibility and expertise in creating protein and nutrition bars that cater to the Indian market.

One of the best biscuits for health with 10 gram of protein per biscuit.

Why Should You Buy this?

Definitely not a sugar-free, no-chemical biscuit but this one provides good taste, 10-gram protein per biscuit, and a good amount of fibers and carbs.

Good for people who want to eat protein at every meal.

They are perfect for consuming as a mid-day snack or after a workout, providing you with an instant energy boost.

However, some reviewers mentioned that the taste can be slightly medical or bitter.

But overall, these cookies are worth trying out.

Warm them for a few seconds before eating, and you’ll enjoy the flavors even more.

Like the peanut biscuit, the ritebite max protein biscuits are rich in protein and fiber.

This is my personal choice if you are trying to gain muscle and trying to eat more protein with every bite.

And it is a bonus that it has choco chips.

Who does not love choco chips!

Top Features:

  • Low-fat chocolate flavor cookie/biscuit.
  • NO Maida.
  • Contains grains like oats, sattu, ragi, wheat, corn, amaranth, quinoa, etc.
  • 10-gram protein per biscuit
  • 24.8 grams of carbohydrates per biscuit.
  • 4 grams of dietary fiber per biscuit
  • May help with increasing carbohydrate intake.
  • Good for breakfast.
  • Good for an on-the-go snack, or midnight cravings.
  • Good for increasing protein intake in between meals.
  • Can get the goodness of all the 7 grains in the biscuit.
  • The chocolate flavor tastes great.
  • Not a sugar-free option.

How to choose the best healthy biscuits in India

Ingredients: When you are trying to buy the best healthy biscuit in India then the first thing to check is the ingredients. Ideally, you should get biscuits with no maida, no sugar, and artificial flavours. That is okay if you are selecting biscuits for the elderly or for diabetics patients. 

If you are into fitness then you can also check into buying biscuits with high protein content. But note that most of the time the protein will come from peanuts.

Also, this will not be your primary protein source but as a snack, it will work great.

Taste: Sometimes when you are looking for a healthy eating option then taste takes a backseat. But there are many biscuits which are healthy with some good taste. I am not talking about chocolate or vanilla flavoured ones but there is a natural flavours to the oats/multigrain biscuits.

Price: Don’t break the bank for a biscuit pack. If possible stop consuming biscuits completely which could be a great decision for your health.

digestive biscuits benefits and side effects

Digestive Biscuits: BenefitsDigestive Biscuits: Side Effects
Provides fiberHigh in calories and fat
Helps in weight managementMay contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners
Promotes digestive healthMay contribute to weight gain
Satisfies hunger cravingsMay cause digestive discomfort or bloating
Can increase risk of tooth decay
May contain additives or preservatives


Are Parle G biscuits good for health?

Our old friend Parle G which I used to take for tiffin in school is good for general people with no health issues. It has a good amount of glucose which will help you with boosting your energy but definitely not for diabetics or picky eaters. ParleG biscuit will only benefit you if you want some high calorie, surgery snack.

What is a healthy alternative to biscuits?

In India, the badam/peanut chikkis are a good alternative to biscuits. These are made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial sugar. But still, if you have high sugar issues then you might want to skip it. Another choice will be granola bars which are made from different types of grains and is costly. But you can make granola bars at home.

Can I eat biscuits every day?

Yes, you can eat biscuits every day but If it is possible then you can avoid them altogether. And switch to chikki, raisins, dried fruits, oats bars, protein bars etc. Most of the biscuits will have some sugar and unhealthy ingredients.

What can I substitute for biscuits?

If possible you can make your own cookies or biscuits with dried fruit, and protein powder and use them as a substitute for biscuits.

Which biscuit is good for weight loss?

Biscuits will not make you lose weight but if you are after consuming fewer calories than you can opt for zero/low-calorie biscuits. Otherwise, you should just avoid them and progress towards your weight loss goals. People usually believe that digestive biscuits are good for health.

Do biscuits increase weight?

Any food will have some calories and in general, biscuits will have sugar-based calories. Which will help with increasing weight in a bad way. If you want to increase weight then you can skip biscuits and eat dry fruits, oats etc.

Can sugar patients eat biscuits?

Biscuits made with refined flour are bad for people with diabetes. Sugar patients should look for biscuits with zero sugar made with dietary fiber.

Which biscuit is good for weight loss?

Diet biscuits in India are low in calories and are rich in dietary fiber. This might help with weight loss but your entire diet and workout routine will determine if you will lose weight or not.

Why we should not eat biscuits?

Except for all the zero-calorie and dietary biscuits, the rest of them have highly processed food with lots of sugar and fat. Which are not beneficial to our bodies. That is why eating a large number of biscuits is not recommended at all.

Is Biscuit a junk food?

Yes, biscuits can be considered a portion of junk food. Almost all biscuits are highly processed and contain a lot of sugar and calories. And eating them regularly will have a bad effect on your body.

What can I drink instead of eating?

Make protein shakes with lots of fruit juices or milk and you can skip chewable foods. Shakes are easy to digest and make thus these are getting really popular with time.

The Last Rep!

In this search for the healthiest biscuits, I feel I have not found any true healthy biscuit. And I also feel that biscuits should not sacrifice their taste.

We have plenty of there healthy foods – so just leave the biscuits be.

Ref: History of Biscuit

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