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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

In my Fast and up BCAA review, I explore two remarkable products: Fast and up BCAA Essentials and Fast and up BCAA Advanced. The Advanced variant, brimming with extra ingredients, is a game-changer for athletic performance. When I blend BCAA with creatine during workouts, it’s like fueling muscle growth and recovery. The budget-friendly Fast and up BCAA Essentials boasts a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, perfect for beginners.

On the other hand, Fast and up BCAA Advanced goes the extra mile, with added components like glutamine, L-arginine, taurine, and citrulline, tailored for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Both variants flaunt seamless textures, ensuring swift absorption. Fast&Up BCAA doesn’t stir up any discomfort, offering delightful flavors like watermelon and cola. The perks?

Enhanced endurance, swift muscle recovery, and minimized post-workout soreness. Particularly ideal for those engaged in rigorous training and active lifestyles, the Advanced version combats fatigue and turbocharges muscle growth. Yet, let’s not forget, while BCAAs work wonders, wholesome nutrition remains the cornerstone of robust muscle development. With its impressive ratings and multifaceted benefits, Fast and up BCAA Advanced reigns as a top-notch choice. – Samarjit Sinha, an avid BCAA explorer.

Fast and up bcaa review

Fast and up BCAA essentials vs Fast and up BCAA Advanced

The key difference between fast&up essentials and fast and up advanced is that the advanced bcaa has more ingredients.

And those ingredients make you more adaptable for athletic performance.

If you are a pro-level athlete or on a mission doing New Year’s resolutions… Get the fast&up advanced bcaa version.

The extra cost is worth it.

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I usually mix mine BCAA with creatine and have it during the workout. Mixing creatine makes this drink super potent for muscle growth and recovery. I do use Fast&up creatine as well.

TIP: This Advanced BCAA requires 500ml of water. If you are working out late, then you should start drinking it before doing the exercise on training days.

The scoop of advanced bcaa is larger, and it has more ingredients, so drinking more water with it is recommended. Since I do use creatine as well, I do not skip water intake at all.

Fast and up BCAA essentials product details

  • 45 serving, 7-gram serving size
  • 2:1:1 ratio Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. No other ingredients are added to it.
  • Good for basic endurance-boosting
  • Good for basic athletic performance and faster recovery.
  • Budget best bcaa for the beginners, home gym users.
  • Can mix in only 250 ml of water.
  • This Ultra Instantiated BCAA mixes up superfast.
  • No sugar.
  • Costs are low.

Fast and up BCAA Advanced product details

  • 30 servings, 15 gram serving size
  • 2:1:1 ratio Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine with 2.5 gram glutamine
  • 1 gram L-arginine
  • 1 gram taurine
  • 1 gram citruline
  • Electrolytes
  • Great for endurance-boosting due to its having arginine.
  • Best for boosting athletic performance. And best for sports persons.
  • Needs at least 500 ml of water, since the serving size is large.
  • Mixes easily in 50m l of water without even stirring.
  • No sugar.
  • Price is on the higher end.

Both BCAA will have an effect on muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle protein synthesis.

Both of the bcaa powders have a fine texture that is ideal for rapid absorption.

Both BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) has a tight seal, no issues of humidity getting in at all!

Fast&Up BCAA does not produce gas at all.

Fast and up BCAA essentials vs Fast and up BCAA Advanced

Fast and up BCAA Benefits

  1. Really boosts you and alerts you. And if it is not labelled as pre-workout it will keep you pumped up during your workout sessions.

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Even if you return from the office at 9 pm, you will feel energized enough.

  1. The BCAA powder from Fast&Up mixes easy in water. No lumps, no grainy/sand type feeling.
  2. All the flavors are great. I have ad watermelon and cola and those are great. The cola flavor does taste like real cola. It is somewhere between Thumbsup and Coca-Cola.
  3. The fast&up BCAA version has glutamine, L-arginine these two will improve your blood flow and heal your muscles faster. It will also prevent muscle breakdown.
  4. Fast and Up BCAA in general helps with muscle recovery.
  5. Taurine for energy in the advanced variant of fast&up BCAA boosts energy more.

Citrulline gives NO boost or Nitric Oxide boost, this gives a visible pump.

This advanced BCAA Supplement with Glutamine is not a pre-workout, but you can easily replace caffeine-based pre-workout drinks with this.

Imagine having caffeine at 9 pm, after the office, and then staying awake at night. And you have office the next day as well.

Thus, this is the ideal intra-workout nutrition for working people who are also working hard at their body.

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Fast and up BCAA Review

  • Fast&up bcaa can be consumed during your training or on non-training days as well.
  • This bcaa supplement is suitable for all types of fitness goals. 
  • Presently, I am consuming it on both training and nontraining days. Another reason to sip it is the taste.
  • You should get less fatigued, see a difference in muscle mass. It reduces your DOMS period and muscle fatigue.
  • After consuming it for 2 days, I can feel my recovery has started to improve and can train longer for muscle strength as well.
  • Branched-chain amino acid powders are available in many flavors, but Fast&up flavors are so good that you will drink it in one gulp.
  • Electrolytes and BCAA combo of the advanced bcaa variant make you energetic. And the taste of their flavors is very refreshing as well.
  • It has high mixability. It mixes instantly the moment I put it into the shaker. You can see my video above on this. 
  • The product description labels the ingredients without any loophole.
  • Fast and up bcaa has superior taste, tastes like nothing I have tasted before in BCAA. The energizing flavor will have you using this more and more.
  • Fast&up advanced BCAA comes with a muscle activation complex consisting of glutamine, arginine, taurine and citrulline. This ideal ratio combo of elements is not easy to find.
  • Preventing muscle loss, energy production and improving physical activity are key features of this.
  • And as a user, I can tell the difference in just a few days.
  • Finally, I would say, if you are training heavy and live a active life then get this BCAA. This blend is so better than other simple average bcaa (Branched Chain Amino Acids) online in the Indian market.
  • The quality nutrition you get with this bcaa advance is unmatched. I have not had any acid, bloating or liver issues with this. 
  • The two most popular flavors are watermelon, Cola. I like the cola more than the watermelon.
  • This is the most needed Intra-workout/Post-workout drink that you should get so that you do not lose your hard-earned muscles. From my experience, it worked great for reducing muscle fatigue, muscle building, muscle growth after a few days of usage.
  • My muscle soreness problem is gone as well. I used to feel sorry after leg days, but not anymore.
  •  If you are an athlete, then you will get huge muscle-building benefits from these muscle activators.
  • Overall if you are looking for bcaa and can spend around 1.8k then this advanced BCAA will do wonders for you. This item is one of the highest star rating item online. There are several product benefits, and you will see them after you start consuming them.
  • But no matter what you do, you should consume real, nutritious foods for overall muscle and strength growth.

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Fast and up bcaa review

The Last Rep!

In conclusion, the Fast and up BCAA products offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your fitness journey. Fast and up BCAA Advanced, despite its extra cost, proves its worth by providing a powerful combination of ingredients that promote muscle growth, rapid recovery, and heightened athletic performance.

The fine texture of both BCAA powders ensures quick absorption, making them a convenient addition to your routine. The delightful flavors like watermelon and cola offered by Fast&Up BCAA can make your fitness journey even more enjoyable. The inclusion of Citrulline in the Advanced version provides a noticeable pump, while its high mixability allows for easy consumption, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce fatigue and enhance muscle growth.

Remarkably, no negative aspects were found in the article, emphasizing the overall positive impression of Fast and up BCAA products.

Best Fast and up bcaa review after usages | May 2024
Fast and up bcaa review after usages 1

The genuine Fast&Up BCAA review you need!

Product Brand: Fast&Up

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  • Fast and up BCAA Advanced is worth the extra cost.
  • BCAA mixed with creatine during workouts promotes muscle growth and recovery.
  • Fast and up BCAA Essentials is budget-friendly for beginners.
  • Both BCAA powders have fine textures for rapid absorption.
  • Fast&Up BCAA flavors are great, such as watermelon and cola.
  • Fast and up BCAA Advanced improves blood flow, muscle healing, and prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Citrulline in BCAA Advanced gives a visible pump.
  • Fast and up BCAA Advanced is ideal for reducing fatigue and enhancing muscle growth.
  • It has high mixability and mixes instantly in water.


  • No Negetives

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