Best shatavari powder brand in India


Shatavari is an ancient herb mainly used to treat women’s health related problems.

During my search for herbal or ayurvedic supplements for weight gaining, I came to know about it. And here are the best Shatavari Powder brand in India.

Apart from women, men can also use shatavari since it can increase hunger and that is useful for weight gain or muscle building.

Make sure that you read the reviews before you finalise the best shatavari powder in india.

Best shatavari powder brand in India

  1. Carmel Organics Shatavari Root Powder || 340 Grams | USDA CERTIFIED
  2. Himalaya shatavari powder & Tablets
  3. Herbal Hills Organic Shatavari Powder 200g
  4. Herb Essential Pure Shatavari Powder
  5. Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari Powder
  6. Patanjali Shatavar Churna
  7. Baidyanath shatavari powder
  8. Jain Pure Shatavari Powder – 1 kg

[Reviews] best shatavari powder brand in India

Carmel Organics Shatavari Root Powder – USDA Certified

Carmel Shatavari Powder

Why should You Buy this?

Each gram of Shatavari powder costs around 2 INR and it is easy to use.

Usually many have found lumps in the powder due to poor packaging perhaps. Otherwise it is useful.

Carmel is one of the best shatavari powder brands in India and they also have a capsules version. But the capsules cost way higher than the powder.

This powder is a light yellowish color or a color that is close to white similar to the shatavari root color.

This is a complete vegan product.

There is no added sugar.

Top Usages would be to make your own herbal powder for weight or height gain. The best blend would be to use Ashwagandha powder.

Since this is a powder with nothing added you can get creative and create your own mixture easily. Just note that the taste will vary as you mix up things.

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Himalaya shatavari powder & Tablets

Himalaya shatavari powder & Tablets

Why should You Buy this?

Himalaya wellness is a known brand when it comes to ayurvedic tablets and this is a good tablet to have as a woman.

For the powder, although the name says himalaya, the branding is slightly different.

Thus it could be a different company.

Among these two, I would pick himalaya wellness as the best shatavari powder brand in India.

There are himalaya shatavari powder and himalaya shatavari tablets. But I guess these are different companies.

First the shatavari powder in India, this is off white in color and comes in 100 grams pack. They recommend taking 3 grams of powder 1-2 times a day for best results.

This shatavari powder has no chemical or sugar added. And you might need to use water, honey or milk to make it edible.

My personal favorite will be the Shatavari tablets by Himalaya. Each tablet gives you around 250mg of shatavari.

You can take one to two tablets daily after a meal.

Herbal Hills Organic Shatavari Powder

Herbal Hills Organic Shatavari Powder

Why should You Buy this?

This is one of the few certified shatavari powder available in India.

You need to store it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. The recommended dosage is 3 gram, which you can take twice daily.

Herbal Hills is a recommended product when it comes to the best shatavari powder in India.

It comes as a 200 gram powder pack with around .975 INR. This could be one of the low cost shatavari powder in India. You can mix it with milk, honey or the most easy one; water.

They recommend each serving to be of 3 gram thus a small spoon would do just fine.

And this is a certified powder, it does not have any added sugar or other chemicals.

Herb Essential Pure Shatavari Powder

Herb Essential Pure Shatavari Powder

Why should You Buy this?

Buy these small packs to test the effectiveness of shatavari on your body.

If it works then you can buy bigger packs at lower cost.

Herb essential provides two small size eco friendly packs of Shatavari powder each with 50 gram packs.

Per gram of Shatavari costs around 2.85 INR. If you check the other items then you will see this is higher.

But this small pack of shatavari powder is useful if buying for testing purposes. You might want to do a small test with smaller dosages to see if you develop any allergies from shatavari.

And you will also be able to tell that if you are getting the benefits of having the herb. The common benefits are skin toning (anti-oxidants), boost in immunity, promotes lactation, reduces symptoms of menopause.

Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari Powder

Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari Powder

Why should You Buy this?

Some have complained that the powder creates foam, which I guess it should not and also should not have any sand and dust like some others said.

But I believe those happened due to errors in the production process and will not happen multiple times.

Just Jaivik has a few organic powders and their shatavari is a quality one too. This comes as a pack of 227 gram and per gram costs around .78 INR. This is one of the low cost variant out there.

They recommend having ½ spoon daily, this would be around 3 grams approx.

This has no sugar or other added items. You can make your own churna with this. Ashwagandha would be a great choice for this mixture.

Patanjali Shatavar Churna

Patanjali Shatavar Churna

Why should You Buy this?

Patanjali has several herbal products and I do not like them much.

But many do have got several health benefits from them like this shatavari powder. You can try this one for 30 days since it is of low cost.

Patanjali is not my favorite brand, but this is presently one of the cheapest shatavari powder in India. 

Patanjali Shatavar Churna comes in a flimsy plastic bottle which I would recommend that you change after buying it.

Since this is in a powder form you can mix them with other herbs and eat accordingly. ½ spoon of this Patanjali Shatavar Churna with milk or honey would do just fine.

And note that they say that this Patanjali Shatavar Churna should be eaten within 30 days after breaking the seal.

Baidyanath shatavari powder

Baidyanath shatavari powder

Why should You Buy this?

This Shatavari powder is sourced from one of the notable ayurvedic companies in India.

This is a very good product, if you are happy with the price then try it.

Baidyanath is one of the oldest ayurvedic product manufacturer in India. They have several quality items and this shatavari powder is one of them.

This Baidyanath shatavari powder is rather costly. One gram of this would cost you around 1.5 INR.

This comes as a pack of two, 60 grams each.

Shelf life is 24 days only.

Jain Pure Shatavari Powder – 1 kg

Jain Pure Shatavari Powder

Why should You Buy this?

If you are planning on eating shatavari for a long time then this type of bulk buying is a good option.

Otherwise you should buy in smaller quantities. And if you buy one 1kg pack then you have to keep it safe also.

There have been some complaints like broken seal but hopefully those were one off incidents only.

You buy shatavari in bulk when you know you do not get any allergic reaction from it. Here comes a massive 1 kg jar at 1.9 INR for each 1 gram.

And unlike some other best shatavari powder brand in India, this Jain shatavari powder has a shelf life of 1-2 years. Meaning you can eat 2-4 grams of shatavari powder for long term.

You can get the goodness of shatavari which consists of regulating estrogen, helping with digestion, boosting immunity and more.

Best time to take shatavari powder

There is no particular best time to take Shatavari, but you can take it in the morning. You can also take Ashwagandha along with it. Here is how you can use Ashwagandha and Shatavari together.

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Dosages of Shatavari powder

A usual dosage of Shatavari is around 500mg. You can take 250mg also or take two 250mg capsules. If you are using powder then you have to judge the quantity by yourself. Since the dosages are not regulated by any governing body so you may be better with small dosages.

You can use Shatavari as tablets, powder or also can use the powder as a tea.

Both of these can help a woman with weight gain.

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Available forms of Shatavari

Tablets: My favorite form for taking ayurvedic supplements since this allows me to take them quickly without the need of preparing a paste or liquid. But tablets are more processed than powder or the actual herb. Taking 1 or 2 twice daily is just fine.

Tablets have a much higher shelf life, like 1-3 years. Where powders have a low shelf life of 30 days max. This due to the preservatives in the tablets and NIL preservatives in the shatavari powder.

Syrup: A Syrup is another convenient way of taking Shatavari. A syrup might also have some other herb mixed in it also. Take 1-2 teaspoon per day.

Powder or Churna: Powder or Churna are the other popular forms of shatavari, since many believe that this would be a more pure version than tablet or syrups. And you can use the powder to create a paste or tea as you wish. Also you can mix the powder with milk or honey to eat the shatavari powder. ½ spoon of the powder with milk or honey would be good for a day.

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Shatavari powder benefits

Nutrients: Shatavari has many minerals in its roots like zinc, copper etc. Also there are traces of calcium, magnesium, selenium. Apart from minerals there are some amounts of Vitamin A. These all nutrients are capable of supporting health benefits like relief from heart disease, depression, cholesterol etc.

AntiOxidant: Shatavari roots are full of antioxidants, these may help with cell damage and help with stress relief.And these can also be used as anti ageing medicine.

Fertility issues and Reproductive health of Female: Shatavari may help as a Estrogen regulator this may help with PMS, control blood loss etc. Sharavari also enhances the chances of conception. Also some studies suggest that Shatavari may help with boosting milk generation.

May Reduce Mood Swings: Shatavari helps with Estrogen regulation in the body and this may help with Mood swings also.

May boost immunity: Since Shatavari has many nutrients and anti oxidants, taking this herb may also improve immunity.

Anti-Inflammatory: without side effects Shatavari have been known to reduce inflammation within the body.

May Relieve Anxiety: Some research has suggested the Shatavari may help with anxiety relief and depression.

May Relief from Cough: Shatavri roots juice may help with cough but it is not a popular thing to do.

May lower blood sugar: Many believe the Shatavari herb may benefit the type 2 diabetes patients.

May increase body weight: Shatavari may increase hunger thus may help you with weight gain. But for healthy weight gain you should do heavy compound workouts as well.

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Side effects of Shatavari

Shatavari may lower your blood sugar thus if you are already on diabetic medicine or have lower levels of blood sugar then you should use this herb with caution.

Shatavari may make you urinate at a faster rate. If you already have some issues like this or on other diuretic medicines then you should avoid this herb.

And some of use may get some allergic reaction to the chemicals in the Shatavari, thus if you develop rash, itching, red eyes then avoid consuming Shatavari.

ref: Scholar article

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Which shatavari powder Best?

If you find any local vendor selling fresh shatavari roots then know that those are the best shatavari you can get. All you need to do is grind them into dust. And your shatavari powder is ready.

What is shatavari powder good for?

Shatavari powder is good for managing stress and improve vitality. And in India shatavari is mostly used by women.

How much shatavari powder should I take?

A spoonful of shatavari powder is enough for a day. Unless your doctor prescribed something else.

Is shatavari good for females?

Shatavari is known to help women with stress, aid the reproductive system and increase breast milk production capability. But if you have severe systems it is always best to consult a doctor first.

Who should not take shatavari?

People with heart disease and issues with urine should consult their doctor before taking shatavari or other ayurvedic products.

Can shatavari cause weight gain?

With a healthy diet shatavari might help with weight gain but unlikely it will. To gain weight you need to eat in calorie surplus and workout.

Is shatavari good for hair?

Shatavari might help with hair growth by help you manage your daily stress. It is very unlikely that sharavari will cure some issues like dandruff.

Is shatavari good for males?

In all herbal mass gainers you will shatavari and ashwagandha. These two will help a male with anxiety and mass building.

Can shatavari help you lose weight?

Shatavari might help satiate the hunger but to lose weight you definitely need to diet and workout.

Does shatavari increase estrogen?

Shatavari contains phytoestrogens which have similar effect like estrogen.

Is shatavari good for PCOS?

Many recommend Shatavari to reduce PCOS but when it doubt always consult a doctor.

Is shatavari good for menopause?

Yes, while shatavari is good for menopause it is not a cure.

Does shatavari increase height?

There is nothing that can help you increase your height. But consuming shatavari will help you feel more energetic and less stressful.

Can shatavari help you get pregnant?

Shatavari can help regulate menstrual cycles but can not directly help you get pregnant. You should consider a specialist to find out what is happening.

Is shatavari a cooling?

Shatavari does help in managing stress and will help you stay calm.

How can I balance my hormones naturally?

Shatavari can help you manage hormones naturally but this is not a cure and you should seek professional help if you need it.

Can I take shatavari daily?

Check the recommended dosages on the pack of shatavari powder you bought. If you stay under recommended dosages then no problem.

Is there any side effect of shatavari?

There are no known side effect of shatavari. Keep dosages under the recommended limit and you will be okay.

How can I increase my estrogen naturally?

Tofu, soybeans and soy protein powders are good to boost your estrogen levels. And shatavari powder is also known to improve women’s health.

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