Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price

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Best Vibration Machine for Weight Loss in India (For Lazy People)

Body vibration machine price in India varies from somewhere between – 6000 INR to almost 20,000 INR. May be a little costly for the high end vibration machine for weight loss but a sure way to lose weight lazily. Great for people who do not want to give too much time or physical effort of workout to lose weight. Also you do not lose any comfort of home either.

Now if you are looking for best vibration machine for weight loss, then we have lined up a complete list of the best whole body vibration machine 2020.

Best body vibration machine for weight loss in India

Does the gym vibration machine or body vibration machine for weight loss works?

Some research says that whole body vibration or gym vibration machines can provide similar health benefits to walking or swimming. The weight loss may happen as your muscles get stronger but some aerobic exercise will help you lose more weight on vibration machines.

With the vibration stimuli your muscles contract over 1000 times a second and your burn a ton of calories

Best Vibration Machine for Weight Loss in India

Benefits of body vibration machine for weight loss

  • Assist in weight loss
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Tone and Firm muscles
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve metabolism
  • Decrease cellulite visibility
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve coordination
  • Massage Muscles
  • Low impact for better joints

Elderly people can also use it but focus should be on moderate vibration levels. These vibration machines for weight loss not only help reduce fat but are a great whole body massage. Some have magnetic massage beads which helps in better blood circulation.

I believe the blood circulation is key here and the shaker machine helps in that perfectly.

6 best body vibration machine price in India for weight loss Review

JSB HF57 3D Vibration Machine for weight loss in India

They call it 3D vibration machine because it has some oscillation and swing massage system. For a vibration machine for weight loss in India that is a good news. You may be able to shake off some extra fat with this.

Max user weight 120kg, Frequency is 50 hz.

It can give you a full body workout in 15 minutes while the KOBO full body vibration machine claims in 10 minutes. Do not go by these numbers but at least use 15 minutes daily to see results.

Some vibration plate exercises for weight loss that you can do are –

Lunges, Full body shaking (may improve balance), Planks, Dips, push ups, use those bands and can sit in a Yoga position on the vibrating plate.

The full body vibration machine top is covered with an anti-skid rubber top. The top is not flat it is ergonomically designed, you can feel it better when you will sit on it. This Crazy fit massager also has some wheels for easy transformation. And this is made of durable ABS plastic and has a steel frame around it so that it can support maximum weight.

For lazy people and for the elderly this is a great option to lose weight/fat without any fear of impact injury. 

Pros: 3d vibration where this vibration machine power plate combines 2D vertical and 2D horizontal modes. You can use those separately also.

Cons: Not preset programs if you are looking for one.

Robotouch Vibraslim Body Shaper Fitness Equipment

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 3Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 4

This is one of the best vibration machines for weight loss in India. This gym vibration machine has an unique arch shape. They claim that their 5 minute exercise on this vibration plate is equivalent of 1 km run.

Does not comes with an remote, but comes with a wireless watch from there you can control the modes.

There are three automatic mode (Running, Jogging, Walking) and 8 speed manual modes. Default workout time is 15 minutes, this is almost same for all other vibration machine in this list.

Comes with an elastic rope and 1 year warranty.

Max weight capacity 120 kg. 

This gym vibration machine is little costly but quality is also good.

Pros: Unique arch shape top and wireless watch remote.

Cons: Nothing

ARG HEALTH CARE Power Vibration Plate machine for Weight Loss

Amazing 120 levels of vibrations, you can choose the right amount of vibration as you please for your workouts.

It comes with 5 built in programs for bone density, weight loss, strength building, blood circulation, massage. Each program is 10 minutes. Just select the mode and you are good for a home workout.

ARG Health care power vibration plate can be used to mimic the effects of Running, jogging, walking. It is a whole body vibration machine for weight loss.

Dimensions: 72.5cm x 40cm x 14cm so it can fit under your bed or sofa when not in use.

Operating voltages are like normal Indian households so no issues with that. Power intake is 200watts, not sure about that, could be more.

There are attachments like resistance bands, using which you can do exercises like- 

Lunges with Bands, Curls etc. And use your imagination to do more whole body vibration exercises.

Other than this you can use this vibration power plate to do push up, squats, sit-ups, one legged bridges.

The rubber has a good grip, anti slip.

The LCD screen is surrounded by program button, timer set up, speed increase and decrease button. And those buttons are LCD touch screen.

The plastic ABS so it is a very hard plastic.

Apart USB display there are features like USB speaker so that you can listen to music while you do your weight loss workout.

Pros: Much cheaper than other weight loss vibration machines and provides reasonable quality.

Cons: Poor set of resistance band, slipping rubber top cover, sometimes faulty remote.

Lifelong LLM234 Vibration Massage and Exercise Plate

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 7Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 8

Magnetic massage and Shiatsu massage if both are your thing then you can take a look into this Lifelong gym vibration machine for weight loss. Magnetic massage beads are supposed to help you with joint pain and muscle pain post workout.

Although I am sure you are not getting any muscle or joint pain from any gym vibration machine for weight loss.

Max weight supports 150 kgs. Motor is silent and like all others it also got a anti skid top and anti skid suction cup at the bottom. Completely made with ABS plastic. The whole body vibration machine itself weighs around 8kg and is easy to store.

It has 5 auto programs and 99 levels of speed. Also have a timer and also they provide workout bands with handles.

Pros: One of the cheapest gym vibration machine for weight loss. Color is different than other models in the market.

Cons: Good vibrating plate for weight loss, no extra ordinary cons found.

Kobo 200W Vibration Plate Crazy Fit Massage Exercise Machine

KOBO is a known fitness brand and their whole body vibration machine has a mixed response. This whole body vibration machine has 10 auto programs with 120 vibration running programs and 60 speed levels. KOBO body vibration machine price in India is around 8k INR.

This gym vibration machine is also comes with a remote and resistance bands to match. The anchor of the resistance band gets attached at the bottom of the vibration machine.

The fat burning shaker machine has a non slip rubberised top but not very much rigged.

Max user weight is 150kg. Dimension is 67 cm * 39cm * 14 cm. Pretty small to fit in an apartment. The weight of this gym vibration machine is around 15 kg.

Some silent technical features of this Crazy fit massager include overheat protection, Power outage protection and Voltage regulation protection. 

KOBO also claims that their whole body vibration machine can help you spend 4000 calories in 10 minutes!

Apart from this like all other crazy fit massager weight loss is its forte. Like other it is also multi purpose. You can do yoga and turn the machine to vibrate for some additional weight loss effects. There also a lot more whole body vibration exercises you can do and can also use the bands provided.

This gym vibration machine can help you mostly with balance, blood circulation, back pain relief and improve muscle tone.

But you may also keep a watch on diet and other workouts.

Pros: Known brand. 10 auto programs. Noiseless.

Cons: Some people wanted more vibration levels. Bad Remote quality.

SPINECARE Crazy Fit Massager for Weight Loss

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 11Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 12

First thing off the bat that this vibration machine for weight loss is not storage friendly as it has handlebars. And this gym vibration machine is also costlier than some other variants.

Silent motor, operates under 55 db only. Have built in speakers. Overall body construction feels sturdy.

Pros: Have handles so you can stand comfortably and run the gym vibration machine at full power without any fear of falling.

Cons: The handles make it tough to store away.

Iris Fitness Gym Vibration Machine

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 11Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 12

IRIS is a popular sports equipment manufacturing brand in India and their offering in the segment of vibration machine for weight loss is pretty good.

It Is fairly priced, not too high or too low. Does not compromise in quality as per cost. The motor is silent and you do get exercise ropes, wheels to move it around and sticky discs at the bottom.

It provides Excellent toning for Abs, thighs & buttocks and can improve metabolic rates. Perfect help for weight loss and burning fat. Like the JSB version it also go next generation 3D oscillating motion technology.

Max weight support: 120 kgs.

Pros: 3D vibration.

Cons: No magnetic beads. Super grooved top.

JSB HF14 Crazy Fit Massager India

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 15Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 16

JSB HF14 crazy fit massager India is a good home fitness product for elders and people who want a no impact workout. With this vibration machine for weight loss you can tone your calves, thighs, inner legs, abdominal etc.

It has a handle for support which is sturdy and you get the control panel there. This control panel has speed, program, timer etc.

Note that there is no acupressure or magnetic parts on this vibration machine. In my opinion those do not work well either.

The max user weight is 100 kg.


Good for those who want to vibrate all the work. And sometimes it works to get the fat loose


Not much modern features.

Final Verdict: If you like the brand and believe that this will be a superior product to others then get this one. Note that the max user weight is around 100kgs and it does not have features like USB, magnetic massage etc.

Sterling Power Vibration Exercise Machine

Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 17Best vibration machine for weight loss in India with Price 18

This Sterling vibration machine for weight loss can handle max user weight of 180 kg and that is what attracted me to it first.

Basically if you want to use a vibration machine then you want to lose weight and that means you could be well over 100kgs. Thus you will need a sturdy machine to do your workout with.

Top Features:

  1. Walking mode, Jogging Mode, Running Mode
  2. Magnet therapy
  3. Acupressure therapy
  4. 0-180 speed dial
  5. LCD display
  6. USB port
  7. speakers


  • Walking, jogging, running mode with 180 kg max weight is great for weight loss purposes.
  • Good speed level adjustment which is helpful to those with joint issues.
  • Magnetic massage is good to have too.


Speakers are not usable like all other models.

Final Verdict: Does not produce much noise and price is lower if compared to JSB models. Overall a value for money product.

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