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If you are looking for the best treadmill under 15000 INR in India then you must know that you will never get a motorized treadmill in this price range. Also these will not be suitable for 150kg plus user weight.

You will get –

  • Manual treadmills.
  • No speaker, Heart rate sensor
  • No Preset Workout Programs
  • Good for walking since there is no motor and no motor warranty.
  • Treadmill can be foldable so you can save space.
  • Can have 4 in 1 feature (treadmill twister, push up bar,stepper)
  • May be able to burn more calories at low cost.
  • Low maintenance. 

Best Treadmill under 15000 INR in India

  1. Kobo Fitness 1 H.P (TM-111) (Our best Choice under 15k)
  2. LEEWAY National Bodyline Manual Treadmill
  3. Sparnod Fitness STH-600 Manual Treadmill
  4. Fitkit FK95 Manual Treadmill 
  5. Kamachi Manual Treadmill-101
  6. Powermax MFT-410® 4 In 1 treadmill (Most Options)

[Reviews] Best Treadmill Under 15000 INR In India

Kobo Fitness 1 H.P (TM-111)

Kobo fitness 1hp treadmill is a portable plug & play treadmill which does not need any assembly and can be used immediately. It has 1.0 hp DC motor which provides enough power for users with average physical condition.

This treadmill comes with a 4 LED display which shows time, speed, distance, calories and a built in heart rate monitor.

You can use it for running, walking, jogging, stair climbing, elliptical training, cardio kickboxing, HIIT workouts and more.

Top Features:

  • No Assembly Required
  • Max User Weight: 80 KG.
  • 1000 x 380 mm Running space
  • All Functions Of Speed, Distance, Time And Calories Are Controlled By Remote Control.
  • Running Belt Made Of 2 Ply Urethane And 1.4mm Thick
  • 1 HP Hi-Torque DC Motor With Soft Start And Stop Function
  • 1 year motor warranty.
  • Anti-skid running belt with 1000 x 380 mm running surface is decent sized and good for walking.
  • Speed range goes to 8km per hour highest which is good for walking.
  • The whole running machine is very easy to use. No assembly required!
  • The running belt is made of two layers of urethane which is a material used in making tires. This makes the treadmill more durable and comfortable to run on.
  • The motor has a soft start and stop function, thus it will not overheat and burn you up.
  • The hi-torque DC motor with this model ensures that the treadmill will never give up on you. Even if you try to go beyond your limits, the motor will ensure you get the desired speed with ease.
  • Max weight supported is low.
  • No preset workout programs.
  • A speaker may be? Since it has a motor at this range!

LEEWAY National Bodyline Manual Treadmill Running Machine for Home Gym

Why Should You Buy this?

This is an ideal workout machine for both home and office use. It is very easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions.

This is a top-quality product made by a reputable brand and it will serve you for a long time.

They could have given a lifetime frame warranty too.

It is a solid choice for someone who is looking for a quality treadmill at a great price.

The LEEWAY National Bodyline Manual Treadmill is a low-cost alternative to expensive gym memberships.

It features a compact design, so you can use it in your home, office or even a small space like a storage room.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Low profile design;
  • Easy to fold and transport;
  • Ideal for home use;
  • Maximum User Weight – 160kg;
  • Running Surface: 48″ x 16″;
  • Smooth Running Belt With Inbuilt Safety Features;
  • Low Maintenance;
  • Fully Assembled And Tested
  • Heavy-duty steel frame which can take upto 160kgs of weight.
  • It can be easily foldable so you can save space when not using it.
  • It has transportation wheels that can be used to move the treadmill around.
  • Decent walking area, I would not run on a manual treadmill.
  • A pulse rate tracker would be good, otherwise nothing at this price range.

Sparnod Fitness STH-600 Manual Treadmill Running Machine for Home Gym

Why Should You Buy this?

Although there is no clear indication on the warranty on the frame, but this is an affordable treadmill and comes from one of the best treadmill brands.

Buy this for the 4 in 1 feature and durability that it has.

There are no advanced features, but the weight capacity is great and this should work for a long time.

The STH-600 treadmill from Sparnod Fitness is an all-round, multifunctional home gym that comes with a sturdy non-slip running surface and a lcd monitor. This treadmill is perfect for power-saving workouts without sacrificing performance. The non-electric function makes it suitable for flexible placement in any part of your living space.

This treadmill also comes with a sturdy non-slip running surface and a lcd monitor.

It has a maximum user weight of 120 kgs. Stepping up the workout intensity, you can use the 3-level manual incline to simulate walking or running uphill to burn more calories.

The multifunctional features include stepper, push-up bar and twister.

This helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle and increases your workout intensity.

 Top Features:

  • Manual treadmill with 3 level of inclination.
  • Good frame which can support 120kgs of weight.
  • Top Feature: 4 in 1 multi functional treadmill.
  • Foldable so you can keep it away when not using.
  • 3 levels of manual incline is good for a strenuous workout.
  • The maximum user weight is 120 kgs which is good for tall or obese people.
  • God for walking to improve your health.
  • Great 4 in 1 multifunction treadmill.
  • Multi-layer running belt.
  • Easy access to calories, distance etc with a touch of a button.
  • No preset workout programs.
  • Pulse sensors would be great too.

Fitkit FK95 Manual Treadmill With Free Installation and Easy Foldable

Fitkit Fk95

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Final Verdict: It is a great budget treadmill that is good for minimal usages. Special features like diet plans etc does make this treadmill a good value for money option.

Fitkit 95 is our first treadmill under 15000 in India, they provide free installation and also this is foldable. This Fitkit 95 does not have 4 in 1 features but has a good build that will last for a long time. 

Some other unique features –

  • Fitplus App
  • Free 3 months diet plan
  • Free training sessions
  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • The dietitian does actually calls you up

There is also a display where you can track speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate. There are heart rate sensors on the handrail. The display is small but works.

The foldable treadmill has a manual lock while you are folding it, this model does not have a HSS system like high end models.

The walking area is wide enough and enough padding so that your knees will not hurt. Do not try to run though as you might injure yourself. And also hold on to the handles to push through the manual treadmill rollers, you are the engine here.

There is even manual 3 level inclination so that you can make your walking sessions more intense. 

The treadmill itself weighs around 38 kg and can hold upto 90 kg max user weight.

The warranty is on the lower side – it is for 6 months only. Although it is rare that your manual treadmill will face any issues.

Kamachi Manual Treadmill-101

Kamachi Manual Treadmill-101

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Final Verdict: This budget treadmill is small, easily foldable and durable body. The display to track progress is quite small if you have a fitness band then you better use it.

Kamachi is a well known treadmill maker who has been providing great treadmills for a long time. This is a manual treadmill with very clean minimal design. The running area is 14 inc wide and 41 inch long so it has quite a long stride length.

There is a small LCD display at the front where you can track calories, distance, speed and time. This Kamachi treadmill is also foldable so you can easily store it. The max user weight is 100 kg and at this great price point it is a really value for money product.

The small LCD can show you speed, distance and time.

It is great for those who would want to walk at their home at their own pace and at low price.

This Kamachi motorized treadmill has handlebars for support and overall the frame is sturdy.

Powermax MFT-410® 4 in 1 Multi-function Manual Treadmill

Best treadmill under 15000 4

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Final Verdict: This is a good feature rich treadmill under just 15k in India.

The push up bar placement in this Powermax Fitness treadmill is good as per my opinion.

I never liked twisters but you get a lot of features for this treadmill that you can use at home.

MFT-410 is a budget manual treadmill by Powermax that have 4 in 1 features. Treadmill, stepper, push up bar, twister.

It has multiple handle bar options that can be used while walking or using the steppers. The LCD display can show you information about distance, pulse, speed, time, calories. One thing that you will notice that the push up bar handles are located at the long end of the treadmill.

On many models that are being placed on the opposite site, meaning you will need more space at that end to do push ups. Could be a good design option for some of us.

More over this has manual incline so your walking sessions you can mimic uphill walking. Also note during incline the push up bars also go into incline mode. Maybe you can use them at that time also.

There is no motor so you power the treadmill, if you push hard then your knee might receive some pain but for small sessions all these treadmills are okay.

The surface is 1160mm long and 335 mm wide. It also has a 4 target based programs. And the treadmill is belt is good one.

This treadmill has a good frame and is great for home based weight loss programs.


Best treadmill under 15000 5

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: Good small sized treadmill with good console and max user weight limit.

KOBO MT-103 is a very minimal designed treadmill with a phone and bottle holder. Also it has a 5 functions LCD meter. This LCD can show you time, speed, distance, calorie. They say that this treadmill is imported, not sure but this has some good designs and quality material.

KOBO treadmill also features 2 levels of manual incline and also the running area of 1000mm length and 340mm width is also good. Max user weight is more than any other treadmills under 15000 INR in India. The max user weight here is 120 kg.

KOBO does not provide any installation services but it’s really easy to do the install yourself.

Why opt for treadmills under 15000 INR in India

  1. You do not have a higher budget. Note at this budget you will only get manual treadmills, so you might want to look into the treadmills under 10000 also.
  2. You do not want to run. If you plan on running on this budget manual treadmills (Wiki) then you will surely have knee pain. If you only want to walk then go for these.
  3. Check the max user weight, on this list we have a couple of treadmills only that can handle more than 100 kgs of weight. Since these are all budget treadmills they do not have the capacity. Check treadmills for more than 150 kg user weight.

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Buy guide for treadmills under 15000

Built Quality: When you are going for these treadmills under 15k then where the manufacturers would save money to increase profit? Yes they will reduce the build quality. Always check the steel used in the treadmill, along with the rubber and motor use.

Motor Quality: It is very unlikely that a treadmill sold under 15k would have any motor. But if it has then you are getting a good deal. This also means that you have to check the motor quality once the treadmill is delivered. It is given that the motor at this range will not be powerful. the motor will not be power efficient either but still you can do speed walks safely if the treadmill has a motor.

Warranty: Warranty matters, so does the location of service centers. Most of the time the treadmill makers provide 1 year of warranty or sometimes 1 year warranty on the motor and 3 year on body. Be sure to check what is eligible for warranty.

Belt Thickness: The belt thickness matters the most since if there is no cushion the impact will straight go to your knees. And in the long haul it will damage your knees.

Purpose: Be sure what you are getting into. A treadmill under 15k INR will be good for walking slowly. It is not meant for fast walking, running or getting ready for marathons. These budget treadmills are good for walking and rehab procedure.

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