9 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

To find the best home exercise equipment for weight loss, you’ll want to explore options like Power Racks, Treadmills, StepMills, Exercise Bikes, Elliptical trainers, Deadballs, Battle Ropes, and vibrating machines. In this quest for a healthier you, we’ll explore these fitness tools and more, focusing on the equipment that aligns with your goals, budget, and space. Remember, success hinges on both the mind and muscles, with a watchful eye on progress to reach your fitness aspirations. So, let’s embark on this journey together, shaping a healthier you.

  • A power rack
  • Treadmill
  • StepMill/Stair Climber
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Elliptical trainer
  • DeadBall/Slam Ball
  • BattleRope
  • Morning walker machine
  • Fancy weight loss vibrating machine?

When it comes to shedding those extra pounds, there’s no magic bullet – it all starts with you. Weight loss is a journey that relies on your commitment, combining compound exercises, strength training, and a well-balanced diet. While cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers can be effective, they’re only part of the equation.

But is cardio is the best way to lose weight at home?

Best home gym exercise equipment for weight loss

Or should you look into something else?

As per my experience just going to the gym will not help you lose weight and we are busy people who are looking to know more on weight loss machines for home use in india.

Best ways to lose weight at home as per Me

  1. Compound exercises 
  2. Strength Training
  3. Diet

Yes, not long hours of cardio. Some studies show that compound exercises uses more energy and more muscle, thus more beneficial for weight loss as well as muscle gain.

And as popular beliefs go, diet is at least 70% of your total home workout effort. So mind what you are eating, you are what you eat.

Check the list of best gym equipments here

Key Takeaways

  • Cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers are effective but require the right mindset and dietary choices for success.
  • Top home exercise equipment for weight loss includes Power Racks, Treadmills, StepMills, Exercise Bikes, Elliptical trainers, Deadballs, Battle Ropes, and vibrating machines.
  • Power Racks, despite being unconventional, play a crucial role in fat loss by facilitating strength training and compound exercises.
  • Treadmills are most effective when combined with outdoor running and variations in intensity.
Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

What equipment do I need to lose weight?

You will definitely need some weights, smith machine, power rack and a place to do some cardio.

I have seen many friends of mine go to the local gym and ask “what to do in the gym to lose weight fast” or “best equipment for weight loss at gym”.

9 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss 1Now there could be some answers to the first question but mostly no answer for what could be the best fat burning gym machines.

And also note you can not get slim for a particular body part.

Meaning, you can not just lose fat from belly and keep your arm full.

And by weight I also think that you mean the additional fat you carry.

-> Sample Workout with Rowing Machine

Does going to the gym help you lose weight?

By just mere going to the gym? Nope. You have to put in the effort in it either you go the gym or workout at home like me. You have to create your mind muscle  connection, be able to give your all efforts. You can not get desired results just by lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Physical change starts from your mind. 

And always think that you do no need to lose weight rather think that you need to gain a healthy weight in which weight category you are strongest and beautiful.

I feel whenever we think of workout to lose weight it puts us in a negative mindset so think of gaining strength and mobility not lose weight.

It will not matter at all if you have the best equipment for weight loss – it all begins within, begins from your mind.

Freehand workout at homeAs I am a fan of working out at home with no crowd, chatter or other disturbance, I will now tell you what I think are the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

I will also put weight loss machine prices with my suggestions so that you can pick up as per your budget.

Also apart from price when choosing the weight loss machines for home use in india and the space it requires.

My list of best equipment for weight loss

What is the best home gym equipment for weight loss?

  1. Power Rack
  2. Treadmill
  3. Stepmill
  4. Exercise Bikes
  5. Elliptical trainer
  6. Deadball
  7. BattleRope
  8. Morning walker machine? :p
  9. Fancy weight loss vibrating machine?

No one puts a power rack when it comes to losing weight. They all start with a treadmill but a power rack is my no-one choice.

A power rack

I know, you were not expecting it but I can’t help it, placing a power rack in the top position when it comes to the best equipment for weight loss at gym or at home.

[Top barbell squat alternatives]

Powertec Workbench Power Rack

You lose weight or fat when you do some heavy lifting and your body requires the energy to repair it.

And this can be done effectively by doing strength training and compound exercises. Thus, the power rack.

Also, a power rack can be counted among the best fat burning gym machines—but Indian gyms in suburban areas do not have them despite their versatility. 

Price: 10,000 INR – 50,000+ INR

Space Requirement—Huge

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Treadmill! Ah hah! The no 1 weight loss equipment that comes to your mind when you think of losing fat by doing exercises. Yes running is a great exercise if done moderately and if you have the chance then always ditch the treadmill.

Running is always better when outside. Mix it up with short bursts and 1-2 km runs.

Now treadmills are of 2 types – motorised and manual.

And in some high end treadmill you can do some fancy stuff too.

But if you are on a budget go for a manual one. But never ever depend on just a treadmill to lose weight.

Price: 8000 INR to 50,000 INR+

Space Requirement – Medium

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Treadmill vs Cross Trainer

StepMill/Stair Climber

Now, this is one costly equipment to have in a home gym where you can get a lot more out of the money spent.

I will not recommend it if you are on a budget – it is only for the brave heart who wants to spend some money.

Now climbing stairs is multi joint exercise and does use a lot of energy so climbing a stair. But not probably using a machine.

Price: 25,000 INR+

Suggested Model links – 

Treadmill vs Elliptical vs Bike vs Stairmaster

Space Requirement – Medium

Reach B-400 Magnetic Exercise Fitness Cycle

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are not as costly as Stair climbers, but I would say more effective in terms of cost and value for your home gym.

A good exercise bike would cost you around 6,500 and goes all the way upto 25,000 INR online.

Like climbing stairs cycling is also good for losing weight and cardio.

With Air bikes you can monitor your cycling speed, distance covered and increase or decrease resistance. 

And some Exercise bikes for cardio workouts comes with movable handles to sqeze out some extra fat out of your body.

Price: 8000 INR to 50,000 INR+

Suggested Model links 

Space Requirement – Small

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Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer is used for climbing, walking, running but using one machine only. These are also known as cross trainers. 

As per Healthline, you can burn almost 270 calories per half hour.

Fitkit FK300 Exercise Cycle and Cross Trainer

But again actual running, climbing stairs are better.

But if you have joint issues, do not want to leave your home/apartment then this is one of the best equipment for weight loss.

Price: 8000 INR – 50,000 INR

Space Requirement – Small

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DeadBall/Slam Ball

A Deadball is heavy ball between 6-20kg which doesn not bounce back when you slam it on the ground or throw around. As this doesn’t bounce this is called a Deadball. Also this is known as Slamball.

Now this is not exactly a machine but a Deadball can be used for various exercises which requires whole body thus resulting in more calories burn and muscle gain and fat loss.

I personally use USI 12kg deadball. Buy as per your weight handling ability. Look in youtube for exercise ideas.

Price: 2000 INR

Suggested Model links –

USi Rubber Slam Ball Unisex Dead Bounce Ball

Space Requirement – Small

Practical for weight loss machines for home use in india – A


Not exactly a machine but like the slamball, it is avery capable home gym weight loss equipment. A round of battle rope workout can workout your whole body. Cardio and strength training like the slamball.

Battle Ropes are heavy, thick ropes readily available on Flipkart and Amazon. 

Although storing the battlerop is easy but to workout with it you will need a long space. And a place to tie up the rope.

Price: 2000 INR+

Suggested Model links 

Space Requirement – Medium

Practical for weight loss machines for home use in india – A

Morning walker machine

Hmm, we have become soo lazy that we have invented a morning walker machine. I had first seen this on TV and was thinking can it really mimic walking by vibrating?

Umm, i do not know if they help you lose weight buy many seem to use it for 15 min daily.

But can this actually match walking outside or exercise bikes, treadmills? Tell me in the comments.

Fancy weight loss vibrating machine?

Best vibration machine IndiaThis type of machines are supposed to give oscillation massage to aid weight loss. These are not cheap, takes some space.

Better go with them after doing a lot of reviews.

Many seem to like it, but I believe many people are actually lazy. And these vibrating machines gives them a way to not to sweat, pant for air but loose weight.

So better research more before you buy one.

Here are some popular weight loss vibrating machines  – 

Best 4 fat burning gym machines

  • StairMaster/Stair climber
  • Battle Rope
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Fan Bike

These four are probably the best fat burning machines you would find in a gym. These are also easy on joints so less impact injuries.

Most of them in this list are above 10,00 INR so not really for a budget weight loss machines for home use in india.

Now can you lose weight faster on treadmill or elliptical?

A treadmill mostly works on your legs, mean it definitely works on your whole body but legs are mainly used, where as if you use the arm handles on your elliptical machine, then you are actively using your hands too!

Thus meaning more involvement than the treadmill thus you will burn more calories on the elliptical trainer.

This research also deducted that treadmill or running is the most efficient way of burning fat than using any other workout.

Are running shoes supposed to be tight

Best exercise equipment for obese

Best exercise equipment for obese or overweight people in India would be the treadmill or Elliptical trainer. As you are overweight you have to keep your knee joint healthy. Knee joint can keep up with a lot of pressure but high impact exercises with overweight will shorten its lifespan.

A elliptical trainer and treadmill is a great solution to get started at home to lose your obesity.

But on another thought you can start with speed walking in your home, nearby park, footpaths. And you will not need to spend anything.

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4 Ultra compact weight loss machines for home use in india

Best weight loss machines for ladies

Well as men and women both belong to the same species they have the same muscles. 😀

So if you see anything that has a label of specially made for ladies then you know you could use another one just fine.

You can easily sue a Slamball, treadmill, elliptical trainer for weight loss at home.

The One musthave weight loss machine you can get!

If you want to buy only one best cardio machine for weight loss which is also low cost – Then I would say do not buy a machine. 

Get a Slamball – Carry the slamball around, walk with it, throw it around.

You will spend more energy than walking on machine.

More muscle and mind you engage with your workouts, it will be better for weight loss and muscle gain.

Weight checking machine

Why you need a weight checking machine?

You need to measure your weight in the morning after your bathroom time before breakfast. You then need to put that time down in your phone or notebook.

You will then know if you are progressing towards your goal.

You must have weight loss goal (A number), and a way to track your progress.

You can check your weight twice a week or once a week.

I am trying to gain weight, I want to reach 60 kgs and I check my weight every Sunday morning.

Apart from that – check for weight checking machines that can measure BMR.

And for tracking, you can also use calipers to measure how many inches you have lost.

The Last Rep!

The world of home exercise equipment offers a plethora of positive options for effective weight loss and muscle gain. Strength training and compound exercises stand out as reliable methods, with a power rack and heavy lifting proving to be immensely effective. These tools, often overlooked, are some of the best fat-burning gym machines available, and their cost-effectiveness is an added advantage. Cardio workouts on machines with movable handles provide an ideal blend of cardio and strength training, making them a valuable asset. Furthermore, the availability of low-impact options ensures that these workouts remain joint-friendly and highly effective for weight loss.

On the flip side, it’s essential to debunk some misconceptions. Simply going to the gym, without a well-rounded approach involving diet and effective workouts, won’t guarantee weight loss. Notably, there is no single equipment or machine that can exclusively target fat loss from specific areas. Some options, like expensive vibrating machines, may not live up to the hype and require thorough research. Additionally, the assumption that all effective machines come at a low cost should be dispelled, as high-quality, impactful equipment may necessitate a more substantial investment. It’s crucial to remember that lasting change begins with a proactive mindset and a well-defined weight loss goal.

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