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A kinsesilogy tape is made of cotton and nylon, it is made such a way that it can mimic the elasticity of the skin. You put on the skin where you feel the pain and it is believed that it helps uplifting the skin a bit. And when this happens our brain receives a different signal than pain and our pain starts to go down. This is same for all the best kinesiology tape India.

So it is believe that these kinesiology tapes can relive pain by creating that microscopic gap between skin and muscle. It makes a decompressing effect using the skin so our brain feels pain going down.

We have some muscle knots, I have one near IT band. One study found that putting these kinesiology bands on top of those knots may help relieving the pain.

best kinesiology tape India

Best Kinesiology Tape India

Kinesiology tape price

Kt tape price in India ranges from 300 to 1000 INR or more. USA made or imported kinesiology tapes are around 1000 INR or more. There are many budget options and Indian made options in kinesiology tapes that you can pick easily.

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Theraband Kinesiology Tape (Best Over All)

best kinesiology tape India 1best kinesiology tape India 2

Final Verdict: A very well known brand when it comes to KT tapes, even many physiotherapists prefer this brand. If it is not over your budget then use this.

16.4 foot roll of this theraband kinesiology tape will last a long time. It has the usual 2 inch width and you can cut to use as you need it.

It has no latex no less chance of allergies.

It is available in colors like black, pinkred, green and colors do not matter. Pick what you like. It is also hypoallergenic.

Theraband Kinesiology tape will help you relieving pain and soreness. Also will help you with joint and muscle support. Your performance in gym or in the field can be improved.

Also these are all waterproof so it is one of the best kinesiology tape for swimming and look good while doing it. And the tape once applied it can stay for 5 days.

If you wish you can surely buy kinesiology tape made by theraband.

They have some proprioptory terms like XACTstretch system which says that their tapes will help you get the exact stretch every time.

Here are the ways a Theraband Kinesiology tape can help you – 

  • Pain reduction – 50%
  • Joint support with – Range of Motion, Mobility and Joint position – 50%
  • Muscle support (Muscle strength, endurance, power, flexibility, activation, trigger point) – 25%
  • Neurologic Effect (Posture, balance, reflexes, muscle tone, motor function, muscle on set) – 25%
  • Circulatory Effect (Edema, swelling, blood flow) –  25%

From their how to apply kinesiology tape instruction:

You should apply without stretching the tape too much, when you will move the tape should have enough room to stretch then.

Rub the tape to the end of it to apply the adhesive correctly.

FX TAPE Pro Elastic Kinesiology (For Budget Sports)

best kinesiology tape India 3best kinesiology tape India 4

Final Verdict:

A budget kinesiology tape in India that can be used for athletes and for general health.

FX tape pro kinesiology tape is one of the sports specific tape which is used for quick pain relief and support. It has some precut in 10 inch length stripes so you can use them at 10 inch length ready to go.

It also comes in easy to use packaging.

It is made of nylon and cotton and has no allergic element, so anyone can use.

It will help you with instant pain relief and support and this is geared towards athletes so the material and quality is good too. Also the cost is not too high for everyone.

A-Tape Kinesiology Tape

kinesiology tape India

Final Verdict:

Adhesive might not be good like the premium brands on this list but for most usages and not so serious ones you get 2 packs in 1.

It is a great deal in kinesiology tape in India as it is a pack 2 at really good cost. It comes in pink and black color so if you want you can use both to a spot, would look nice. 

It is waterproof and made of with waterproof spandex cotton with 5 meter * 5 cm size. It is really god for calf, thigh and knee support. It is one of the best kinesiology tape for achilles tendonitis since they have all lower body parts covered.

Even if you are at pro level or just casually run in the morning you can use it at ease.

This kinesiology tape India is most useful for –

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle spasm
  • Muscle strength
  • Posture training

Rocktape Black Logo H2O Kinesiology Tape for Athletes

best kinesiology tape India

Final Verdict:

World renowned product doesn’t come with low cost. If you are a pro athlete or need premium gear then you can consider this tape for yourself.

Rocktape is a pioneer when it comes to kinesiology tapes. Many would also say that this the world’s best kinesiology tape. It is widely used to treat sports injury, support for sports movements etc. Also it can be used for non sports injuries like back pain, runners knee and even more for plantar fasciitis, shin splints etc.

Rock tape microscopically lifts the skin up from the muscle and fascia. This creates a decompressing effect, allows better blood flow and our brain sends a different info rather than pain.

Rocktapes are also widely used for posture correction, joint support, reduce swelling and more.

It has a very strong adhesive and the tape has 180% stretch, higher than any kinesiology tape in India. Strong adhesive means you can wear it upto 5 days once applied. And that 180% stretch will allow you to do a full range of motion after application.

NANO-TAPE Kinesiology Tape-Pre Cut-3 Strips

best kinesiology tape India

Final Verdict:

It may seem costly for only three stripes but it has all things ready just to be applied, maybe you can save more time with this.

Nano-tape are already pre cut so you can quickly use it without the hassle of cutting the pieces. There are 3 pieces, most specifically for knee support but can be used for other parts as well. It has Y and I shape cut.

These are made of 100% cotton fabric with round edges and cuts. Since it is cotton there are no chance of allergies. These straps are 25 cm long. It has strong adhesive and can stay straight for 3-4 days once applied. 

World’s most rated Kinesiology Tapes are

  • Mueller kinesiology tape
  • Rocktape kinesiology tape 
  • KTTape

Kinesiology tape uses

These tapes are designed to stay on your skin for 3-4 days. During this time the pain may get less due to this. The no 1 usages of this is for treating injuries. These tapes can increase the blood flow and may help with releasing pain points.

Top usages of kinesiology tape are –

  • Pain relief
  • Better performance
  • Better posture/usage of muscle
  • Bruise reduction
  • Joint support
  • Muscle support
  • Rotator cuff stabilisation/Pain
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Patella pain

How to apply kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape benefits

  • The key benefit is the kinesiology tape supports the muscle and joint where you want to work on. It can support the weak or injured muscles and joint. Physiotherapists can guide you in a better way on how to apply it. It can help you with any sports injuries.
  • Reduced swelling, in some cases it has shown that kinesiology tapes can reduce swelling along with pain.
  • Kinesiology tape sends a different signal to brain so you may feel that your pain is curing. So it masks your pain signals? 
  • This may improve the blood flow in that affected area. With blood flow more oxygen and food arrives at the area and pain starts to go away.
  • Kinesiology tape can increase your athletic performance. When you are taping a muscle and you are doing a movement then you are actually putting special attention on it. It can correct muscle dis balances and promote better movement.
  • May prevent muscle cramp, since it promotes more blood flow to the taped area.
  • May help recover from a workout faster – kinesiology tape can help remove lactic acid faster and can help those muscles get oxygen and food quicker for fast recovery.
  • These tapes can also help with bruise reduction.

Disadvantages of kinesio tape

The all kinesiology tape benefits are not well researched yet and many do not like it at all. As per many athletes opinion it does not work. And some really love it.

I would suggest that if you have an injury then treat it first do not entirely depend on these tapes.

Kinesio taping side effects

Usually rare but here are the side effects – 

  • Rash
  • Stinging sensation on skin
  • Numbness

You should not use KT tapes if you have

  • Kidney issues
  • Deep vain thrombosis
  • Heart issues
  • Skin problem
  • Cancer

How to buy the best Kinesiology tape in India

  1. If you’re a pro athlete then pick the best one there, be it the Theraband or Rocktape. There is no other way around.
  2. Check if the tapes are waterproof, especially if you are a swimmer. Most KT tapes are waterproof.
  3. Buy 2 in 1 packs, long packs if you want to use kinesiology tapes for a long time.
  4. Buy low cost tapes if you’re not sure if these will be good for you. Or you do not need much taping.


Which brand of kinesiology tape is best?

In India you can try theraband, those tapes are decent.

Does kinesiology tape really work?

Not much research has been done yet but some really vouch for the tapes that they work, others tried and said it did not.

Is RockTape the same as Kinesio tape?

Rocktape is a US company of kinesio tape.

What is the difference between the different colors of Kinesio tape?

It means absolutely nothing, pick the color you like. These are just designs to look good.

How long do I leave physio tape on?

Usually the kinesiology tapes are work\n for 3-4 days and that is the usual time till their adhesive works.

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