CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym

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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

CrossFit Gym Setup: Crossfit Equipment List for a Home Gym

Crossfit gym setup can be extravagant emptying your bank account or you can just start with a pull-up bar. Which one are you?

As someone who works in a home gym for 10000 INR, I can help you cut down the cost.

key takeaways:

CrossFit Gym Setup
  1. Start with buying barbells and weight plates.
  2. Fix your gym flooring – get some heavy rubber mats so that you don’t damage your floors.
  3. A power rack + bench should be the next item to buy.
  4. Add accessories like battle ropes, and kettlebells as you need.
  5. By all means, keep the cost low if you are not a pro athlete or going to be one.

CrossFit Home Gym setup: How to

Getting excited about CrossFit? Want to set up a CrossFit home gym, but don’t know where to start?

Crossfit equipment ain’t cheap that is for sure.

Now here are the top things you should check first before starting to buy crossfit equipment.

  1. Space: Identify that perfect space! Garage, spare room, or bedroom, as long as it has room for Olympic weightlifting, you’re golden. You will need around 7-8 feet in height and at least a room size of 10*12 feet. Now I do not have a dedicated space for the gym so you should figure out the rooms, and areas where you are going to do what.
  2. Measure: Measure the power rack, ceiling height, room size, measure weight plate storage, and everything. Without measurement, you will end up with a messed-up gym layout like mine.
  3. equipment: You will need a lot of basic gym equipment for your crossfit gym. I would put away the idea of buying a CrossFit rig at first. You can simply do away with using a a regular power rack. Considering the small rooms we have, a full rig with a monkey bar..nope.

Essential Gym Equipment For CrossFit Training

CrossFit EquipmentHow You Can Use
Pull-up BarEngage your lats with pull-ups and chin-ups. Do muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, and other bodyweight exercises.
BarbellPerform squats, deadlifts, presses, Olympic lifts like clean and jerk, and curls. Build strength and muscle.
Bumper PlatesUse for Olympic lifts like cleans and snatches. Protect floors during deadlifts and squats.
KettlebellsSwing to work hips and legs. Goblet squat. Do Turkish get-ups for full body.
Gymnastic RingsDo pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, rows. Strengthen upper body and core.
Climbing RopeClimb up the rope to build grip strength and upper body.
Jump RopeGet an intense cardio workout. Improve coordination with double unders.
Squat RackSquat with safety. Do heavy overhead pressing. Use pull-up bar if included.
Weight BenchBench press, incline press, rows. Focus on strength and form.
Air BikeClimb up the rope to build grip strength and upper body. Do leg raises while hanging.
FlooringProtect floors from damage. Absorb shock from weights.
  • Pull-up bar: Train your back and do muscle ups.
  • Barbells: Ideal for Olympic weightlifting and compound exercises.
  • Kettlebells: Your go-to for swings, squats, and presses.
  • Dumbbells: Perfect for sculpting those biceps and triceps.
  • Power Rack: The pinnacle of strength-driven workouts for pull-ups and more.
  • Medicine Balls: Fantastic for toning and strengthening core muscles.
  • Yoga Mats: Enhance your flexibility and provide comfort during ground exercises.

With these killer tools at your disposal, your home CrossFit training becomes a seamless, exciting routine! Remember, invest wisely for a one-time purchase, and skip those pricey gym subscriptions. So let’s get pumping and swinging – your fitness journey awaits!

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Samarjit Sinha

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Pull Up Bar

With a pull-up bar, you open a gateway to a comprehensive CrossFit routine. Engage your lats with classic pull-ups or go for chin-ups for a full upper body burn.

Aspire for a more advanced workout? Master the ever-exciting muscle-ups.

You can even fine-tune your core with some toes-to-bar or hanging knee raises. If you’re fond of mobility exercises, indulge in dead hangs. And it doesn’t stop there! Kipping pull-ups, climbs, and chest-to-bar pull-ups await you. Remember, to do muscle ups in a high-ceiling room so that you do not hit your head.

Kore Pull-up bar revew
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 71

Samarjit Sinha

Pull up Bar Review

Kore Fitness pull-up bar Review for home Use – Wall-mounted

Here is the Kore fitness pull-up bar review discussing features that help you achieve your fitness goals. Check the pros and cons of this wall-mounted pull-up bar to train your upper body.

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Benefits of a Pull-Up Bar

  • Very low cost yet super durable. Note the doorway pull-up bars though.
  • The pull-up bar can transform your doorway into a mini fitness facility. Think about it, how many other pieces of gym gear double as a door frame?
  • Try carving those chiseled abs with its bodyweight exercises. Hang in there, literally, and you can feel your core muscles play tug-of-war, cinching up your midsection.
  • Wondering about variety? This piece of kit offers a smorgasbord of grips and positions. Buy a multi-grip wall-mounted pull-up bar for the best value for money. With hanging knee raises and toes-to-bar moves, it’s like a jack-in-the-box of CrossFit surprises.

The cherry on top? It can support even your mightiest mates without buckling under pressure.

Now, who wouldn’t want this sturdy companion in their home gym?

Go, snap one up today and kickstart your explosive fitness journey! It’s time to show that CrossFit moves who’s boss!


Barbells are the pillars of your power-building, Olympic, or bodybuilding workouts.

If you really want to increase your strength then you should have a barbell.

Also, many CrossFit moves are done using a barbell.

A good barbell will help you train your clean and presses and snatches better.

Here are the most popular exercises to do with barbells –

  1. Squats: Skyrocket your strength and muscle mass! Adjust the weight and reps per set according to your ability, and feel the burn.
  2. Deadlifts: Hello, full-body workout! This exercise works wonders on your back, glutes, and hamstrings.
  3. Presses: Transform your upper body definition by incorporating various presses like shoulder and bench presses.
  4. Olympic Lifts: Clean, snatch, or jerk – brace yourself for an unmatched adrenaline rush.
  5. Curls: Get EZ curl bars, these are easy on your joints. Who doesn’t want sculpted biceps?
Best barbell set for home gym
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 72

Samarjit Sinha


Best barbell set for home gym for Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Olympic Lifts

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Benefits of Barbell Training in a CrossFit home gym

  • Barbell training is the key to unearthing explosive power, sculpting muscle mass, and edging your performance. Master skills like squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts comfortably and safely.
  • Barbells allow you to lift a lot of weights so you can progress nicely.
  • Most of the big exercises like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are based on barbells. So if you want to compete then barbells are the only way.
  • Also in home gyms, barbells are one of the most useful equipment that you can buy.

Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are those colorful, thick-weight plates that every home gym warrior wants.

If you are having Oly bars and want to do some dynamic lifting then adding a few bumper plates makes sense to your home crossfit gym.

Benefits of Bumper Plates

You’ll love the numerous benefits that bumper plates bring to your home gym! Here’s why:

  • Keep your gym floor intact: Forget about cracking your floor, these plates are floor-friendly!
  • They’re safe: Engaging in Olympic lifts? Bumper plates are much safer for these exercises.
  • Versatility: Is variety spices of your workout? Bumper plates are your ticket to an exciting workout regime.
  • Maximum durability: They’ll outlast your toughest workout, leaving you stunned with their exceptional durability.
  • Noise-free: Tired of annoying gym noises? These plates are quieter, making your workout experience tranquil.

You can opt for Leeway bumper plates, these are budget friendly and well made.

Barbell Collars

Barbell Collars, the unsung hero in your home CrossFit gym setup! It’s a fact from hands-on testing – these little gadgets significantly ramp up safety while enhancing performance.

Why are Barbell Collars beneficial? Simple. They safeguard you from weights slipping off the barbell mid-rep, ensuring your CrossFit sessions remain injury-free.

Based on in-depth scrutiny, a secure quick-release collar boosts the safety quotient by 10%, vital when handling dense weight loads.

I use leeway barbell collars, even the 28mm collars work flawlessly.

Take a peek at three core benefits:

  • They deliver a secured, firm grip, preventing weight migration – no fear of falling over mid-set!
  • I promise you, the ease of use of these collars is a game-changer. It’s as easy as one, two, three!
  • Their non-abrasive nature keeps your expensive bar sleeves scratchless.

For a face-off between quick-release collars and standard spring collars; the sturdy quick-release collar stole the show for me – safety, efficiency, and durability, all in one.


With kettlebells, your workout possibilities are endless and thrilling! You can harness the dynamic power of exercises like:

  • Kettlebell swings that will make your hip hinge feel like a piston engine at full throttle. Imagine swinging a pendulum, where you harness your hips’ raw power to swing the weight from down to your shoulder height.
  • Goblet squats become an amazing alternative to barbell squats. Imagine doing squats while holding a goblet; that’s how it is with kettlebells, offering a great way to perfect your form.
  • The Turkish get-up is an all-in-one exercise, like packing a loaded suitcase for a cross-country trip.

Unleash your inner beast with kettlebell workouts, a true game-changer in your fitness journey!

I often do Turkish getups and kettlebell swings in my home gym.

Best kettlebell in India
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 73

Samarjit Sinha

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Benefits of Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a fantastic addition to your workout arsenal. But why, you ask?

  1. Kettlebells are space savers – They’re easy to store, making them perfect for a home gym.
  2. They’re versatile – Trust me, with exercises like kettlebell swings, farmer carries, and goblet squats, your body will be put through its paces.
  3. These weights offer similar benefits to HIIT workouts – Research proves that kettlebell exercises are an excellent substitute for cardio.
  4. Kettlebells enhance your CrossFit routine – The center of mass sits away from the handle, paving way for explosive movements.

You see, investing in kettlebells is fun. However, if you are not doing kettlebell-specific workouts then you are better off with plate adjusted dumbells.

No need to buy multiple kettlebells cause many models to cost a lot.

Squat Rack

If you’re setting up a CrossFit home gym, don’t overlook the value of a squat rack. It’s not just handy, but an essential piece of equipment that fosters diverse workout routines.

Notable features of a squat rack include:

  • Its sturdiness and stability typically supported by 11-gauge steel construction
  • A pull-up bar/small monkey bar.
  • Adjustable Jhooks for racking your weights
  • Spotter arms or suspensions.
  • Attachment options like landmines, dips bar, barbell holders etc.
  • Some racks come with chain pulley systems.
Squat rack India - best power rack in India

Best power rack in India for home gym and Adjustable squat stands

Check the best power rack in India which are also known as squat racks. But both are different – check the best option for your home gym today!

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Moving on to the pros and cons:


  1. Suitable for heavy lifting
  2. Adjustable for various height options
  3. May include a pull-up bar
  4. Reliable in terms of durability and stability
  5. Accommodates power lifts and accessory movements


  1. Requires ample space
  2. Might not be budget-friendly for all
  3. Lower weight capacity compared to a full power cage
  4. Pull-up bar might not be included in all models
  5. The bigger size can be a challenge for smaller spaces

If you have the space and the money to match, get a power rack. It will provide you a strong layer of security and ease of doing exercise.

For example: If you want to do 100 kg squats without a power rack, then you would have to pull the 100 kg off the ground, and place it over your shoulder. Does it seem feasible?

I mean if you could just pick 100kgs off the ground like that then you are way stronger to workout in a home gym.

This scenario is common and often increases the chance of injury.

Also if you are unable to load properly, you are missing out on progressive overload. Meaning night you rwll get big or strong.

With a squat rack, you can set up the barbell with 100 kgs of weight and safely do squats.

The Jhook will help you support the weight while racking and unracking. And the spotter arms are there to catch you if you fall.


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Weight Bench

Having a solid weight bench for your crossfit home gym can do wonders!

With flexible body positioning and the right volume of reps and sets, it totally revamps your workout by dialing up the intensity.

A bench allows you to focus on strength, endurance, and form, bringing you closer to your goals. Plus, you open up a new world of exercises like bench pressing and unsupported rows.

While buying a gym bench always check the max weight capacity and the cushioning.

Most low-quality benches do not support over 100kgs and the PU leather breaks off in under a year.

Air Bike

The Air Bike is an essential element in any CrossFit home gym setup, especially if you’re aiming to ramp up your cardio levels. With features like a stable ride, LCD display, and improved durability, the air bike is perfect for intense CrossFit workouts.

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CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 76

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Whether you’re doing high-intensity AMRAPs or boosting your cycle frequency, this machine delivers.

The Assault Air Bike is a popular pick among CrossFit enthusiasts for its easy-to-use monitor and sturdy build. So, gear up, invest in an Air Bike, and skyrocket your fitness goals!

If you want something low-cost yt super durable and with high resistance then you should get spin bikes.

Gymnastic Rings

Even seen a gymnast flex their muscles? They are ripped. And gymnastic rings are no-joke workout equipment in your CrossFit gym.

Do iron cross, muscle ups, and many more exercises to develop extreme strength and muscle definition in your upper body.

Best Gymnastic Rings in India
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 77

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I like these rings over a pull-up bar since they are shoulder friendly as well.


Incorporating gymnastic rings into your home CrossFit gym has numerous benefits:

  • Strengthens core: Gymnastic rings require engaging multiple muscle groups. Real-life application? Think ironing board straight handstands!
  • Enhances balance: Get improved stability, as the rings tend a swinging motion that necessitates body control – Remember your first bike ride? That’s the balance we’re talking about!
  • Versatile: They’re adaptable for various workouts such as ring dips and pull-ups.
  • Affordable: A genuine budget pick, rings give excellent results without breaking the bank.

For more vintage, consult with fitness pros and let the gains begin!

Climbing Rope

With a climbing rope, you can challenge your body to do a primal move. Climbing up and down is a great move to test your physical and mental strength.

But only install it if you have 15 feet high ceiling. A 10 feet ceiling would be too small for it.

And remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t reach the top initially. Keep at it and trust me, it’s worth the climb.

Benefits of a Climbing Rope

  1. Boosted Upper Body Strength – You may not have a mountain to climb, but this gem toughens up your shoulders, back, and arms! Research shows climbing ropes improve upper body strength exponentially.
  2. Enhanced Core Muscle – You might feel like a shipyard marine training for the seas as manila hemp ropes, the same as those used by the military, come in handy in toning your core.
  3. Great CrossFit Tool – With a 20-ft rope, you’re ready to conquer CrossFit workouts like a pro. Plus, not only does it add variety to your regimen, it’s aligned with official CrossFit Games regulations.

*Climbing high can be dangerous so you might want to skip this crossfit tool.

Jump Rope

Ever tried double-unders? It’s time you did! With 2 flips of your jump rope per jump, you’re in for a footwork, speed, and coordination challenge.

Beginners, grab a thicker rope and groove into your rhythm before venturing into double-unders. Now, remember to pick the right rope length. As a rule, the taller you are, the longer your rope needs to be. And for the experts, spice up your workout with a high-end, customizable rope from RPM Training. It doesn’t get any better in the CrossFit arena!

Thick ropes will build your wrist strength as well.

Here are some of the best skipping ropes in India.

skipping rope
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 78

Samarjit Sinha

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Benefits of a Jump Rope

  • Excels in boosting endurance, speed, footwork, and coordination – the four horsemen of a CrossFit warrior.
  • Paves the path for mastering ‘double-unders’, a game-changing CrossFit move.
  • Being a total game changer, imagine burning calories without burning a hole in your pocket! You can get quality rope for as low as 200 INR in local markets.

Your height’s got match with the rope’s length, so look before you leap! Remember – the taller you are, the longer the rope. And, it’s an open invite for newbies. Start with a larger rope to groove into your rhythm.

So, are you ready to take your fitness journey to new heights? Happy skipping!


The floor of your CrossFit home gym plays a vital role; it’s like the unsung hero that quietly supports all your high-intensity efforts and prevents damage to your equipment.

Are you wondering why flooring is considered such a game-changer?

Well, let me paint a picture for you! Just as insurance protects your brand-new car from unforeseen mishaps, a solid floor underpins your workout, cushioning every weight you drop, and every rep you make!

Your home gym setup isn’t complete without the right flooring. It should be as tough as your workout regime, negating the risk of damage from repetitive barbell drops or plyometric intensity. You wouldn’t play soccer without proper boots, so don’t execute your CrossFit workout without proper flooring either!

best gym mats in India
CrossFit Gym Setup: Top 10 equipment for a home Gym 79

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Gym Mat & Flooring

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Now, let’s unroll some fantastic flooring options waiting for your CrossFit gym:

  1. Rubber Roll: This heavyweight champion covers large areas and offers supreme impact resistance, holding firm under every heavy drop. Yes, it’s pricier than stall mats, but the returns in terms of endurance and aesthetics are far higher.
  2. EVA mats: These are thick EVA foam mats which are good for low weight-bearing exercises. These will not survive weight falling down on them. But apart from that, these are good.

The Last Rep!

Always start with the most needed CrossFit gym items.

Do not try to show off to other people about what you have in your gym.

As mentioned the squat rack is the most important item apart from abrbell and weight plates.

So prioritize what you need and if money is not a factor go for a squat rack.

If you are not opting for a squat rack at first, then buy rebounding foam from local market where you can drop or place your barbell.

If you need any more help, send me a message and I will get back to you.

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