Can treadmill make you faster | How to improve speed running using a treadmill?

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Can treadmill make you faster and increase your running speed?

Treadmills come at different speeds, with a maximum of 12 – 18 km/hr speed. If you are looking to run faster, you can find commercial treadmills that go higher like 22 km per hour.

However, even if the treadmill goes faster, the speed at which you are running is still limited by your own running speed. A curved treadmill can help you run at any speed by adjusting the incline. 

Running on a curved treadmill is not as fast as running on an ordinary treadmill because when the belt curves, it decreases the distance between you and the end of the belt.

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Can treadmill make you faster

Do Specific Speed Training

Speed training is a type of workout where the focus is on increasing your maximum speed. This has been known for many years and has been proven to be an effective way to improve running speed.

There are various types of speed training, which have different names, but all share the common goal of helping you run faster.

How to Adjust Treadmill Belt?

To improve speed, you need to do a form of speed training. This can be done once per week and should be added to your routine gradually so that you don’t experience any adaptation problems.

Treadmill under 100,000

Speed training is the key to getting faster; it will help you increase your stride length and improve your running economy.

Can treadmill make you faster | How to improve speed running using a treadmill? 1

Treadmill speed training workouts

Sprinting treadmill workout

Sprinting on the treadmill is a great way to get in an effective workout in a short amount of time. The sprints increase your anaerobic capacity and speed, which means you will be able to work out harder and longer. This workout has three to five repetitions, resulting in a total of 13 to 23 minutes of running.

When you’re sprinting on the treadmill, be sure to use caution. 

Jumping on or off of the treadmill can be dangerous if you fall, so take your time and be careful!

In addition, make sure to drink plenty of water while running – ashidrosis (a condition where there is little or no sweat production) can cause dehydration.

If you experience any pain, stop and consult with your doctor – it could be an indication of something more serious like a torn tendon or ligament!

Can treadmill make you faster | How to improve speed running using a treadmill? 2

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) treadmill workout

HIIT workouts are a type of treadmill workout that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

HIIT is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Interval Training, which refers to the brief bursts of running at a high speed that are incorporated into the workout.

These workouts are meant to be hard, and it is recommended that you only do them one day per week unless you have some serious weight loss goals.

If you’re not used to running very fast, speed training should be a part of your routine. You can also increase your speed by doing resistance or weight training. Sprinting and HIIT workouts are a good way to do this, and they’re also great for burning calories.

HIIT workouts, also known as high-intensity interval training, are a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. They’re also effective for burning fat and building muscle. What’s more, HIIT workouts are best suited for people who want to improve their overall fitness level in relatively short time periods.

Hills and flats

Running and walking on hills have many benefits, including developing strength and power in the legs. Hill running is a great way to increase your speed, stamina, and heart rate when training for other events. Additionally, hills provide natural resistance, which can help build muscle. However, be sure to challenge yourself by running the flats at a faster pace!

You will find yourself much faster and stronger after your hill runs.

When using a treadmill, you should use the incline angles to replicate hill training. The higher the incline, the tougher the training will be.

And you will gain more speed.

Bodyweight HIIT can make you faster as well

A bodyweight HIIT treadmill workout is a great way to increase your strength and power, as opposed to just increasing your endurance or speed.

You can adjust the number of reps, the length of intervals, and the type of movements you do depend on your fitness level.

Can treadmill make you faster | How to improve speed running using a treadmill? 3

Benefits of sprinting on a treadmill

One of the benefits of sprinting on a treadmill is that it is much easier on your body. The surface is soft and causes less impact, which can help you avoid injuries.

Additionally, treadmills provide a consistent surface to run on, which can be helpful if you are trying to improve your speedrunning.

Another benefit of sprinting on a treadmill is that it can be done indoors, regardless of the weather conditions. This is due to the fact that treadmills have a weatherproofing feature, which means that you can still train even when it’s raining outside.

You can track speed, distance and time easily.

A treadmill running board is often shock absorbing and soft thus not damaging your knees.

If available, you can use the incline feature of a treadmill to mimic uphill runs as well.


In the end, the treadmill can make you faster but for real-world, you should train outdoors as well. And apart from running, you should do strength training too.

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