Can you do yoga to gain weight on face in India

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Yoga to Gain weight on Face?


Most of the time skinny peoples are trying to gain weight on the face but they do not use yoga to gain weight on face thinking it will not work for them.

Actually, there are no yoga for faces, but there are few exercises that can help you with gain weight on face cheeks. And with a good regimen and perseverance you can do great with those in India.

This is not easy and will affect different people differently. But you should try to see.

And as an important note, If you are super skinny/underweight, then your face might be naturally skinny. To prevent that and to improve your cheeks or to get bouncy cheeks, get some dieticians help.

A high protein/High calorie diet might help you put some weight on your face.

Yoga to gain weight on face

How to gain weight on the face

Do facial yoga exercises and eat a calorie surplus diet. Without the extra calories, you will not gain weight on the face. 

And once your diet is sorted out, there comes the exercise which will tone your face muscles and improve blood flow. This will give you a toned look with a glowing skin as well.

This is How to Get Chubby Cheeks via Face Yoga

These are the few Facial yoga to gain weight on face that you should do to gain a fullness on the cheeks.

And do not believe anyone who says that you will gain fat on the face by doing workouts. You get fat by eating a calorie surplus amount and not spending it.

How to do face yoga for chubby cheeks

I have seen results with three traditional yoga poses like cobra and bow pose, and other facial workouts are like face massages that will help with gaining some weights on your face.

Facial yoga for chubby cheeks

Cheek Lift

 If you are wondering on how to get round face via exercise then you should start here after eating enough food has been ticked off.

 This is a must for sagging cheeks and this will get your plump cheeks in shape.

 How to do?

 An open mouth and an exaggerated “O” in your eyelids will make you look more like a cartoon. Locate the cheek muscles and place your index fingers there, directly below your eyes. Release the muscle to simulate a smile & it’ll drop back down.

Smile, think about raising the muscles towards the eyes. Repeat 10 times and on the 10th time, hold them as high as you can for 20 seconds. Do it three times in a row.

You can do this anytime in the day.

Cheek Lift with hidden smile

 Place a smile on your face, but keep your teeth covered. Curl your lips as if you were trying to expose them as much as possible. You should feel a slight burning in the corners of your mouth.

Place your index fingers in the corners of your mouth and slide them up to your cheekbones. Press into the facial muscles and lift them towards the cheekbones, aiming for where the eyebrows meet. You should be able to make out a “V” shape.

Smile with the corners of your mouth. Hold your fingers at the top of your cheekbone for 20 seconds and feel the muscles tightening in your cheeks. Then, repeat this three times.

Lift Eyebrows!

Put your three fingers under your eyebrows and push up to keep your eyes open. Close your eyes and gently roll them upwards as high as possible. Hold for 20 seconds and keep smiling through it. Release after the count of three, then repeat this 3 times.

Lower Jaw Extend

Open your mouth as large as you can, then extend your lower jaw forward. Then you can start looking upwards keeping your lower jaw extended, this will keep the lower jaw fat in check and tone the muscle.

Cobra Pose

At the peak of cobra pose, it will extend your next and lower jaw lines. This will surely tone your lower face muscles and improve blood flow.

Bow Pose

The bow pose as well will help with toning the lower jawlines and cheeks. This might help you get rid of double chin and help you achieve a well-made strong jaw line.

Half Fish pose

This is not a beginner-friendly yoga pose for overall health and face. But if you can do it under a guidance, this will help your whole body and your face.


How long does it take to see results from a Yoga routine

As far as any yoga tips for weight gain goes, it should take around 1-2 weeks to see some visible results. But this will vary from person to person. You can check my post on how to gain weight by yoga at home and see my yoga to gain weight and tips on best way to do yoga.

What are the benefits of doing yoga for face at home

PS: This is also applicable for those men and women who also workout at the gym/ lift weights. For a few unlucky ones I have seen that they develop a chubby cheek, the type of cheek that you do not want.

Does doing some workout on the facial muscles will keep your entire body balanced and will make you look more beautiful or handsome 🙂

No Cost

If you are doing the above-mentioned yoga/facial exercises at home, then there is no cost of the parlor. Parlor costs are high, and most probably they will upsell you something else as well. 

Tone facial muscles

I am sure you have done facial in Indian parlors before and the face massage they do does help with glowing the skin. This also helps with tone the facial muscles, so they do not sag down.

While you are working out at the gym, there is a tendency to overeat and for few people the fat accumulates on the cheeks. But some do not gain fat on the face at all, thus they have to do some face yoga, face massages to get the muscles going strong and beautiful.

Counter Sagging cheeks

I have sagging cheeks and older I get, this will get worse. A face yoga routine will save me from this for sure. Yoga and diet should help with toning the facing muscles, and upward motion should restore the firmness of your cheeks. Additional face fat will come with gaining weight, but you have to keep them in control by doing some yoga asana.

May reduce scars

Doing yoga for face or facial exercises will help with reducing scars, if any from the cheeks, The massage will smoothen out the skin as much as it can. And massaging the cheek muscle will help it get more strong. Your jaws might get more powerful as well.

Improve blood flow 

Facial workouts will improve blood flow to the skin and to the facial muscles. This will bring nutrients to the area, and it will repair and grow itself.

Release Tension

Facial yoga will help you release tension and leave a stressful life behind. The massages on the forehead and sides of your face will probably help with releasing tension more. And with a scar free, fuller face and fuller cheeks you will be worried less as well.

Will yoga help me reduce my fat?

You can do the best yoga to lose weight but without diet it will not work much. You can check out this article here to know more. But adding a cardio workout along with doing yoga is the best way to reduce your fat, even from your face.

How to gain weight on face cheeks without facial workout?

 When we are born, our cheeks have a lot of fat and they make us look chubby. As we grow older, our fat levels decrease and the cheekbones protrude from the face. This makes us look more mature and gives a more defined cheek shape.

The below are some ways to fill in your cheeks so that you can have a rounder face:

-Use an eye cream that is specifically targeted toward filling in wrinkles or fine lines. You can use this on your mouth as well.

-Eat foods that are high in protein such as eggs, cheese, nuts, beans or lentils. -Apply moisturizer to your skin every night before bed to help keep it hydrated all night long. -Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes to stay healthy and active.

How to avoid excessive round face?


There are many exercises for round face. But before you start, you should first find out why your face is round.

-If your face is round because of excess fat, then you need to do cardio exercises and lose weight as well as muscle building exercises.

-If your round face is due to a weak chin, then it will be necessary for you to work on the chin’s shape and strength through workout routines such as push ups, squats, pullups.

-If your face is round because of an underdeveloped cheekbone, then it’s time to work on building up the cheekbones with facial muscles exercise routines.

Perfect time to do yoga for weight gain!


Plump cheeks could be your goal, but it will be tough if you are skinny like me. You will do better if you do yoga for weight gain and not focus too much on getting chubby cheeks if you are skinny. But a daily routine of yoga postures for face will help.

Ref: Research Paper – Facial Workout and Aging


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