Why table tennis racket is red and black- Not anymore! It is beautiful now!

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Why Table Tennis Racket Is Red and Black—Should you care?

TT rackets are of two colors mainly.

If you are wondering why the table tennis racket is red and black, then your questions are justified.

And today we are giving you some bragging rights to show off in front of your TT friends.

Why table tennis racket is red and black

Governed by ITTF rules, the two-color tradition aids players in distinguishing rackets during play. In 2021, a pivotal shift occurred, allowing diverse hues on one side while maintaining a consistent black on the other, curbing potential unfair advantages. This alteration not only adds vibrancy but also impacts gameplay – red for speed, black for grip. Join me as we navigate the evolution of table tennis rackets and explore top picks in India.

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Different Colors of table tennis Racket Are Required by the Rules

The colors of a table tennis racket are stipulated by the rules of the game.

The two different colors are required in order to help players distinguish between their own and the other player’s racket.

The color of a table tennis rubber is important because it affects how the ball reacts when it comes into contact with the rubber.

But in 2021, the rules changed. Now, with the new rules, one side will always stay black. But the other side can be purple, green, blue, pink and red.

Ping pong ball are still boring though, the white balls are the still official.

Key Takeaways!

– Traditional table tennis rackets featured red and black colors.
– The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) governed the color rules for rackets.
– The two-color rule helped players distinguish between rackets during play.
– In 2021, ITTF updated the rules, allowing one side to have diverse colors while the other remained black.
– Red rubbers are faster with less spin, ideal for forehands; black rubbers provide grip and spin for backhands.
– ITTF’s rule change aimed to prevent unfair advantages and promote fairness in the game.

Why table tennis racket is red and black

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has adopted a rule that stipulates different colors are required on each side of the paddle.

This rule was put into place to avoid any unfairness that may have arisen from players being able to see their opponent’s paddle rubber colors during play.

For example, what if I mask a spin rubber surface as a defense rubber?

To enable this fairness, ITTF was applying this rule.

This means table tennis players have to do better with their gameplay all the time. There is no way to get the better of your opponent using the types of rubber used.

How Red and Black Types of Rubber Differ!

Red rubbers are faster and spin less, while black rubbers are used on the forehand and backhand.

Professional players typically use red rubbers on their forehands and black on their backhands. red vs black rubber tt bat

This is because the black rubber provides more grip and allows for more spin, while the red rubber is faster and better for speed.

Multiple colors along with red will make the pin-pong game more colorful!

But the playing style of experienced players will matter, and the difference in color will not.

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The Functionality of the red and black Rubber on the table tennis paddle

Chinese players often use black rubber as their forehand. These Chinese black table tennis rubbers are gives more spin and last longer.

Also, most of the time, inverted rubber is black rubber, and it is used for control and spin.

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Additionally, the dye pigment in black rubber makes it a little bit softer than red rubber, which gives it a better grip on the ball.

Now, red rubber is faster and less tacky than black rubber. The red pigment makes the top sheet harder, and bouncier, and reduces dwell time.

This is why the Chinese rubber cutters process produces red rubber with these properties.

So by nature, the red rubbers are fast and produce less spin. Japanese Ping-Pong Rubber technologies are now getting favorite as well.

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Why Only These 2 Colors On a Ping Pong Paddle? The red and the black [The History!]

The colors of a table tennis paddle are regulated by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in order to make the game fairer for both players.

The ITTF has rules in place that state that only two colors can be used on a ping pong paddle – red and black.

This is because the color on one side of the paddle is determined by the type of rubber that is used.

This type of rubber was first invented in 1983 and has been in use ever since.

But now the rules have changed since 2021.

Why ITTF made the Rule for table tennis paddles?

With multiple colored paddles, it was confusing for players to know how the ball or shot will come from the opponent, You could be using a spin rubber that may look like a hard-speed rubber.

For these reasons, ITTF made these strict rules about TT rubber.

Now only the black rubber is constant, and the red color is now accompanied by purple, pink, green etc.

Which side of the TT paddle is forehand?

There are two sides to a ping pong paddle- the forehand and the backhand. The rubber on the forehand side is either black or red. Black rubber is more suitable for those playing with Chinese tacky rubber, while red rubber is better for those using European smooth rubber. The color of the racket itself is a personal preference.


If you are not sure what TT rackets to use, then here are the best table tennis racket in India. If you are a beginner then you should consider some low-cost tt bats at first.

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