Why are Squat Racks So Expensive? Why do the squat rack cost so much?

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Why are Squat Racks So Expensive? Are used squat racks or the cheapest squat racks any good?

Why are squat racks so expensive? I think you already know squat racks or power racks are one of the most useful gym equipment that you can have.

But due to the high cost and space requirement, we tiny home gym owners often get discouraged.

Today I will tell you the factors on why squat racks are so expensive!

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack 2.5 Square Pipe PR-01

On the other hand there are you can look for cheapest squat racks on amazon to do compound exercises. But be careful about the quality. Do a pricing comparison and quality inspection before you buy any used or cheap home gym equipment.

Why are Squat Racks So Expensive? Why do the squat rack cost so much?

Why are squat racks so expensive? Even used squat racks!

Squat racks are often made with high quality steel, large in size and comes with multi purposes usages. Thus they tend to be expensive.

And I would also like to tell you that good squat racks lasts for generations to come.

Here are the main reasons why squat racks are so expensive!

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The quality of the premium squat racks is amazing, and it definitely feels like a premium product. generally, they also provide good customer service.

Thick metal structures with capabilities of holding 300 kgs/700 kgs of weights and craftsmanship are costly.

Thus, a good quality squat rack will always be costly.

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Power racks are more versatile because they allow you to do a wide range of exercises, while squat racks are better for only two or three exercises. Power racks are also more durable, meaning they will last longer and can take more abuse.


If The brand offers a wide range of squat racks to choose from, as well as different sizes to fit your needs. Then the price can go upwards. In India, bullmark is often considered a good brand.

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The rack is made from high-quality steel and has a weight capacity of 700 kg+ and The rack can be customised to fit your needs and has strong safety features, pull up, dips, landmine attachments and safety strap attachments etc. These factors will increase the price.

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Squats rack be more costly!


Depending on the size of the rack, you might need to get a barbell for sure. Large racks will require a Olympic barbell which is very costly.

Check these top barbells online!

Weight Plates

With a squat rack to work properly you will weight plates. For a proper heavy weight lifting routine you might need many micro plates as well. This will increase the overall cost of the rack.

If you are going to use Olympic barbell, you would need Olympic weights, which are costly as well.


And it is no surprising that additional attachments like a landmine attachments, dip bar costs separately. And they cost a lot as well.

All these do increase the overall cost of the squat or power rack.

Generally How much does squat rack cost?

Generally a squat rack in India can cost from 10k to 40k or more. It will depend on the pre discussed points like brands, durability, build quality and features.

Dumbbells vs Barbells

What are the main difference between squat rack and power rack?

What are the main difference between squat rack and power rack?

While a squat racks has only one or two hooks to store the bar, the power rack has several. Also a power rack has a cage like structure so it is a completely secured environment to lift heavy. A squat rack can be or can not be look a cage. Most of the squat racks are not fully covered or made like a cage. These are also known as power cages.

But in India squat racks are often interchangeably used with power racks.

But these are different and you should know the difference before you buy them!

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Squat Rack Alternatives for your home gym


A squat stand is a low cost option that you can pick for your home gym. It is often designed and consists with two stands with option/hooks to rack your bar.

It does not have any safety features. You can use it with benches as well.

Folding Squat Racks

Folding squats are a great option for a home gym and they do help you like a power rack or squat rack would do. But you can also fold it on the wall when not using. Thus it is great for small apartments and small homes.

But folding squat racks are not that versatile like their full size squat or power racks. And they also can support less weight than the regular versions.

Jazzier Power Squat Rack 4 by 2 Square Pipe PR-02Rigs/Cross fit Rigs

Rigs/Cross fit Rigs are a bigger version of the common squat racks. They have monkey bars, several attachments and several customization options. These will take more space in your home gym and also costs more.

Multi Gym

A multi gym takes small space than a squat rack but you can also do several workouts using it. But multi gyms do not necessarily do not help you to do the same workouts using the squat racks

SPORTO FITNESS Weightlifting Half Power RackHalf Racks

Half racks are literally what they mean. They are half of the normal sized squat racks. They are durable but the cage design of the usual squat racks provides more safety than the half racks.

Best Squat Rack India

What are the benefits of using a squat rack?

There are many benefits that come with using a squat rack.

  • Squat rack is often is very compact so you can fit this in a room. This is especially beneficial for those who have smaller training studios or home gyms.
  • Squat racks/Power Racks can be used for a variety of exercises beyond just squats, making them a versatile piece of equipment. You can use them for bench press, pull ups, deadlifts, rackpulls etc. With attachments you can use them for dips, landmine presses and more.
  • If you want to lift heavy from the comfort of your home then squat racks make it an attractive option for budget-conscious commercial gyms, personal training studios, and home gyms.
  • If you compare the price of a squat rack to other types equipment like treadmills, multi-gyms then you’ll notice that it’s actually more versatile and useful. Squat racks are an absolute must if you want to get stronger with compound lifts like squats, deadlifts etc. This makes it a great value for money since you’re getting a lot of features and benefits for such a low price.

How To Choose a Squat Rack

Size and Space

Squat racks and power cages are often big and bulky. So unless you have some space, you can not install these. You should check with the manufacturer about the exact size of the rack in sq foot.

Weight Capacity

High weight capacity is always better even if you are not going to lift 300 kgs. I would try to pick the highest weight capacity that fits my budget. And I do not see myself lifting more than 150 kgs so a squat rack with at least 250 kgs should be okay. More weight capacity often means more durability and quality material.

Safety Bars

This is the top reasons why I advocate using power rack, squat racks. They provide utmost safety when lifting heavy with squats, overhead presses, deadlifts etc. The safety bar will catch any falling barbell and protect you from hurting if any accident happens.


High end squat racks comes with many accessories like dip bar, landmine attachments, barbell holders, multiple J hooks etc. These costs extra but very useful if you need them.

Based on these above mentioned criteria you should look for buying a squat rack.

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