Which treadmill is best manual or automatic?

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In my exploration of treadmills, I, Samarjit Sinha, delve into the debate of “Which treadmill is best: manual or automatic?” Categorizing them into two types, I find manual treadmills are cost-effective yet lack a motor, potentially impacting knee health. Contrarily, automatic treadmills, though pricier, stand out for unique features, safety, and long-term benefits.

Briefly reviewing models like PowerMax Fitness TDM 100s, I weigh the drawbacks of manual options, emphasizing joint pain risks. My personal shift underscores the preference for automatic treadmills, especially for running, citing safety and convenience. Discover the ideal treadmill for your fitness journey.

Which treadmill is best manual or automatic? Treadmills are broadly categorized into 2 types.

Which Treadmill Is Best Manual Or Automatic
  • Manual.
  • Automatic.

Each one has its own features and some drawbacks.

And today I will discuss them with you here!

But if you are not short on money, then for all purposes always get an automatic treadmill!  

Key Takeaway!

  • Automatic treadmills are recommended for all purposes, offering unique features, safety, and long-term benefits.
  • Despite being costlier, automatic treadmills justify their price with various size and weight options.
  • Manual treadmills, while cost-effective and durable, lack a motor, potentially impacting knee health.
  • The motor in automatic treadmills eases belt movement, avoiding excessive strain on the knees.
  • Manual treadmills are simpler but can lead to joint pain and lack advanced features.
  • Automatic treadmills, though costly and requiring electricity, provide a convenient, safe, and versatile exercise experience.

Which Treadmill Is Best Manual Or Automatic

Which treadmill is best manual or automatic?

For all purposes, the automatic treadmill is the best one to use for all purposes.

Although automatic treadmills are costlier than manual treadmills, they pack a lot of features as well. 

They come in different price ranges and also in different sizes and weights. But if you look at the quality and durability, then manual treadmills are much better than automatic ones. But they lack one key thing, which is the motor.

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The motor makes it easy to move the treadmill belt, otherwise all the force goes to your knees and that hurts the knees in the long term.

Manual treadmills are more cost-effective and are less complicated to operate. If you want a treadmill that has the most features, then go for an automatic one. But if you are looking for a simple and cost-effective treadmill, go for a manual one.

But if you happen to care more for your knees and also aim to use the treadmill for 30 minutes every day then get an automatic treadmill.

An automatic treadmill will serve you great for the long run.

Due to the unique features, safety, ease of use, ease of tuning the speed for walk or run, durability, the automatic treadmill is the best for long time usages.

For one or twice a week usage you can get a manual treadmill.

What’s the difference between the manual and automatic treadmills?

The manual treadmills have two wheels at the bottom to move the belt. The belt moves up and down. It is not connected with the motor. There is no motor, so it takes the whole force from your body.

And these wheels are usually placed at the front and back. So if you move your legs backward it will go backward and if you move your legs forward, it will go forward. And you have to push really hard to move the belt around, especially if the treadmill is old.

This is the main reason why people have to be careful when they use manual treadmills because if you step too hard, you will hurt your knees.

Hard steps will force put a lot of pressure into your knees, so its advisable not to use manual treadmills if you are an elder or have knee issues.

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Benefits of manual treadmills

  1. It’s a cheap way to exercise at home
  2. It can be used almost anywhere.
  3. You can burn calories even if you’re just walking at a slow pace
  4. It doesn’t require any special equipment.
  5. Very simple to use
  6. Low cost
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Needs and builds more leg strength


Why manual treadmill is a bad choice?

Is it worth buying a manual treadmill?

  • Joint pain can happen easily since you have to push the treadmill belt real hard to move forward.
  • There are no advanced features since it does not use electricity.
  • Either there is no incline feature or it is very hard to set the incline angle on the manual treadmills.
  • Manual treadmills are only good for slow walking and not running, so do not even try it unless you want to injure your legs. manual treadmill for running is always a bad idea.
Which treadmill is best manual or automatic? 1

Benefits of Automatic treadmills

Automatic Treadmills offer safety and convenience features that make them ideal for use in homes, offices, gyms, or anywhere.

  1. Can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels
  2. Provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient exercise experience
  3. You can walk or run on them
  4. They don’t require a large space
  5. They provide great cardiovascular exercise
  6. Can help you build running speed and leg strength easily.
  7. Much easy on the knee joints
  8. They burn a lot of calories.
  9. You can use them for a long period of time.

Drawbacks of Automatic treadmills?

Automatic treadmills are costly to buy, and their repair costs are high as well.

Automatic treadmills at high speed could be dangerous if you are not mindful.

Automatic treadmills do need an electric supply.

Stunner treadmill

Why do we choose one of these two?

Previously I used to use a manual treadmill, but now I use an automatic one. And I found it more convenient, easier, and safer than the manual treadmill.

 If you want to improve your speed, cardiovascular stamina, then always go for automatic treadmills. Manual treadmills are hard to use and they put a lot of stress on the knees. So, unless you want to use them once a week for light walking, then skip it.

Although, there are some great manual treadmills in India to look for!

At the beginning, I was not sure about it. But now I am sure about it. If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable exercise, then go for automatic.

Manual treadmills have to be pushed forward every time you want to move. This means that you have to use your legs to move the treadmill belt, and this will lead to injuries in the knees. 

Automatic treadmills don’t need any extra effort. You just have to press a button and the belt will start moving automatically.

Which type of treadmill is best for you?

If you are into running, then get automatic treadmills. If you want to walk slowly once a week or less, then get manual treadmills. And if possible you should always pick an automatic treadmill no matter the use case.

What are the advantages of using treadmill?

Treadmills are excellent exercise machines for people who want to get a cardio workout without actually running on the ground. They provide a safer, smoother, and more convenient way to get in a workout.

You will find that many people use them as a way to get in shape or to lose weight.

Treadmills are easy to use, and they are relatively inexpensive. If you are interested in trying out a treadmill, then you should look for one that provides you with the features that you need.

You should look for a model that will suit your needs and that you can use for a long time.


I hope that it is clear now that the automatic treadmill is the top choice, whatever you’re walking or running reasons are. But if due to lack of budget you can not buy automatic treadmills then please prefer to walk outside. If that is not possible, then buy manual treadmills to walk and no run.

Buy manual treadmills for walking only, walking slowly and not too often.

Ref: Manual treadmills demand more

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