Which running shoes are best for flat feet in India? Any flat foot shoes?


Which running shoes are best for flat feet – Flat Foot shoes in India?

The most popular running shoes for flat feet are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21, Saucony Hurricane 23, Brooks Launch GTS 8, Asics GT 2000 9 Trail, and Asics Gel Kayano 2.

But most of them are not available in India so you have to depend on your best judgement to buy a shoe for flat feet.

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is a condition characterised by no arch, which means the entire sole of the feet touches the ground. Based on studies, flat feet affects 20-30% of the general population. For adults, it is more common in women over 40 years old and obese people.

Flat feet becomes a priority when you have it because you want to make sure that every flat-footed runner receives the right kind of support from their next pair of shoes.

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Which running shoes are best for flat feet

Why Arch Support Running Shoes Are Hard to Find in India?

Running outdoors is not a popular thing in India like in those first world countries and having flat feet while running is kind of unknown as a health problem. Only a few rare people encounter this thus there is not a high-paying market in India to sell flat feet footwear.

You can get some arches for flat feet which you can use in your running shoe. But it is rate to find running shoe soles with flat feet support.

However, in the Indian footwear industry, you will find orthopaedic shoes for flat feet.

Otherwise, you would have to choose flat feet inner sole as per your experience levels.

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Best Shoes for Flat Feet in India

Unfortunately, I find it very hard to find the best shoes for flat feet in India. Moreover, I really do not see any flat feet shoes. All I see is flat feet support insoles like these – 

If you are not a pro-level runner, and you run mostly as a hobby then you can use these flat foot insoles

Important Things to Remember if You Have Flat Feet and Buying Running Shoes.

You Need Full-Contact Midsole for Pronation

Midsole construction is an important consideration when choosing running shoes. Many runners believe that they need arch support, but this can actually be detrimental because the arch is dynamic- it moves with each step. Shoes with a straight “last” provide more of a solid support surface and are therefore better for runners with low or no arches.

If you have flat feet, it is important to choose a running shoe with a straight “last.” The last is the mold that dictates the shape of the shoe. A straight last will provide more support for your flat feet.

Arch support can be detrimental because the arch is dynamic. Extra structure in the arch can stop your foot from moving.

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Do Not Ignore the Pain of Your Flat Foot

If you have flat feet, do not ignore the pain. This can lead to more serious problems down the road.

There are two main types of treatments for flat feet: over-the-counter inserts and custom orthotics.

Over-the-counter inserts are a good place to start. If they are successful in treating your pain, then you can continue to use them. If they are not successful, then you can progress to custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are made to fit your feet specifically. They are more expensive than over-the-counter inserts, but they are also more likely to be successful in treating your pain.

Replace Your Bad Shoes

If you have flat feet, it is especially important to replace your running shoes before they wear out. Depending on your running style and the quality of the shoes, you will need to replace them every 300-500 miles.

You should also pay attention to your shoe’s midsole. The midsole is what provides cushioning and support for your feet. It will wear down over time, so it is important to inspect it regularly.

If you experience pain during or after running, it is a sign that your shoes are not providing the support you need. It is time to buy a new pair of shoes.

Strengthen Your Feet

If you have flat feet, it’s important to stretch and strengthen your feet on a regular basis. Stretching helps to lengthen the muscles and tendons in your feet, while strengthening exercises help to build up the muscles in your feet.

Here are a few stretches and exercises that can help:

– Stretch your calves every day for a few minutes. This will help to lengthen the Achilles tendon, which is often tight in people with flat feet.

– Stretch your arches properly. This can be done by placing a towel under your feet and gently pulling on the ends of the towel.

– Strengthen your feet by doing exercises such as picking up marbles with your toes or balance on one foot.

Doing these stretches and exercises regularly can help to improve the strength and flexibility of your feet, which can make it easier to walk and run.

Which running shoes are best for flat feet in India? Any flat foot shoes? 1

Full-Contact Midsole Is Best for Flat Foot Shoes

The midsole of a shoe is the layer between the outsole and insole. It is typically made of foam and provides cushioning and support.

A full-contact midsole is a type of midsole that extends to the edges of the outsole. This provides more surface area for contact with the ground, which can provide better support for the foot.

Arch support can be detrimental because the arch is dynamic. The arch of the foot changes shape as weight is applied to it. This means that a shoe with arch support may not provide the same level of support when the foot is in a different position.

Shoes with a straight “last” provide more of a solid support surface. The last is the shape of the shoe. A shoe with a straight last will provide a flat surface for the foot to rest on. This can provide better support for the foot, especially for those with flat feet.

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Roomy Toe Box and Wide Forefoot

A good shoe for flat feet always has a wide forefoot. These shoes generally do not have a small front, the toe box is large, so your toe does not suffer. Those hourglass shoe shapes are not for you.

Look for all the stability features that you can find.

Heel Support Is Required for These Stability Shoes

Heel support is important for people with flat feet because it helps to protect the tendons in the feet from strain.

Heel support can be provided by a podiatrist and can include well-fitting shoes with shock-absorbent soles and rigid shanks.

Heel support can also be found in shoes that have supportive reinforcement in the heel.

Which running shoes are best for flat feet in India? Any flat foot shoes? 2

Firm Arch Support Required for Your Flat Sneakers

If you have flat feet, it is important to make sure your arch is supported correctly. This will help prevent pain in your feet and lower legs. There are a few different ways to do this:

– Use a low arch that feels right to you. This will help support your arch and take some of the pressure off of your flat feet.

– Use a sole that provides cushioning without compression. This will help to protect your feet from the impact of walking and running.

– Use an orthotic device to help support your arch. This can be a custom-made device or a store-bought one.

Remember, if you have flat feet, it is important to take care of them so you can avoid pain and injury.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Not recognizing the importance of shoe last

When looking for running shoes, it is important to keep in mind the importance of shoes last. Shoe last is the shape of the shoe and how it contours to the foot.

It is important to have a shoe last that fits well because it can lead to pain and injury if it does not. Additionally, a less stable running experience can result from not having a good shoe last.

This is because the foot will not be as secure in the shoe and can cause discomfort and instability when running.

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Heel and toe support

When looking for running shoes for flat feet, it is important to remember that heel and toe support are also important. This is because flat feet tend to roll inward when running, which can lead to pain in the heels and toes.

Therefore, a good pair of running shoes for flat feet will have features that support the heels and toes.

Which running shoes are best for flat feet in India? Any flat foot shoes? 3

One such feature is a reinforced heel counter. This is a piece of material that is located at the back of the shoe and helps to support the heel. Another feature is a wide base. This helps to provide stability for the foot and prevents the flat foot from rolling inward.

Run tester, Sam, loved the original React Miler because it had a reinforced heel counter and wide base.

Not knowing how much support you need

If you have flat feet, it is important to have your gait evaluated at a professional running store or by a podiatrist. This will help determine the amount of arch support you need.

Your movement pattern of the feet is different, so you have different needs and running shoe fit.

You will need shock absorption, large forefoot section this will

Not wearing the right type of running shoes can lead to pain and injury. Wearing shoes with too much support can also be problematic.

Buying shoes without consulting a professional can result in purchasing shoes that are not appropriate for your feet. This can cause pain and injury.

Which running shoes are best for flat feet in India? Any flat foot shoes? 4

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