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In this Welcare treadmill review, I can say that some of the wecare treadmills are well received and welcare treadmills are fairly popular also. As people continuously search for 

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Click here to see the most reviewed welcare treadmill as of – Feb, 2021.

List of the most Welcare treadmill review

🌠 MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill
🌟 MAXPRO PTM405M 2HP(4 HP Peak) Multifunction Folding Treadmill
🌠 MAXPRO Folding Treadmill IM5001
🌟 MAXPRO PTA460 5 HP Peak Motorized Folding Treadmill
🌠 Welcare MAXPRO PTM 101 1.5HP

[Chart] Welcare treadmill customer review

welcare treadmill review
So far PTM405 got the highest number of reviews

Best Welcare treadmill Review

Welcare Maxpro treadmill review PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill

Welcare Maxpro Treadmill Review PTM405

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a sturdy treadmill which can help you with running then this welcare treadmill will help you a lot.

This treadmill has a decent running area with shock absorbers and a powerful motor to accompany it.

Also since this is a foldable treadmill, storing it in a small apartment is easy.

This maxpro PTM405 treadmill is one of the most reviewed welcare treadmill. This treadmill is also one of the most powerful treadmills by welcare.

This treadmill is most suitable for home use where the user would want to run at a moderate speed.

Top Features:

  • 2 HP (4 HP peak motor)
  • 3 level manual incline
  • 1-14 km/ hour speed
  • Max user weight 110kg
  • 12 preset programs
  • Hand pulse
  • Running area width 1150 X height 420mm
  • Water bottle holder
  • Tablet holder
  • Durable steel frame
  • Transporting wheels
  • LCD screen
  • Mp3 player
  • Hydraulic soft drop system
  • Multi layered running board


  • Good quality DC motor which has great speed range for running indoor.
  • This motor also produces less noise.
  • The treadmill motor can generate speed upto 14 km per hour which is good for running.
  • 3 levels of manual incline will make you work harder.
  • The treadmill frame is made of steel and also seems to be durable.
  • The running board has some shock absorbing feature to keep you injury free.
  • The console has all the preset programs buttons, the safety key is in red and at the center.
  • Max weight supported is 110kg so it is useful for most of us.
  • The welcare treadmill is portable and has wheels to move it around. The treadmill is also easily foldable without much external force.


  • None. Unless you are considering price, but even that is similar to other treadmills with these kind of features.
  • Many reported about bad after sales service.

Welcare Maxpro treadmill review PTM405M Multifunction Folding Treadmill

Welcare Maxpro Treadmill Review PTM405M

Why Should You Buy this?

If you really like the massage feature then this model is for you.

Otherwise this treadmill can be used for running, walking and has enough cushion to support knee health.

MAXPRO PTM405M is everything that the MAXPRO PTM405 model is but comes with some additional attachments.

These attachments are push up bar, sit up bar, 2 small dumbbells and a massager.

Top Features:

  • Multi function treadmill (sit up bar, 1kg*2 dumbbell, massager)
  • 2 HP motor with 4 HP peak motor
  • 3 level manual incline
  • Minimum 1-14 km/ hour speed
  • Max user weight is 110kg
  • 12 preset programs accessible via the console
  • Hand pulse to measure heartbeat
  • Running area width 1150 X height 420mm
  • Water bottle holder
  • Tablet holder
  • Wheels for transportation
  • LCD screen
  • Mp3 player
  • Hydraulic soft drop system
  • Multi layered running board


  • This is a multifunction treadmill aimed at fat loss/ weight loss. Comes with 2 small dumbbells, massager and site up attachments.
  • The attached massager will help with relieving DOMS or muscle pain after workouts.
  • We can use the massager on hips, waist, glute.
  • Top speed is 14km per hour so you can run on it.
  • Also the treadmill running area has decent width and shock absorption properties.
  • The treadmill is also foldable and has an HSS system so folding and moving it is easy. It has wheels for transportation.
  • The LCD screen is small but the console area is large, it has mp3, usb input, mobile and bottle holder.

Can treadmill make you faster?


  • None.
  • Personally I feel the multifunction features are not very useful.

Welcare Maxpro treadmill review – IM5001

Welcare MAXPRO IM5001 1.5Hp

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a basic treadmill that does not take much space but still has decent motor power for walk or running sessions at home, then this would do.

This treadmill is very easy to use and maintain.

MAXPRO Treadmill IM5001 is one of the budget and popular treadmill in India.

This treadmill is fairly popular among us due to the price and feature that it comes with.

It is by no means a pro level treadmill but for home use, it is enough.

Top Features:

  • 1.5 HP motor with 3 HP Peak
  • 1100 x 400mm / 43 x 15 inches running area
  • Speed range of 0.8 – 12km/ hour
  • 12 Preset programs
  • 3 Level manual incline
  • Max user weight is 90 kg
  • Anti skid, multi layer running belt
  • Foldable and has wheels


  • This treadmill has enough HP motor to be used for running. But still it is not meant for high speed running.
  • The running area has decent width for walking and brisk walk and some running.
  • Speed range is upto 12km per hour which is decent for a home treadmill.
  • There are 12 preset programs that you can use and those are easily accessible from the main console.
  • You can use the manual incline level to increase the intensity of the running sessions with this treadmill.
  • The running belt has good traction and grassy structure.
  • Hand pulse can track your heart rate easily.
  • Treadmill has a slim look since it is a basic treadmill thus it takes up a small space.
  • Also the treadmill can be foldable to save space and can be moved to a side when not in use.


None actually. Some faults will vary from machine to machine but overall this is a great, durable, basic treadmill for daily home use.

Welcare Maxpro treadmill review PTA460 5 HP Folding Treadmill

Welcare Maxpro Treadmill Review PTA460

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a maintenance less, powerful treadmill for running or walking then this is the best choice by welcare.

In all the welcare treadmill reviews this treadmill PTA460 comes at top.

The main reasons to consider this would be the auto incline up to 15 degrees, Powerful motor, running belt area and cushion and the auto lubrication feature.

MAXPRO PTA460 is one of the most powerful treadmill in India with 5HP peak powerful motor.

This treadmill also have auto lubrication feature which saves some time of maintenance.

Top Features:

  • 5 HP peak motor.
  • 0.8 to 16km per hour motor speed
  • Dual spring shock absorption
  • 12 preset programs
  • Folding Treadmill with hydraulic soft drop system
  • Auto incline 0-15 degrees
  • Auto lubrication
  • Wide running area of  460 x1300
  • Max user weight 130kgs
  • Mobile holder, MP3 player


  • The powerful motor is the major reason that it gets good applauds from the customers first. This treadmill can go upto 5HP peak power which is suitable for running and walking.
  • The treadmill running area has suitable length and width suitable for long strides and running.
  • Also there is a double spring and cushion to protect your knees.
  • Auto incline up to 15 degrees will give you the feel of running on the mountain roads. This will increase the intensity of the workout and make you burn more calories or build more muscle.
  • No time for maintenance, no worries this treadmill has auto lubrication feature which helps with keeping the treadmill at top shape.
  • The treadmill can be foldable to save space and the HSS system allows to fold and unfold the treadmill easily.
  • Max user weight is 130kgs, meaning the large of us can use this treadmill safely.
  • This welcare treadmill also has a durable build.


  • None considering the prince point.
  • Few buyers remarked that the running belt might get slippery.

Welcare MAXPRO Treadmill Review PTM101 1.5HP

Welcare MAXPRO Treadmill Review PTM101

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are not after incline features or other hi tech features then this moderately powerful treadmill is for you.

This treadmill has enough power for 1-2 people and will help with weight loss easily.

This is one of the basic treadmills by welcare but it has a mid range motor of 3HP peak. 

Top Features:

  • 1.5 HP motor with 3 HP peak
  • 1-12km per hour speed
  • 12 pre set programs
  • Running area with 1100 X 400mm
  • The running board material is anti-skid with grass like texture.
  • Max user weight 90 kg
  • Has a blue light LCD which can show you calorie, distance, pulse etc.


  • Great for elderly who would want to walk briskly or run gently on a treadmill.
  • Also good for weight loss goals with low impact walking.
  • Comes with 12 pre set programs to suit different fitness goals.
  • Max user weight is 90 kg which will suit most of us.


  • No inclination.
  • Not for really long people or long strides.
Welcare treadmill service

Welcare is a known brand with various modes for contacting them. Via their website you can contact them using whatsapp, chat and email. And they always provide warranty cards with proper contact information.

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