6 Step Treadmill buying guide India

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Free Treadmill Buying Guide India for Beginners

Looking to buy a treadmill? In my extensive experience with various treadmills, including manual, curved, and automatic models, I’ve unraveled the essentials for beginners. Determining your workout goal is the compass, steering you through considerations like treadmill speed, motor size, and the treadmill deck.

Whether opting for manual incline or auto incline, and exploring features like auto lubrication and comprehensive tracking, each choice molds your fitness trajectory. We’ve got you covered. Our free treadmill buying guide India will walk you through everything from what features to look for when browsing options all the way through how you can save time and money along with some tips on getting started.

Join me as we decode the nuances, offering insights on where to buy, budget considerations, and valuable tips for a seamless treadmill shopping experience.

6 Step Treadmill buying guide India

It doesn’t matter if your budget is tight or not, we’ve got something for everyone! 

Just scroll below to see the list and know how to get the treadmill for your home today!  

Key Takeaways

  • Treadmill Selection: A comprehensive guide for beginners on key features and considerations.
  • Workout Goals: Align your fitness aspirations with the treadmill’s purpose, whether for weight loss, marathon training, or general health.
  • Critical Features: Understand the importance of treadmill speed, motor power, running surface, width, and deck size.
  • Brand Reliability: Invest in trusted brands for quality assurance, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction.
  • Incline Options: Choose between manual and auto incline for varied workouts, calorie expenditure, and strengthened leg muscles.
  • Smart Shopping: Tips on budgeting, online vs. offline purchases, and exploring second-hand options for cost-effective deals.

Free Treadmill Buying Guide for Beginners

  1. Treadmill based on workout goal
  2. What Should I look for when buying Treadmill
  3. How much should I spend on a treadmill
  4. Treadmill and pros/cons
  5. Where to buy your next treadmill from
  6. Treadmill Shopping Tips

Finding the perfect treadmill for your home can be a daunting task. 

There are so many different brands, models, features and prices to consider! But don’t worry – we’re here to help.

If you’re in the market for a new treadmill but aren’t sure where to start, our free guide is designed to make it easy. 

We cover everything from what features you should look for when browsing options all the way through how you can save time and money along with some tips on getting started.

treadmill buying guide India

What is your workout Goal?

If your goal is overall health including muscle gain then treadmill should be on the lower side of your buying list.

Treadmill is ideal for weight loss goals.

Or treadmills can be used for very specific goals like training for marathon, sprints.

Otherwise I would not recommend buying a costly treadmill for weight loss goals only.

With diet and strength training you can lose weight as well as using a treadmill.

What should I look for when buying a treadmill

Treadmill Speed:

Speeds range anywhere from 0 to 20 km per hour and the incline can be adjusted anywhere from 0-15% (or more if you have a treadmill with an extended frame).

The higher the speed, the higher the electric consumption. And these treadmills will have the best shock absorbing mechanism and running surface also.

In general, the higher end models are much more powerful than less expensive options so it’s worth making sure your machine has enough horsepower for what you want to do – especially if running uphill!

Also if you are training for a marathon then high power treadmills also makes more sense!

When looking at price points on treadmills, expect anything under 10k INR will likely only offer basic features while those priced over 40000 typically include extras LCD monitor with android, Wifi, bluetooth, robust frame, auto incline etc

And I would like you to stay away from manual treadmills if you are buying treadmills for long term usages.

Motor size: 

The treadmill should have a powerful motor to handle the demands of strenuous workouts. Look for at least a 1.5 HP rating, and make sure it is capable of delivering power smoothly while avoiding jerking or stopping during use.

With a 1.5 HP motor you will be able to run or jog at a lower speed and walk easily.

The motor’s value ranges between 1.5 horsepower up to 5 HP available options.

Higher motor power will allow you to run more freely.

But more power doesn’t necessarily mean better performance; find out what features come with each option before making a decision based solely on horsepower numbers.

Running surface: 

Ideally you want as large an area to run on as possible without sacrificing stability. When considering running surfaces, look for something that’s smooth enough not to cause friction but also doesn’t feel too slippery so your feet don’t slide around in shoes; this usually means some kind of cushioning material like foam underfoot. 

Also be aware that belt width will ultimately determine how much room there is on the platform for walking or jogging. If space in your home is limited make sure to get one that folds flat so you can store it away easily after every workout session! 

Ideally look for anti-slip surfaces and thick running belts. On pro/semi commercial treadmills you will find 3.5mm thick belts. Thicker the belt the better it is for your knees. On budget treadmills you should at least get around 1.5mm thick belts.

Treadmill Width: 

If your home gym is tight on space, opt for one with a narrow width so that you can still use it even when others are using other equipment or machines.

Commercial treadmills have a width (running area) around 20 inches and more. Other treadmills have around 16 inches of width.

More the width, the better it is to run.

And larger the running area, the more area the treadmill will occupy.

Treadmill Deck: 

The deck size should match your height so that when walking on the belt you feel comfortable and not too cramped in space which can cause fatigue earlier than desired.  If someone is around six feet tall he/she may want to avoid buying a smaller sized treadmill (less than 60 inches) because this person won’t have enough room while exercising their legs.

Usually running treadmills in India have around 60 inches length and at around 18-20 inches in width. But larger the deck/running area the costlier it gets.

Treadmill Brand:

When you are purchasing an expensive product like a treadmill, it’s important to purchase the right brand. A brand represents product quality, service levels, and your satisfaction with the purchase in general.

There are many good treadmill brands in India that we review in detail on our blog – click here to read about them.

Manual Incline or Auto Incline:

Manual incline is basically a lever on the side of your treadmill that you can use to adjust the slope of the belt.

Auto Incline will automatically change the angle when you’re walking or jogging, with many models programmed for an increase in intensity as time goes by and then gradually decreasing it again.

Incline is a great feature to mimic uphill training which will result in more calorie expenditure and strong leg muscles.

Auto incline is a more preferable choice but the cost gets higher also.

Auto Lubrication: 

The Auto Lubrication feature ensures a treadmill remains well-maintained and running smoothly by making it easy to apply lubricant when needed with just the touch of a button.

This also means that you spend less time on maintenance and more on working out.

Tracking (heart rate, calories, BMI, pulse):

A treadmill that includes a heart rate monitor and the feature to keep track of calories burned is often more expensive; but if you’re looking for an all-inclusive health coach, these features could be worth it.

And personally I would use a fitness tracker rather than depending on the treadmill built in tracker.

Cushioning material: 

Treadmills come in many different materials – from soft foam to hard plastic. Find out what works best based on your weight as well as how long you plan on working out.

Cushioning is something that should never be overlooked when looking at treadmill options! It will make your workouts more comfortable and help prevent injuries from developing as quickly or easily over time. 

And most of the time our knee hurts the most from overusing treadmills or from bad cushion or shock absorbers under the running surface.

The softest models have four inches of foam while some mid-range treadmills only come with two inches. There are also various types of surfaces available including natural rubber, vinyl, mesh fabric, and air cushion systems among others too – so choose wisely based off what type suits your feet best! 

Manual Or Automatic:

If you have been to a gym and used the treadmill there, it probably was an automatic treadmill. Electronic treadmills have built-in motors that run the mat on which you can walk/run on.

This puts less pressure on your knee joint and makes it easier to do workouts longer.

A manual treadmill is a more basic model of this device with no electric motor for assistance in walking or running on it. Obviously, manual treadmills are cheaper than their high-tech counterparts.

If your budget allows for it, then go ahead and get yourself an electronic one! We’ll be covering only manual models here today—how they work and what their benefits are.

Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill
Click the image above to see the best manual treadmill in India

Pre-Built Programs in Treadmill: 

If you are not interested in programming your own workout, then a treadmill with pre-set programs is for you. These come equipped with six or more different workouts that will challenge and push the limits of any level of fitness.

Usually you will find treadmills in India with 12 preset programs.

I am not personally a fan of those programs but you might need them.

Most of the pre-built programs are aimed at weight loss though.

For weight loss you can visit here to know how to lose weight with a treadmill.

Pre-Built Programs Versus Custom Programming: 

Pre-built programs are great for working out quickly. And also great for those who do not want to or have the ability to create effective workout programs.

Other than that you can make custom programs to use while working out on a treadmill. These will be custom made by you to suit your body, workout time and fitness level.

Treadmill Supported Weight: 

Check the treadmill weight capacity before you buy any treadmill.

Let’s say you are 70kg, then a 100kg max is fine for your needs and will last for years of use.

But always try to find what is the max walking and running weight. Since most of the time Indian treadmill manufacturers promote the highest walking weight.

And running weights tend to be way lower than that.

And if that is the case then with you running on the treadmill will be risky.

And, if you weigh 100kg or more then it would be best to look at treadmills with 150kg plus weights capacities as they have been designed to handle heavier people comfortably.

You can take a look at some of the commercial treadmills here and some treadmills meant to be used by 150kg plus people.

Powermax TDA 150 review
Click the image to see the treadmills that supports 150kg user weights

Treadmill Power Use:

If you don’t want the treadmill to use up a lot of power then try and buy one that has lower horsepower like below two.

But in that case you will not be able to run on it. Since a 2 HP treadmill or lower will not have enough fire power at all.

Higher the HP the better it is for running and more electricity it will consume.

Make sure you choose a model with good quality, sturdy construction, durable wear parts, and appropriate number of shock absorbers (especially for larger people). The warranty should be at least five years as well; it needs to cover any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship.

Treadmill Price:

The best way to save money is by buying used treadmills from second hand shops or online marketplaces. You can look for exercise equipment second-hand stores if they have what you’re looking for available there too! If not, we suggest looking on Amazon listings because they tend to be cheaper than manufacturer websites.

When it comes time for delivery, most stores offer free shipping (plus a few days in-store pickup) which often saves you money on the final sale.

6 Step Treadmill buying guide India 2
Click the image above to see the treadmills under 10k INR

Treadmill warranty: 

A treadmill’s warranty is crucial to the long-term viability of your purchase and, for many consumers it can be a make or break decision.

The best warranties are typically those that offer lifetime coverage on both parts and labor but there are also some great deals with extended service contracts good for up to four years.

In India you will find yourself with a 3 year frame warranty and 1 year motor warranty. If you are buying high cost treadmills then you will get a longer warranty on the motor also.

To ensure you get what you want in a home treadmill, review all aspects from size to power capacity before making any major purchases!

How much should I spend on a treadmill

Depending on your needs the cost of the treadmill will rise up. For example if you want both auto incline and auto lubrication the price range of the treadmill can begin at 25k INR. And if you want a treadmill for a person who is 6 feet tall and wants to run then you have to pay a premium price as well.

Sparnod Fitness
click the image to see best treadmill buying options

Treadmill and pros/cons

Overall treadmill is only fitness equipment by which you can train your legs, burn a lot of calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

These are the pros of a treadmill.

Personally I am not into treadmills since I find them boring.

And this is one of the cons of a treadmill also, since all you can do is run on a treadmill thus soon it will lose the value.

And you can not build muscle using a treadmill that can be counted as a con also.

All depends on your goal. You may buy a treadmill to reduce weight and after you have reached your goals then the treadmill might become useless.

Where to buy your next treadmill from (online or in store)

If you are buying a treadmill with relatively low cost or in the mid range of 20k then online buying makes more sense. Most of the online stores in India offer an excellent return/refund process thus you should not have any issues at all.

But if the price of the treadmill is on the higher end and you do know a reliable retailer or manufacturer who makes excellent treadmills. Then by all means buy off line.

Otherwise buying online makes more sense.

Tips when shopping for a new treadmill

  1. Decide what you want to use the treadmill for. (Running or walking)
  2. Determine your budget and find a model that fits within it. If you can not fit a treadmill in your budget then wait, save money and then buy that model.
  3. Find out how much space you have available and choose a model with the right dimensions. You may go for folding treadmills with a hydraulic soft drop system. You can just fold the treadmill and keep it away when not using it and save space.
  4. Consider whether or not you want an incline, lubrication,wifi, bluetooth features. Extra features cost money.
  5. Look at reviews of different models to see which ones are most popular among consumers 
  6. If possible, try out different models in stores before making your final decision. 

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to exercise equipment but we’ve provided a list of features to consider when shopping for your treadmill.

You should start with your goals and then sort the treadmills first and consider additional features and price.

To me HP, incline and overall durability is a must when buying a treadmill.


Is treadmill worth buying?

If losing weight and improving cardio health is your main goal then buying a treadmill is okay. Otherwise you will soon find the treadmill boring and it will collect dust in a corner.

Can you lose weight with a treadmill?

Yes you can lose weight on the treadmill if you also maintain a good calorie deficit diet. For best results you should do treadmill training with HIIT style.

Should I buy treadmill or go to the gym?

For overall health, going to the gym makes more sense, you will be able to do cardio, lift weights and achieve better fitness levels.

Are treadmills bad for your knees?

If the treadmill has no cushion and shock absorbers and if it also does not have a thick running board then your knees will get hurt. Also if you are using a manual treadmill for a long period of time then your knees are in danger as well.

How long will a treadmill last?

In India, a general purpose treadmill should last for around 3-5 years. And commercial treadmills should last for at least 10 years.

Are folding treadmills worth it?

Folding treadmills are absolutely worth it if you are living in a small apartment. You can just fold it up and store it away when not using it. But if you are a heavy user and want to do speedy running seasons then foldable treadmill durability might be questionable.

Ref: Scholar articles related to Treadmills

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