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In India we are not too tall and huge people so most of the treadmills do not have very high capacity. Also if you check the best commercial treadmill in India, if those are not that high end then those will not have this much weight capacity also. But here are some treadmill 150kg user weight India and yes these are costly and very premium.

For heavy users, Viva Fitness T 2200, with a 160kg capacity and 8 HP, ensures durability. PowerMax Fitness TAC-3500, exceeding 150kg, handles up to 260kg, ideal for commercial gyms. GPF Chris-Mass Steel Treadmill GPF-900, with a 250kg capacity, stands out as a premium choice with entertainment features. These treadmills offer sturdy frames, effective shock absorbers, and advanced consoles.

Check the list of best treadmill 150kg user weight India


Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India
Treadmills with 150kg+ weight capacityWeight CapacityPeak Horse Power
Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty + Free Installation)150 kg8 HP
Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty + Free Installation at SITE)160 kg8 HP
PowerMax Fitness TAC-3500 4HP (6HP Peak)260 kg6 HP
GPF Chris-Mass Steel Treadmill GPF-900 with Great WiFi TV Feature250 kg9 HP
treadmill 150kg user weight India

Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty + Free Installation)

Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 1Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 2

Final Verdict: Definitely a good buy if you are pretty sure about getting this. But these are most suitable for gym and to be used by many people.

Viva fitness T-1200 treadmill name do sound like Terminator names and these very capable machines when it comes to workout. And definitely not exactly a the best treadmill in India for home use.

This is an AC motor treadmill which can reach top speed of 22 kmph. Perfect for runners. The AC driving system can give you 4.0 HP of AC with peak 8.0 HP of force.

To make this running more tough it has upto 18 degrees of incline feature. You can replicate an uphill running and sweat more. You will burn a lot more calories this way. 

The running area is also very large with 22 inch wide and 63 inch long. Enough leg space for everyone.

This has a huge screen with 6 small windows showing speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, incline and more. There is also an emergency stop button incase you need it.

The console is sweat proof and just have of it, it has bottle holders and mobile holders.

The heavy cushion deck has good shock absorption so you will be safe from any leg damages such as knee injuries.

Max user weight – 150 kg.

Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill (5 Year Motor Warranty + Free Installation at SITE)

Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 3Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 4

Final Verdict:

Costly and very usable for people with heavy body weights. Good for running and really have a great built, you will see these type of treadmills in gyms.

This treadmill VIVA fitness T 2200 can support up to 160kgs of weight. This treadmill which can support more than 150kg user weight in India has a heavy duty steel base. 

There is a double cell neoprene rubber system as shock absorber. It provides unmatched suspension like it should as it is one of the costliest treadmill in India.

The AC motor has 4 HP as base and can go upto 8 HP peak. The adjustable speed can go from 1 kmph to 20 kmph. To make your workout more effective it has 0-20% incline. T 2200 comes with a 6 LED display which shows time, speed, distance, heart rate, calorie and incline key on the console itself.

The fibre running deck is 1 inch thick and is supported by heavy duty 4mm reliable German Slegling running belt.

And on top of all those premium body parts, you get 5 years motor warranty.

At the both sides of the console, there is a place for mobile, water bottle. Also there is an inbuilt speaker which plays mp3 or connects with your ipod. The whole console is sweat proof.

PowerMax Fitness TAC-3500 4HP (6HP Peak)

Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 5Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 6

Final Verdict:

Definitely the treadmill that can support the 150 kg user weight. It almost supports double the weight. Definitely will be very costly but for a commercial gym that can work.

PowerMax Fitness TAC-3500 4 HP treadmill can support a lot more than 150kg user weight India. It can support upto 260 kg of max user weight. The treadmill is built like a tank and have motor of 4 HP AC motor with peak upto 8 HP. This motor also has 5 year warranty.

Top speed – 25 km/ hr.

And it does have a huge running area of 600 mm wide and 1650mm long. No matter if you want to train indoors for sprints or for weight loss, it suits all.

The display is like a tablet screen with 15.6 inch diagonal size. It is a touch screen. This display can show time, calories, distance, speed, heart rate. The incline feature can easily be used and it has 0 to 18 degrees of auto incline.

GPF Chris-Mass Steel Treadmill GPF-900 with Great WiFi TV Feature

Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 7Best Treadmill 150kg user weight India 8

Final Verdict:

A premium treadmill with huge price, go ahead if you want to.

Another treadmill that can support well over 150 kg user weight in India, this GPF Chris-Mass steel treadmill can support 250kgs of user weight.

The AC motor has 4.5 HP power with a peak of 9 HP. Rated power 3000 watts. You can go top speed at 2 kmph with this treadmill. There are also 24 automatic programs that you can use. And you can go upto 20% auto incline.

With all these it is set to step up your running significantly.

The LCD screen is 10 inch size and on that you can check calorie, speed, distance and other multimedia entertainment also. But if you keep watching videos on the screen you will not be focusing on the running.

You can also play songs using Bluetooth with those inbuilt speaker.

Total size: 2030*890*1480 mm

Features of Treadmill 150kg user Weight India

  1. They are heavily built. All have a heavy duty steel frame and thick running area that can withstand all the weight.
  2. They have very good shock absorbers, the heavy you are the more you are at risk with your knee. And these shock absorbers will keep you safe.
  3. Great console in each one of them allows you to control your treadmill speed, inclination, check calories, distance, heart rate and more!
  4. Due to the high HP, all require high electric consumption and will not run on inverter. If yo want to then you would require inverters that can support at least 3500 watts.

Also if you are struggling with unwanted weight then never consider the manual treadmills not matter even if they are the best manual treadmill in India


Definitely these treadmill which supports at least 150kg user weight India are not for everyone. I also believe for home you might not be looking at these. These are premium and heavy duty treadmills. Hope you find your best treadmill 🙂

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The Last Rep!

The fitness landscape in India has experienced a positive transformation with the availability of premium treadmills designed to accommodate users with a weight capacity of 150kg and above. Standout options include the Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill, supporting 150kg, and the Viva Fitness T 2200 Commercial AC Motor Treadmill, catering to heavy users with a robust 160kg capacity. The PowerMax Fitness TAC-3500 4HP treadmill exceeds the 150kg threshold, supporting up to 260kg, making it ideal for commercial gym setups.

Furthermore, the GPF Chris-Mass Steel Treadmill GPF-900, with a weight capacity of 250kg, offers a premium choice with added features. However, it’s important to note that these advanced treadmills are not recommended for home use due to their high horsepower and substantial electric consumption demands, making them unsuitable for households with inverters below 3500 watts.

Potential users should carefully consider their fitness goals, available space, and power infrastructure before investing in these heavy-duty machines.

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