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Indian cricket team has gone through tremendous change over the past few years when it came to working out. Now you will see them doing all types of Olympic lifts to build strength. Now where does thera band for cricket fit? While playing cricket our shoulder blades, rotator cuff are the ones that are being most used after our legs. And in cricket thera band for physiotherapy is required to be in top shape. 

Get strong or recover from injuries theraband India has got you covered.

Check theraband exercises for cricket

Note: You will see many other resistance band brands writing theraband on their product listings but those are not. Here I have only considered only the therabands. You can check here for the the best resistance bands in India.

Best Thera Band for Cricket

  1. TheraBand Resistance Exercise Band for Heavy Workout (best for Strength)
  2. Theraband Latex Free Active Recovery Kits, Beginner (Best for recovery)
  3. TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Exercise Band for Heavy Workout
  4. Thera Band Precut 6-inch Thick Band
  5. TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tube
Thera band for Cricket

TheraBand Resistance Exercise Band for Heavy Workout (best for Strength)

TheraBand Resistance Exercise Band for Heavy Workout

Final verdict: 

  • Best for sports training.
  • Stretching.
  • Durable material.
  • Easy on the skin.

This is a multipurpose theraband loop band which can be use for almost any purposes. Specially for cricket you can use to assist you in pull ups, and do straight arm down and other shoulder and back exercises.

And there are also other lengths and colors of thera band that you can chose. More longer and heavier the band is, the more it is costly.

This black band in particular is 4 inch wide and 15 foot long. That is way too long for some but note you can fold this and increase the strength a lot more if you ever need it.

With this any cricket can help with their Leg, knee and back injuries also help from issues with mcl and acl, patella. 

Comes with a carry bag so you can carry it in the field.

Theraband Latex Free Active Recovery Kits, Beginner (Best for recovery)

Thera band for cricket 1

Final verdict:

If you are into recovering your sore joints like knee, shoulder then you must have this thera band for cricket in your cricket kit bag. 

Suffered while bowling or injured yourself while pulling off a hook? This set of thera band for cricket is purely for recovery purposes. You can use it for some strength workout but these are more suitable for recovery purposes and stretching. 

Condition and stretch all your major and minor muscle groups both upper and lower body. This is latex free so no allergies and the fact that it is wide and stretchable.

WIth that width you can grab the band easily and do rows for back, rotator cuff extensions and more. The bands are 5 feet long and are available in three colors.

  • Green – 4.6 lbs
  • Red – 3.7 lbs
  • Yellow – 3 lbs

If you are well built then go for the most strongest one as thinner bands with low strength may break easily.

TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Exercise Band for Heavy Workout

TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Exercise Band For Heavy Workout

Final verdict:

If you are not into the step counter then you can chose another thera band easily. But since we are discussing thera band for cricket that step counter may come handy during workout or during a cricket match.

No latex, no smell and available in lengths of upto 18 feets (I have not seen anyone using this long). THis set is little costly as it is comes with a step counter which you can wear on your fingers like a ring. 

It has 5 different color schemes and you can state from the yellow color which is of the lowest strength in this set.

If you are looking at this then you might be interested in that step counting finger attachment. It is easy to use, just wear it like a watch but on your index finger where your thumb can reach it.

Each rep you do just press the button one time and it will keep counting. Apart from workout you can use it for any purpose.

Thera Band Precut 6-inch Thick Band

theraband precut

Final verdict:

Along with some low strength bands that you can use for recovery you can use this gold band for strength training. Buy if you are fit..

Some of us really strong and are always looking to get the best and strongest thera band out there. The Gold thera band is the strongest from them. At 100% elongation it can provide 14.2 pounds of force and at 200% elongation it can give you 21.3 pounds of strength.

It is almost 6 inches wide and only pick this up if you are positive to use it well.

If you are not strong enough then you will not be able to use it for recovery purposes. You may be able to use it for some strength purpose though.

This band is made for strength and aggressive training mostly.

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tube

TheraBand resistance tube

Final verdict:

If you are new to using bans then stick with the lower strength version and if you are on the advanced stage then use the blue and black one.

Here are the multipurpose tube bands for everyone. It has red, green, yellow so till intermediate people can use it. To use you must have some carabiner and or handles. If you can tie it up somewhere then you can do it without the handles too.

In this set you get 3 bands of low difficulty but if you want you can take a look at the high difficulty variant as well. That has blue and black tube thera band.

In both cases the bands are 5 feet long imported from USA. 

Depending on your strength you can use these both sets for strength or for recovery.

Thera band exercises for cricket (rotator cuff exercises with theraband)

Straight arm pulldown: If you are a bowler than this exercise will increase your shoulder strength. Attach the band with a hook or door anchor. If the height of the anchor is not suitable then you may even seat on the ground to do it. After the band is attached in front of you, on the wall then pull that band down with your arm straight. Your shoulder should be doing all the work here.

External rotator cuff rotation: For this I attach the band to the window, keep my elbow to my side tight and do not move it. The I just move my arm from my elbow to outward while keeping a constant tension on the band. Here the band comes across your body. This helps you rehab and strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. Elbow and shoulder stays at 90 degree.

Internal rotator cuff rotation: Here it is the same as the external rotator cuff rotation but this time the band does not come across your body. With all the same you pull the band inwards to your body, this helps with the rotator cuff muscles which your shoulder. Elbow and shoulder stays at 90 degree.

Face pull: Attach the and at the door anchor and pull the band from the shoulder with both hands. Your shoulder will be in shape of W when pulled.

Shoulder extension: Stand tall with the band attached in front you to a wall or window. Then pull it with your arms behind. Your arms should be at your side.

Wood Chopper: Fix the band at a pol or window. PUll the band align with your body keep it parallel with the ground. Now slowly twist from your core to back and front. You can even hold the position to feel the extra burn at the core.

Strong core muscles will definitely help with cricket.

How to chose thera band for cricket

Length: Some thera band for cricket is available at 18 feet but most are available at 5 feet. Choose as per your usages, for recovery you would not need such long bands.

Thickness: More thicker the thera band is more durable it will be and more stronger it will be. You have to understand if you were able to do workouts with that strength or not.

Strength: Want to develop a more muscular strong body then use the Thera band Gold or black. More stronger the band is more strength will be required to do workout with it.

Type: while flat bands are mostly used for pull up, back workouts, bench press and more if they are heavy. And if flat bands are light and long then those are used for active recovery for knee, shoulders etc. Chose what your goal is strength or stretching/recovery.

And tubular bands are all in one multi purpose you can use them for strength or for recovery depending on the color.

What is TheraBand used for?

From rehab, injury recovery to strength building a therab and can be used for all. Thera band can also be used for sports specific usages. Like cricket, badminton etc.

What do TheraBand colors mean?

Thera band colors mean the strength of those bands. Gold and Black are the strongest of them all.

How do I choose a TheraBand?

If you are a beginner then chose a light band like the red or blue, once you are strong enough then use gold or black.

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