Tennis shoes vs running shoes for walking- Does tennis sport shoes need for walking?

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Tennis shoes vs running shoes for walking – Can you use a Tennis shoe?

There is a lot of debate over whether running shoes or tennis shoes are better for walking. However, the general consensus seems to be that running shoes are not ideal for walking and may even lead to injury.

Tennis shoes vs running shoes for walking

Many believe running shoes are constructed with more cushioning and support than tennis shoes, which can throw off your gait when you walk in them.

But is it so?

Not really.

Running shoes are perfect for walking.

You can easily get away using running shoes for walking.

But do not use walking shoes for running.

Walking shoes are not built that well to absorb shocks from running.

That said, tennis shoes or trainers provide a good middle ground between running shoes and walking shoes.

They offer some cushioning and support while still being lightweight. They pack some lateral stabilizers as well.

But tennis shoes could be an option for walking but do not use them a lot. They are meant to be used on a court and not on the rough street or mud, mountains etc.

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Do you need both Tennis shoes and Running shoes for walking?

Do you need both Tennis shoes and Running shoes for walking?

Tennis shoes are best used while playing tennis on a court.

They won’t last long out in the wild. At least a decent walking shoe is suited for that.

Running shoes with cushions and mesh upper are more suitable as well.

Many would say that you should have separate shoes for walking where I see that as an additional expense.

Running shoes are perfectly fine for walking.

Difference Between Tennis And Running Shoes

There are a few key differences between tennis shoes and running shoes. The first is that tennis shoes are slightly heavier, but they are also slimmer so that you have more agility when playing the sport. 

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Running shoes, on the other hand, are much lighter so that you can move more quickly. Additionally, running shoes typically have extra cushioning in order to absorb shock as your foot hits the ground. This is not typically necessary in tennis since players rarely run long distances during a match.

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Tennis shoes are often non-marking shoes which running shoes are not.

The difference between tennis and running shoes is that running shoes are designed strictly for forward movement while tennis shoes have features that improve agility. 

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For runners, the cushioning and stability of the shoe is important as they are covering more distance. Tennis players need lateral support and quick stops which is why tennis specific shoes have smaller heels and more tread on the outside of the shoe.

Tennis shoes have thin and slim soles with very little padding, which gives the player more control over their footwork. And as mentioned above they work great for side by side movement.

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In contrast, running shoes are built to provide greater sole support in order to absorb shock and protect the runner’s feet from injuries. And these often have thick heels to support hill strike.

Advantages of Mesh Shoes

Though tennis shoes and running shoes share some similarities, there are a few key differences.

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In general, tennis shoes have very thin and slim soles with very little padding while running shoes have thicker and softer heels to enhance traction and shock absorption.

This is because running is a more strenuous activity than tennis so the heel needs to be more supportive.


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