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Concerned about the potential side effects of collagen supplements? If you’re considering purchasing or already consuming these supplements, understanding their impact is crucial. Exploring the side effects of collagen supplements is essential when embarking on a new health routine. Unfortunately, in India, these side effects are often not clearly listed on the package, making it challenging for consumers to make informed decisions. To address this gap, I delve into the details of collagen supplement side effects in this article.

Collagen supplementation, often marketed for its potential to strengthen bones and skin, is not entirely proven in its effectiveness. While preliminary results suggest promise in areas like wound healing and skin aging, more research is needed to ascertain the true benefits. Furthermore, collagen supplements may have unexpected effects on mood, potentially leading to depression due to the deficiency of serotonin.

Digestive discomfort, including a bloated feeling, frequent burping, or nausea, can also occur. It’s essential to be mindful of potential side effects like diarrhea or constipation, allergic reactions, and even an unpleasant taste. Despite these considerations, understanding the nuances of collagen supplement consumption can aid in making informed choices for your health journey.

Side effects of collagen supplement

But in India, most of the time products are marketed wrong and we are am admi, easy to dupe. Thus, to help you I have come out with the details on the side effects of collagen supplements.

Key Takeaways!

  • Collagen supplements may have potential side effects, and it’s crucial to be aware of them.
  • In India, package labels often lack clear information about collagen supplement side effects.
  • The effectiveness of collagen supplements in strengthening bones and skin is not conclusively proven.
  • Preliminary results show promise in areas like wound healing and skin aging, but more research is needed.
  • Collagen supplements may cause mood changes, including depression, due to deficiencies in serotonin.
  • Digestive issues, such as a bloated feeling, frequent burping, or nausea, can occur with collagen supplementation.
  • Other potential side effects include diarrhea, constipation, allergic reactions, an unpleasant taste, and elevated calcium levels.
  • Herbal collagen alternatives, while not real collagen, may still offer benefits for hair, skin, and nails.


Side Effects of Collagen Supplement

Side Effects Of Collagen Supplement

It is not proven how it is helpful!

Collagen supplementation may help strengthen bones and skin by adding to the body’s natural supply.

But it isn’t clear if supplements do that or work the way you want them to. Preliminary results from studies involving eight hundred five people published in Journal of Drugs In Dermatology in 2019 show that when it comes to helping wounds heal, skin aging, elasticity, hydration, and the density of collagen in skin, “preliminary results are promising.”

But a lot more research needs to be done before doctors know how effective collagen supplements are, and what affects their results.

If you want to boost collagen production, then consuming vitamin C might help.

Often Mood Changes

Collagen supplements can sometimes cause mood changes. One of the most common side effects is depression, as tryptophan and collagen are deficient in serotonin.

Can give you a Bloated Feeling

If you take a new product, and you begin to notice changes in your digestive system, including a feeling of abdominal heaviness, frequent burping, or nausea, discontinue taking this product.

You will probably feel better after you stop taking it. As long as you’re not experiencing any pain or cramping, it’s nothing to worry about.

Pros and Cons of DHEA Supplements

Diarrhea Or Constipation

For some people, collagen supplement might give you diarrhea or if you are eating less fiber then you might get constipation as well. But whether you will get anything or not will depend on many factors.

It can cause allergic reactions

Many people keep a vegan or vegetarian diet because they avoid animal products, but for those that keep a dairy or lactose-free diet, collagen supplements may not be a good option.

Some are made from seafood or eggs, so if patients have a shellfish or egg allergy, this is something to look out for.

Collagen is often extracted from the membranes of shellfish like shrimp or crab, but it can also be derived from the skin of an egg.

If you break out in a rash or experience mild allergic reactions after taking a collagen supplement, take an anti-histamine and contact your doctor.

If you have an anaphylactic (serious allergic) reaction, you should go to the hospital. Breathing difficulties are serious symptoms that require urgent medical attention.

Tastes bad!

While some oral collagen supplements can leave a bad taste in the mouth, others are very natural and contain high quality ingredients, such as from fish and eggs.


Increase calcium levels?

Hypercalcemia, or elevated levels of calcium in the blood, may occur as a possible side effect of shark cartilage, especially when used for long periods of time.

Shark cartilage supplements may cause high calcium levels, or hypercalcemia, which is a condition where calcium levels in your blood become abnormally high.

These side effects are common for all the supplements are fairly common for all Indian brand collagen. Of course, this is not the case for herbal collagen. Since herbal collagen is not real collagen at all.

Still, they might help you with obtaining good hair, skin, and nails since they load up a lot on biotin.

The Last Rep!

While collagen holds promise, its efficacy in unequivocally strengthening bones and skin remains a topic of ongoing research. Mood changes, including the risk of depression due to serotonin deficiencies, and digestive issues like bloating or nausea, serve as cautionary notes. The spectrum broadens to include possibilities of diarrhea or constipation, contingent on various factors, and the occurrence of allergic reactions, especially for individuals with shellfish or egg allergies. Some may find the taste unpalatable, and there’s even a potential concern of elevated calcium levels with shark cartilage supplements. It’s noteworthy that these mentioned side effects are common across Indian brand collagen supplements.

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Ref: Collagen research paper by Harvard

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