Can you drink Sattu for Weight Gain: Benefits of this Indian drink will amaze you!

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Sattu for Weight Gain: Benefits of this Indian drink will amaze you!

We all have a love-or-hate relationship with sattu. While some like the taste and some do not? Do you? Sattu can be turned into a weight gain drink if you mix it with milk.

Sattu is rich in protein and minerals and added milk provides some protein of its own. Sattu also has good carbs which will give you extra calories.

There are many people in India who will drink sattu at breakfast and go to work. Sattu is a filling food so you will not feel hungry for a long time.

Alternatively, sattu is not a replacement for whey, eggs, or meat. Animal protein is often the most chosen option for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Sattu provides 20 grams of protein per 100 grams and also lacks when it comes to bioavailability.

sattu for weight gain

To Make Your Weight Gainer Sattu Shake Do the Following:

This is a very easy recipe for sattu drink for weight gain that anyone can make!

Add 3-4 tablespoons of sattu to a glass of milk. For 3-4 spoons of sattu you should use a large glass of at least 300 ml milk.

You can use natural sweeteners like jaggery or honey to it.

Or you can add salt, and pepper to make it a little spicey.

I prefer the sweet version though, the added honey or jaggery adds some calories as well.

You can also skip regular toned milk and cow or buffalo milk which is more calorie-dense.

I would recommend that you drink sattu mass gainer drink one time per day only. Fibres from sattu might make you go to the bathroom repeatedly if you consume over 30 grams or more.

This has happened to me and I am not sure if there is any science behind it except that sattu has high amount of fiber. So test your limits.

Ref: Calories in sattu

Why Use Sattu for Weight Gain?

Sattu is a natural source of plant-based proteins and carbs, making it an ideal way to gain weight. The nutrients in sattu help add bulk and build muscle, leading to the body you’ve always wanted.

So drink sattu like we mentioned above using milk and it should help you bulk and get strong.

The presence of large amounts of natural plant-based proteins and good carbs in sattus helps you in achieving your optimum weight.

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Why use Sattu for Muscle Gain?

Sattu can provide 20 gram of protein per 100 gram along with lots of fibre, minerals and calories.

This makes sattu a natural supplement that helps in muscle gain.

It can help you gain weight and bulk by providing you with carbs, protein and calories. Sattu can be consumed on a daily basis to achieve desired results.

Can Sattu Used for Energy for Gym?

You can drink sattu as your pre-workout drink since it will digest slowly and provide you with energy during your workout.

However, sattu is a slow-digesting drink, unlike those commercial sports-grade energy drinks.

I feel this is a good meal after a workout since it has good nutrients, carbs and some protein.

I often used to mix BCAA in the sattu drink for better recovery.

However, a whey protein shake is still the best option if you can get your hands on it.

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On the other hand sattu sherbet is a refreshing and rejuvenating drink that is perfect for summer. It is rich in minerals, carbs, fibre and other essential nutrients that help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The scorching heat in the summer can make you feel low on energy. Sattu sherbet is the perfect solution to quench your thirst and restore your energy levels.

sattu benefits

Do You Know What Is Sattu?

Sattu is a type of flour that is made from roasted grains or legumes. It can be made from a variety of different grains, including barley, bengal gram, and cashew, as well as chickpeas.

Sattu is known as roasted gram flour or Bengal gram flour. It has a variety of benefits that include weight gain, improved digestion, and better skin health.

What Are Some Other Common Benefits of Drinking Sattu Apart from Weight Gain?

Sattu Might Help Weight Loss

Sattu is a type of food which helps with weight loss. It provides energy and reduces hunger. Sattu is popular in India and has helped many people lose weight.

Many people can spend 4-5 hours without eating after drinking sattu. It is that fulfilling.

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Sattu for Digestion

Sattu can help with improved digestion. It also has a cooling effect on the body, which can be helpful in hot weather. Sattu is also high in protein, making it a good choice for women who are menstruating.

Sattu has insoluble fiver which might help you with constipation. It might help with cleaning your colon as well.

Sattu is great for reducing stomach issues and constipation, and it can also help flush toxins from the intestines and boost your immunity.

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Sattu for detox

It is thought that the grains present in Sattu help absorb toxins and impurities from the body and eliminate them through the process of digestion.

This helps to cleanse and detoxify the body, leading to improved overall health. In addition, the different types of grains in Sattu also provide other benefits such as weight loss.


How do you make sattu?

To make a sattu drink at home, you will need a blender and the following ingredients:

-1 cup roasted Bengal gram flour (sattu)

-1 cup water

-1 teaspoon lemon juice

-2 teaspoons sugar or to taste

-A pinch of salt

-A few ice cubes (optional)

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What are the side effects of sattu?

Sattu may cause stomach problems in some people. It is important to be aware of these potential side effects and to speak with a doctor if they occur.

How much sattu should you drink per day?

One glass of sattu drink is okay for everyone. I also drink one glass every day with 3 tablespoons of sattu in it. I only use water though, no milk.

What are the best times to drink sattu?

Morning or Afternoons are good times to drink sattu. It can be added to your breakfast or can be consumed as an healthy snack in the afternoon.

What is the difference between sattu and besan?

When bengal gram is roasted and then ground into powder is called sattu. But when the chana is grounded without being roasted is called besan.
You can eat sattu raw but besan is used for cooking, only then you should eat besan.
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