20 tips running technique long distance easily!

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running Technique long distance – why Does it matter?

The best running technique for long distances is debatable, but I have somehow come up with the most useful tips for running long distances. These are usable even when you are using a treadmill.

You might want to add some HIIT elements like jump rope, kettlebell, etc for a more calorie burning effect.

If that is your goal.

And these will add up to to the list of running technique long distance.

Also do note, these long-distance breathing techniques will not make you a pro overnight, but with these good running techniques for long distances, you will surely get better.

How to improve running form in General!

Running is a sport which depends on technique. It’s important to improve your running form when you’re doing long-distance or speed work as it can help alleviate and prevent injuries.

Improve your posture

Running form is dependent on a number of factors, including posture. Most of us spend too much time sitting down during the day and don’t engage our hips correctly when we run. This causes tight hip flexors, weak glutes and other posterior muscles, and short stride length.

A loose shoulder and an erect back are the best running posture for long-distance.

For tight hip flexors, you can refer to the Kneesovertoes Youtube channel.

Does Running builds muscles?

Minimize arm movements

Long-distance runners need to conserve energy. This is why they don’t swing their arms through full swings, but instead hold them at the sides and move them up and down in a small motion.

More arm swings means more energy expense and it will not help much for a long distance run as well. But arm movements will help when you are doing sprints.

How to not get bored while running on the treadmill

Relax your body

A stiff body is a slow body. To run faster and smoothly, you should relax your body. Stiffness will also restrict your movements, so it might result in wrong footwork while running.

Running technique long distance

What is proper running technique for long distance?

There is no single running technique that will help you with long distance running.

But one technique that stands out is keeping your arms at a 90-degree angle and keeping them close to your body. And they should swing back and forth as well.

But here are more actionable long-distance running techniques that you can follow to improve your long-distance running.

20 Tips on how to run efficiently long distances easily!

Get a Winning Mind set!

Running long distances is a challenge that can be daunting. It’s ok to be anxious when you try to run a distance you’ve never run before, but trust your training and tell yourself: “I can do it.” With a positive mindset, you will go a long way when the going gets tough.

Many professional athletes go under this session to win mentally first before the win physically.

Strength Training Workout for Runners At Home

According to a recent study, long-distance running can help you fight stress in your daily life. The next time you’re feeling stressed out because of work or school, try taking a walk and then coming back with renewed mental toughness.

20 tips running technique long distance easily! 1

Eat for the long run

Carbs provide your body with energy, and you should focus on fueling yourself well so that you feel good during your run. If feeling weak while running, increase the number of carbs in what you are eating or drink more water to keep hydrated.

I used to get completely depleted after a running session.

If possible also carry ORS, so you do not suffer from dehydration.

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Vary the speed

Long-distance running is all about tempo. If you’re training for a race, aim to run your long runs at around 1 minute per mile slower than the pace you plan on running in the race. 

Slow and steady wins the race.

Going too fast, too quickly will tire you out quickly as well.

It’s easy to overdo it in training and feel good when you’re going too fast during workouts, but then underperform during the race because of not being properly prepared.

Break long running durations into smaller ones

Long runs can be scary but if you break them up into sections and go with whatever combination works best for you. You can break up a 12 km run into 4 parts where each part will have 3 km to run.

This way you can motivate yourself to push farther. These will work as a milestone for your runs.

After each milestone eat or drink to replenish the energy as well.

This is one of the long-distance running technique tips that help you stay focused.

Eat while Running

Mid-run refueling is essential. Experiment with different types of food and try a ten-minute walk before the run if you are unsure whether or not it will be good for your body. Stretching exercises and water are also highly recommended in order to keep your body healthy and injury-free during a long-distance run.

Water based drinks are good choice, you do not want to much on peanuts while running.

Recovery session

Long-distance running can require recovery after a run. Protein, fats and carbs should be consumed within your post-workout meal to give you the protein needed for muscle repair, as well as giving you carbohydrates and fats that will help your body use oxygen to fuel metabolism. 

After a long run, walk to cool down quickly so that it is easier on your joints.

Here are some protein powders for runners and you should definitely have some creatine going on. 

Muscletech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus

These two supplements alone is great for muscle building and recovering if you are a long distance runner.

Your professional trainer might recommend you some more supplements for bone health as well.

Shoulders should be relaxed

Running technique is important in long distance running. In order to avoid injuries, runners must maintain good posture and keep their shoulders relaxed as they run.

A stiff shoulder will hold your arms from moving and you will loose your momentum.

The good form includes a wide stride with arms providing balance, rhythm and power. The faster you go the bigger the motion should be.

A relaxed shoulder is needed to be flexible enough while running long distances.

Strengthen Your Glutes & Core

The key muscles that are involved with running technique and injury prevention include gluteal muscles, which help to provide stability around the lower trunk and pelvis. Strengthen these muscles by including regular strength exercises into your routine as a consistent part of your training program.

Strengthen your glutes and core by performing exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, bridges or planks.

Easiest will be doing glute bridge exercises for glutes and add some Yoga like cat-cow pose.

20 tips running technique long distance easily! 2

Maintain a Tall Posture as You Run

Running with a tall, straight posture can help you run faster and easier. This position leads to good running form, increases the efficiency of your stride, and reduces pain in muscles.

Do not do Ninja runs, do not slouch back. Relax your shoulder and maintain a tall posture.

Don’t jump around

Running technique is important to avoid injury. You should not bounce or rotate excessively in your stride, which can lead to fatigue and speed loss. Instead, you should focus on traveling forward and landing softly without losing momentum.

Landing softly and not jumping too high is also very crucial for skipping rope as well.

See this skipping vs running debate here.

To minimize injury and save energy, run lightly and land softly on your feet. Try to keep your stride low to the ground, take short steps as if stepping on hot coals, but practice any changes in cadence or foot strike for only a short period of time before returning back to normal.

Don’t bounce or rotate excessively when exercising on a treadmill. Doing so will make the workout feel unnatural, and you won’t get as good of a workout.

Instead, try to keep your pace consistent throughout the entire session for better results.

Warm up is a must

Walking for ten minutes before running is important to prevent injuries. Stretching exercises are also recommended to warm up muscles and prepare them for the run.

While choosing stretching exercises, you should do dynamic stretching exercises.

Drink a lot of water

Taking in liquids every 30-45 minutes of running that last longer than an hour, is advisable. 

You will be perspiring to remove toxins from the body but also removing a good amount of water as well. Thus, if possible, you should carry water on long runs as well.

Get some Running shoes

You should invest in a good pair of running shoes that offer proper support. You need to make sure your shoes are durable and comfortable because if you get blisters, your workout may be ruined. It’s also important not to run too far or too fast when trying out new techniques on the road.

Here are some of the toughest shoes that you can bring in the long run.

20 tips running technique long distance easily! 3

Increase your running capacity slowly

The best running technique is to gradually increase the distance you run, no more than 10% per week. It is also important to avoid injury as you increase your workout load. Finally, it is not a good idea to decrease the distance so that you can make sure that there will be an adequate amount of recovery time between workouts.

Take rest after marathons

Staying hydrated and taking long rest is should be mandatory after a long run. A good rest will replenish your energy, so you can get back to training. And you can be prepared for the next long run.

Make Long runs interesting

Running is great, but it can be a lot of work. And this will get boring very quickly.

If you want to keep your long-distance running interesting, try exploring other routes and keeping track of your training so that you’re running the same distance.

For long runs you can take your friends with you too. This will keep you in good company and the overall run will be enjoyable.

Prevent Injuries

Warming up and cooling down can help prevent injuries. It’s best to take a break if the pain persists, especially if it feels like an injury. Seek medical attention if you have any concerns about your running injury.

Taking appropriate rest is also beneficial to injury prevention. And be sure to adhere to the proper long-distance running form. These will keep you away from injuries.

Do long runs in a group

Running in a group can be motivating for beginners and socially uplifting for everyone involved. For mountain trails, running in a group also helps if you get injured or need extra refueling on the go.

And more than anything else, it somewhat helps you in being accountable.

Do long runs on alternate days

The key to long-distance running is finding the perfect balance of training and rest. Alternate hard days with easy days, take at least one day off per week, and use recovery runs after a tough workout. Muscle recovery is necessary for maximum gains in endurance fitness.

What is the crouch position?

The crouch start is a sprinting technique that sprinters use before the race. It allows them to take off quicker and get their momentum going by taking up different positions for push-off. The main starting position for a crouch start is medium, but depending on how you take up your body, it can be in either the bunch or elongated positions.

Best breathing techniques for long distance running

The best way to breathe while running is breathing through both the nose and mouth. Exhaling through your mouth will reduce the burden on your nose for long-distance running, as well as help you avoid fatigue. 

For those who are looking to run a marathon, it is important that they keep their breathing in check. 

By following the cadence and matching your breathing with your footsteps, you will be able to maximize effectiveness without too much strain on yourself. 

It’s also recommended not to try and breathe every time you take a step because this can put pressure on both your heart rate and core muscles when landing from jumping or falling over unexpectedly during running.

To run long distances, you must use the best breathing techniques to maintain your core while trying to make sure that it is loose and stable. 

A breathing technique that is typically used for long distance running is the deliberate breath. This process involves taking a deep inhale and exhaling slowly to evenly distribute stress across your body, rather than concentrating all of the stress from inhaling on one side. 

Deliberate breathing helps you slow down your breathing pace so as not to become tired or pass out from exhaustion quickly during a race or practice run.

Long distance running technique video

YouTube video


Here are all the effective long-distance running technique tips that you should follow for your next long run. We have covered from long-distance running breathing tips to best running form for long-distance running to get you covered.

And if for some reason you are unable to go for outdoor runs, then you can simply use a good automatic treadmill at home.

For shorter version check here

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