Rowing machine benefits – Do you need it?


Rowing machine benefits – for those high price, is it justified?


Undeniably, rowing machines are one of the most popular fitness equipment in the gym. This is a low-impact workout machine which can help you burn calories and gain some strength.

If you are short on budget, then you can skip it for Indian gyms!

Here are the rowing machine benefits

Rowing Machine Benefits

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Full body Workout

There is an entire body movement involved in rowing, and that is what makes it an incredible cardiovascular exercise. It tones your arms, legs, abs and core. You really don’t need to use up a lot of energy to get an amazing workout that works your whole body. You can use rowing as a full-body workout.

Rowing has been shown to improve health in many ways. By rowing, you’ll get more aerobic exercise than walking, so you’ll improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, and help strengthen your bones and muscles.

It targets all the major muscles in your body, including:

  • Upper back and neck
  • Pectorals
  • All of your leg muscles.
  • Stomach muscles etc.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

This is suitable for all fitness levels since you can adjust the tensions as needed,

Researchers studied 24 people with low vision who were given 6 weeks of rowing exercise. They found that rowing five days a week for 6 weeks led to a significant decrease in fat mass and total body fat percentage. Also, the participants lost weight, decreased their body fat, lowered their blood pressure, lowered their cholesterol levels, increased their leg strength and trunk flexion, and increased their back strength.

With diet, this can turn out to be for weight loss or mass gain workout.

Low-impact, so good for joints

This is a great exercise that gives a whole body workout with minimal stress on your joints. It’s one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to keep fit and healthy.

Exercises Cycle workouts are also low impact, but rowing burns more calories.

When recovering from an injury or illness, rowing machines allow you to control the movement and pace and are a great exercise to turn to for active recovery.

A study found that there was a 30 percent improvement in the strength and range of motion in the joints, primarily the elbow, shoulder, and back.

Some of the most common reasons why people fail to gain weight are that they eat too much (obesity), are inactive (sedentary) and don’t eat often enough (anorexia).

Great Cardiovascular workout

If you want to strengthen your cardiovascular system, rowing is a great exercise. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that will help you improve at sports such as football, MMA and Running. Transporting important materials through your body is what it’s responsible for.

Best Substitute for Treadmill

The rowing machine has a number of advantages over other popular exercise equipment and is a good option for those who want to develop their cardiovascular fitness.

Both the treadmill, elliptical trainer, and exercise cycles provide full-body workouts.

While both the treadmill and the elliptical focus on the lower half of the body, the rowing machine and elliptical work the upper and lower halves of the body equally, making them excellent pieces of fitness equipment. The rowing machine also works the abs with each stroke.

The rowing machine is quieter than the treadmill, but a magnetic gym cycle is more quiet. 

Rowers are typically cheaper than treadmills, but they aren’t necessarily more affordable.


Good for sore muscles!

Rowing might help you train without having DOMS the next day. Since this focuses on all the muscles in your body, you are less likely to have a sore muscle. 

Rowing is an excellent cardio exercise. It requires little equipment and burns calories in about half the time you would spend jogging or running. And it’s low impact, so you won’t get tired as easily after a long session.

Works on Core Muscles

Rowing is a great full-body workout because it targets your core and glutes simultaneously. It’s a great way to work out your core while relaxing and gliding on a rowing machine.

But yet it is not a substitute for a core workout but still, if you cannot do core workouts, a rowing machine would do.

Might Improve your posture

It may seem counterintuitive to stand up when rowing, but by adopting a proper posture, you will not only make your shoulders and back more comfortable, but also feel the power of that pull.

Versatile workout

The rowing machine is versatile in terms of its use. You can use it to row for cardio, for strength training, or for core exercises. It can be used for weight loss or muscle building. Easy to learn Rowing is easy to learn and you can begin right away. 

Burn calories

The best workout to lose weight which is also low impact is rowing. It burns up to 377 calories for just a 30-minute session.

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