Welcare MAXPRO IM5001 1.5Hp (3 Hp Peak) Folding Treadmill – Review

1.5 HP ( 3 Hp Peak) green DC motor

Folding Treadmill

Speed – 0.8 to 12kmph

2 level manual incline

For running and walking

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Welcare Max Pro I am 501 it is a 1.5 HP folding treadmill that means it is it will be good gym equipment for small home or flats for apartments in India.

It says green DC motor but not sure that actually means. Welcare also says this green motor have 3 hp power that means it is ideal for running. 


The running area is anti skid and has grass texture so when you will be running on it you might feel you are running outside on grass.

Any top speed is around 12km/ hour so you can run pretty fast on it.


This welcame maxpro im501 treadmill also have 12 presets for cardiovascular fitness and burning fat.


As from my experience I don’t think you will be using those 12 presets much.

Since you can run and walk, this got a wide surface area with the 43 into 15 inches. It also have manual incline, adjustable to 2 levels and most user weight it can support is 100 kgs.


Manual incline is a great feature which you should look for in every treadmill you buy.

Manual incline feature in treadmill allows you to to increase your workout difficulty.


It can support hundred kg is probably you can if you are above 100 like 120 or around 130kgs you can also use it. As this treadmill supports this kind of weight it’s ideal for people who want to lose weight at home.

While using at home you should have a 4 KVA stabilizer for the safety of this motor otherwise you might blow your fuse. Wellcare Max Pro also claims feel solution service at your home but many users have reported they have to pay 750 INR for installation at home.


As of now this treadmill cost around 17000.

And when it comes to guarantee or warranty they only provide warranty there is no guarantee or anything like that. they have 6 months of motor warranty 6 months of parts warranty and want flight time on the frame.


like the frame is going to break or something that’s not going to happen that the motor can go out. So I would be really happy if they have given us this one year of motor warranty.

Some more convenient feature of the treadmill at a glance-


It has auxiliary and USB pen drive input to play music but this pictures are not that great.

It has two cup holders so you can put water bottle or your phone at the front while you are running on it.


This also have a pulse metre and the handrails but you will be using a fitness watch anyway.

Folding the treadmill and setting the treadmill or moving the treadmill around is not that hard. This treadmill is not too heavy.


Can this be used by multiple people?

Not really.


This is not a heavy duty treadmill this treadmill is better for single person use.

There are some complaints about the motor and the build quality but it is expected at this price range.

So so you should buy this treadmill for their home gym?

If your budget is under 20000 INR but you want to run at your home then get this treadmill. This statement provides design features at this price range like the 3 HP motor and the running area.

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