Kamachi home gym hg-44 – 4 station home gym

HG-44 covers 8x8x8 feet space after installation total plates weight is 300lbs/137Kg & it CONSIST of 24 plates & per plate weight is 12.5lbs/5.7Kg approximate & 1 to 4 persons can exercise at a time. Great option for healthy fit family where 2-3 people can workout and have quality time.


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Kamachi home gym hg-44 - 4 station home gym

Can do a range of exercises which are mostly related to body building. Some workouts are – Overhead press, Bent Over row, Preacher curl, tricep extension, pec dec, Lat pull down, Leg curl and more.

As you see these are the most common workouts that any aspiring body builder or fitness enthusiastic would do.

This 4 station all in one home gym is certainly not targeted power lifters.

They would ignore this workout 

Kamachi home gym hg-44 - 4 station home gym

equipment. There are installation guide available that you can use to set this up at home or call up their office.

It has 24 weight plates, per weight plates weights around 5.7k g

Total 137 kgs of weight provided.

This Kamachi home gym hg-44 is for anyone who wants to stat fit.




(Not for under 18 people)


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