Fitkit FT100 review – Motorized Treadmill with Manual Inclination

LCD display- time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, mode, preset programs,F+ App, USB Port, MP3 Speakers, Aux port and cable

12 preset program

3.25 BHP motor

Hydraulic foldable treadmill

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Fitkit ft 100 is a motorized treadmill with 3.25 Horse power for action! Fitkit ft 100 is also known as Fitkit ft100M – where M symbolizes the motorized feature.


But their amazon description shows it has 1.75 Horsepower.. Hmm. Got to check with the Fitkit team about that.

And it appears that their amazon product title is correct.


Fitkit ft100s has the 1.75 horse power motor not this ft100M version.

With a 3.25 horse power ti is easy to run without putting much load on your knees. Thus with less stress your knee or joint lives are extended.


The highest speed is around 14km/hour.


In this Fitkit ft 100M review I see even being a very good treadmill at this price range, the fitkit sometimes suffers with installation and repair service.

Some units of Ft100 were faulty right of the gate but they repaired it.


These treadmills are almost 5-6 feet long with 2 feet width.

You may contact here – Free installation and service all across India. After Delivery please contact us on: [1800-572-6303/ 1800-572-6402] or WhatsApp on (+91-6260741910/ 11)


To know if they provide Free installation and repair services.

Fitkit ft100 comes with some mobile features like their apps which can help you get a good diet, doctor consultation, installation/repair service and more.


But there are much better fitness related apps out there.

There are also usual sensors like heart rate, pedometer etc.


But you are better off wearing a fitness tracker.

You will not be running all the time with your hands on the hand rail of the treadmill.


Fitkit fk 100 have only manual lubrication and manual inclination and have wheels to carry it from one room to another.

Two tiny red Dumbells, Massager, Sit-up bars comes with the treadmill.


Have two small speakers, you can use pen drive or phone for input via usb port.

There are 12 preset workouts, which I have never used from any treadmill.


There is one year warranty on the DC motor.


High power motor for running

Motorized treadmill – less impact on knees



Manual Incline – 3 level

Manual Lubrication

Not foldable

May require stabilizer


Buy if you are looking for a powerful treadmill for running purpose. Check with the suport first as their description varies a little. It is believed that the Fitkit ft 100M is 3.25 HP with auto incline feature but not the Fitkit ft 100S.

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