powermax tda 150 review


Looking for a treadmill with high horse power? Check powermax tda 150 treadmill with 2.5hp motor.

In this powermax TDA 150 review I will try to explain why this could be your first treadmill.

Powermax is a reliable company with great reviews and you will see their products in many gyms.

This powermax tda 150 has a dc green motor which saves energy bills.

Some more key features include-

Auto inclination, with one touch you can increase the intensity of your workout. Auto inclination to 18 degrees.

Auto lubrication, this gets you hands free with maintenance. You get more free time and fuss free workout every time. You have to keep a check on the lubrication oil though.

Smart run function, you can record your activity during a workout and it can be replayed. Kind of macro program on ms excel.

The 5.5 inch display provides an easy view of Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Pulse and Incline.

There are also 12 pre-defined workout samples to use with BMI calculator.

Running make you skinnier?

There is also a heart sensor on the handles and speakers to play music. But you are better off with other sound source like a bluetooth speaker.

If you want to run in powermax tda then you must have a weight of 95kgs. And for walking you can go about 120kgs.

Hydraulic system, pack your treadmill into the corner easily. Very suitable for small homes. And since the person doesn’t need to use strength, elderly people can do it easily. It also has wheel so you can move it around.

Since many of the users will use it for running, powermax have included a great 6 point damping system with dual shock spring absorption system.

Powermax TDA 150 review

This protects your knee joint upon impact. This thing can go till 18km/hour speed thus definitely when running you will need some cushion.

Another great feature of this treadmill is auto stop safety feature. Just attach the safety clip to your clothes. If you fall suddenly or drift back the treadmill motor will stop.

At a stretch you can use the treadmill for 30 min straight then the motor has to cool down for 30 minutes. And you will need a stabilizer for better and safer performance.

The rollers under the belt keep itself centered and ensures smooth operation. And it does not make much sound either.

There could be no help in regards to installation, you might need to do it yourself.

PS: in my Powermax Tda 150 Review I would clarify that I have not personally installed this treadmill at home!

Powermax Tda 150 Review

Users generally praise this powermax tda 150 for wide running area, silent motor and stable impact free running. People also praise this for low sound.

Users do complain about the customer care constantly calling them for review, they complain about customer care and repairs. One more bad thing is which obvious that the speakers not good.

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