Plix collagen builder review: Should you get it?

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Plix collagen builder review: A Wholefood Collagen Builder

PLIX Plant-based Collagen Builder Powder (With Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C) Supports Skin Elasticity, Firmness & Youthful Glow, Certified Clean by US CLP & Vegan.

However as said in my Oziva collagen review/Side effects, these plant-based collagens are not real collagen.

These are collagen builders. Consuming this might help you with many benefits though.

plix collagen builder review

Olena plant-based collagen helps firm and rejuvenate skin, making it more youthful. PLIX is a vegan-based product, which contains 4 grams of plant-based collagen building powder with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

In addition, these components are combined to improve firmness and elasticity, which helps to create a healthy glow.

Plix collagen builder review: Should you get it?
PLIX Collagen on Amazon

In paper, this Olena collagen has good antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, 200mg of sea buckthorn which has loads of Omega 7 and vitamin C.

These all should give you radiant skin right?

Well, they should. If you are healthy in general and eating food all right then this supplement should work.

But if you are not vegan then is this Plix Olena collagen make sense?

[Alternatives to collagen Powder]


If you are not vegan then you should just get marine collagen. Marine collagen will work wonders for you and will do that quickly.

Here are the top collagen supplements in India.

Plix whole food collagen builder review

Plix collagen builder review: Should you get it? 1

Top Features:

  • PLIX Plant-based Collagen Builder Powder comes with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C which helps with building collagen faster.
  • Comes with ingredients like Orange fruit powder, Cherry powder, bamboo shoot extract, Acerola, Amla powder, Green Tea and many more.
  • It might help with getting youthful skin.
  • It might help you with removing marks and give you clear skin.
  • 29.24 calories per serving.
  • NO Contaminants.

Olena collagen builder benefits

  • The hyaluronic acid of 100mg serving will help you with its anti-ageing properties. It might make your skin tighter and younger looking.
  • An antioxidant like vitamin C will make your skin smoother and brighter.
  • Might help with skin elasticity and remove wrinkles.
  • Users have found it helpful, it helped users skin glow and tighten up.
  • One user made a face mask with this powder and it went well for them. I am not sure though if you should try this 🙂
  • Many users are seeing their skin glow after just 2 months.
  • Many users do like the Olena collagen powder’s flavour.
Plix collagen builder review: Should you get it? 2
PLIX Collagen on Amazon

Olena collagen builder side effects

  • Some users do complain about bloating and stomach pain.
  • Some users report rashes on skin due to some allergy.
  • Users had vomiting issues!

Side effects of collagen


  • Many do not like the taste.
  • Many do not feel that this collagen builder is working.
  • Users generally do not appreciate the sugar or malt in this supplement.
  • It will not be faster than marine and bovine collagen.
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Should you buy Plix collagen builder? Key takeaway from Plix collagen powder review!

PLIX Collagen on Amazon

Unless you are a vegetarian then you should not consider this. Also if you are allergic to animal-based collagen then you should not get into vegan collagen builders at all.

Either get marine collagen or just eat a healthy diet.

And if you have any severe problems then get help from a doctor.

No supplement will help you with that.

Collagen supplements in Ayurveda?

is plant-based collagen as effective as bovine collagen?

Any plant based collagen builder is not as effective as bovine collagen. Bovine and marine collagen are the best forms of actual collagen that you can buy as supplements for bone, joints, hair and skin.

is plant based collagen safe?

Usually the plant based collagen should be safer like marine/bovine collagen as well. However depending on the exact chemicals in the blend you might develop some allergic reaction.

Do Collagen Supplements Help Build Muscle?

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