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Kore Pull-up bar revew

Product Review: Kore K-WM-CHIN UP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo

I recently got my hands on the Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo.

I can confirm that the price and availability information displayed on online shops are correct. And indeed this a good equipment to perform a variety of exercises at home.

The chin-up bar is compact and I can say, that if you see the price under or the same as 1.2k INR then buy this.

Kore pull up bar on wall

For budget home gym users this is a great find among the bars available in India.

PS: The ab straps are pretty good as well.

The Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR-SR-ABS outshines its competitors due to its exceptional performance and budget-friendly prices.

I have found this pull-up bar and ab strap combo to be on par with gym-quality equipment. The solid steel construction ensures stability and allows for a maximum load of 120 kg, accommodating users of various sizes.

PS: I have seen 100 kg users doing pull-ups with this.

The black powder coating somewhat protects the bar from rust and corrosion.

The Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo options make it an excellent investment for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

As someone who seeks value for money and variety I can confidently recommend the Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR.

Kore Fitness Pull-Up Bar Review

Key Decision-Making Factors:

The heavy-duty steel construction ensures long-lasting durability and stability during workouts.
The three grip positions allow users to do neutral pull-ups, wide grip pull-ups, and chin-ups.
The bar comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and clear installation instructions.

KORE Pull up bar in box contents

Comparable Products:

Considering the budget you can compare this with the pull-up bar from IBS or Protoner. While both are similar, I would still go for KORE pull-up bar for its simplicity and price.

Other models like those by USI, and MagicHome Gym are costlier and offer more hand positions.

Want to see the best pull up bar for home use in India?

Product Features:

1. Ab Straps: The package includes a pair of ab straps, which are designed to provide stability and support during abdominal exercises.

2. Solid One Piece Pull-Up Bar: The pull-up bar is constructed as a solid one-piece unit, ensuring durability and strength during intense workouts.

3. Parallel Grips: The pull-up bar features parallel grips, offering three different positions for a varied and effective workout. The grip positions include narrow, wide, and neutral, allowing users to target different muscle groups.

4. Mounting Hardware: The product comes with mounting hardware, including 8 x M8 screws and 2 x 3″ screws with bolts. These screws and bolts are essential for securely installing the pull-up bar in your desired location.

5. Installation Instructions: The package includes clear and detailed installation instructions to guide users through the setup process. These instructions ensure a straightforward and hassle-free installation experience.

6. Dimensions: The fixed pillar of the pull-up bar has a length of 20 inches, while the top rod measures 38 inches in length. These dimensions provide ample space for various exercises and accommodate different user heights.

7. Padded Foam Grips: The pull-up bar is equipped with padded foam grips, which offer comfort and minimize strain on the hands during workouts. This feature enhances user experience and allows for longer and more comfortable training sessions.

8. Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: The pull-up bar is made from heavy-duty steel, ensuring robustness and durability. The steel construction can withstand rigorous workouts and support weights up to a maximum load of 120 kg.

9. Black Powder Coating: The pull-up bar features a black powder coating, which serves as a protective layer to prevent rust and corrosion. This coating enhances the longevity of the product, making it suitable for long-term use.

10. Versatile Exercise Options: The pull-up bar and ab straps combo is designed to facilitate a wide range of exercises, including pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches, and more. It is ideal for working out the back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats, and abs.

11. Gym Quality: The pull-up bar is designed to provide a gym-quality workout experience in the comfort of your own home. Its sturdy construction and versatile grip positions make it suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Country of Origin: The product is manufactured in India, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Kore pull up bar wihtout ab straps.jpg

How the Features of Kore wall-mounted pull-up bar can help you achieve your fitness goals!

FeaturesWhat is it?Effect on Product Performance
Ab StrapsStraps designed for abdominal exercisesEasily do hanging leg raises at home.
Solid one piece Pull-Up BarOne-piece pull-up bar made of sturdy materialEnsures durability and strength, providing stability and support during pull-up exercises
Parallel GripsGrips positioned parallel to each other on the barOffers three grip positions (narrow, wide, and neutral) for targeting different muscle groups, providing versatility in workout options.
Mounting HardwareIncluded screws and bolts for installationFacilitates easy and secure installation of the pull-up bar. So you probably do not need to buy screws and bolts.
Padded Foam GripsFoam padding on the grips for added comfortReduces strain and discomfort on the hands, no calloueses. 
Heavy-Duty Steel ConstructionPull-up bar made of strong steel materialEnhances the product’s durability and can withstand rigorous workouts, ensuring long-lasting performance and safety
Black Powder CoatingCoating applied to the pull-up bar to prevent rustProtects the bar from rust and corrosion, extending its lifespan and maintaining the product’s appearance and functionality
DimensionsFixed Pillar Length: 20 inchesProvides stability and sufficient space for various exercises, accommodating different user heights and movements
Top Rod Length: 38 inchesOffers ample space for different grip positions and exercise variations, allowing for a wide range of movements
Ideal for Various ExercisesSuitable for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, leg raises etc.Allows users to target multiple muscle groups, including back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats, and abs, for comprehensive workouts.
Three Grip PositionsNarrow, wide, and neutral grip positions on the barProvides options to target different muscle groups and engage various muscle fibers, enhancing workout effectiveness and versatility
Gym Quality DesignDesigned to deliver a gym-quality workout experienceEnsures a sturdy and reliable pull-up bar suitable for intense home workouts, providing a similar experience to gym equipment
Maximum LoadMaximum load capacity of 120 kgSupports users of various sizes and weights, allowing for safe and effective workouts without compromising structural integrity
In-Box ContentsAb Straps, Solid one piece Pull up bar, parallel grips, mounting hardware, installation instructionsOffers a comprehensive package with all necessary components and instructions for convenient and successful installation
Country of OriginIndiaIndicates the country where the product is manufactured, ensuring quality craftsmanship and adherence to manufacturing standards

Pros and Cons of The Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo:

Very good quality product with compact design.The installation process is difficult and requires professional assistance. Unless you are the pro.
Sturdy construction with proper welds.Provided 8 mm anchor bolts are not reliable and need to be replaced for many walls.
Paint, foam handles are of high quality.The foam grip has a strong smell and may not adhere well, requiring additional measures to secure it.
This pull-up bar is the perfect option for this price for small home gyms.Limited adjustability due to small holes in the rectangular plate
Ab straps are useful for hanging ab workouts. So apart from upper body strength you can train core muscles easily with this fitness equipment. Straps for abs workout are too small to accommodate elbows properly.
Can support weight up to 105-120 kgThe mounting bolts provided may not be strong enough for heavier individuals
Versatile for various exercises such as pull-ups and dipsGrips may need to be removed for a better grip
Decent black paint coatingDifficulties in finding appropriate drill bit sizes for installation
Comes with necessary installation guidelines.You might need more tools than what it comes with.
Even if there is black powder coating to prevent rust, still it might rust quickly.
Use M10 Bolts
From an Amazon User Review

Please follow the steps below for the installation of the product:

Note that the product is of good quality overall, but the installation process may pose challenges. It is recommended to carefully read and follow these instructions.

  • The provided 8 mm anchor bolts are not suitable for installation. It is advised not to use them and instead purchases 8 Rowl Bolts of M10 size from a local hardware shop. Each piece may cost between 20-25 rupees.
  • It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional, such as an electrician or plumber, for the installation. This task requires precision and specific tools that may not be readily available to everyone.
  • However, if you choose to install it yourself, you will need the 8 x M10 Rowl Bolts. Additionally, acquire a 14mm drill bit (costing around 100-150 rupees) to create the holes for the bolts. Obtain a 17 number wrench (around 50 rupees) to tighten the bolts securely.
  • To ensure proper alignment, you will need a drill machine and a water level to check if the bars are perfectly horizontal. It is advisable to search the internet for detailed instructions on how to use Rowl bolts effectively.
  • M10 bolts are the recommended option as they provide sufficient strength and sturdiness. While M12 bolts can be used, they will require larger holes in the rectangular plate, which can present additional challenges.
  • Take note that the holes in the rectangular plate are designed to accommodate M10 bolts with limited room for adjustment. This is why it is crucial to install the plates with precision. Engaging a professional installer is highly recommended due to the tight tolerances involved.
  • The best approach is to install one bar while checking its horizontal alignment with a water level. Then, attach the second bar along with the rod, make markings for the second bar, and proceed with its installation accordingly.
  • It is preferable not to drill all the holes simultaneously. Install one bar first and then make the necessary markings as explained in the previous step before proceeding with the second bar.
  • If you are mounting the product on a brick wall, ensure that the wall is at least 9 inches thick. Alternatively, you can locate the position of the lintel beam and mount the product on it (taking care to avoid hitting any reinforcement steel while drilling).
  • When drilling into a brick wall, make sure the bolts are inserted into the bricks themselves and not the cement used for bonding. This may require some trial and error. You can use a small drill bit to check if red dust is produced, indicating a brick, while lack of dust suggests cement.
  • Please be aware that installing this product can be challenging. It would have been more convenient if the manufacturer included M10 bolts with the product and designed the plates with 12 mm holes.
Kore pull up bar screw after installation

So should you buy Kore Pull up bar?

The Kore pull-up bar doesn’t disappoint. It’s crafted with solid construction and excellent durability, ensuring it can withstand significant weight without any wobbling or compromise. This means you can push your limits with confidence, knowing that this bar has your back (or rather, your upper body).

While no product is perfect, it’s important to note that The Kore pull-up bar does have some areas for improvement, as highlighted by customer reviews. However, keep in mind that these experiences may vary from person to person. It’s worth mentioning that the rotating rubber grips and foam grip quality may pose minor challenges, but with a little extra attention, you can find ways to address these issues and still enjoy a solid workout experience.

So this budget fintess pull-up bar can be a great addition to your home gym.

I always prefer wall-mounted pull-up bars since they are the most ideal addition to your home.

The door frame-based chin-up bars are not reliable and I do not myself or see you getting hurt.

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