Is Chapati Good For Weight Loss? Only if…


Is Chapati Good For Weight Loss?

One or two chapatis might give you around 75-300 kcal each. This amount of calories should not bother your weight loss journey, and it should be okay for weight loss.

But if you only eat chapati made with wheat then you should consider chapatis made with oats, barley, millet.

These grains are way healthier than wheat.

Can we eat chapati for weight loss?

Yes, you can eat chapati for weight loss. But do not exceed your total food intake. Be sure to calculate your calorie needs using various calculators online, and then adjust your diet. As far as chapatis go, eat them within a limit, and you should have no issues with your overall weight loss diet.

The rotis, or chapatis, are not the only carbs that one consumes. They are also dependent upon the daily calorie intake amount. The optimal amount of Chapatis is 300 calories, and they contain a lot of fiber and protein to boot.

Is Chapati Good For Weight Loss

Is wheat chapati good for weight loss?

The answer is no. Wheat chapati isn’t good for weight loss because it contains a lot of wheat, which causes blood sugar spikes and weight gain. Additionally, the nutritional content of wheat doesn’t help with the inability to control appetite or satiate hunger like other foods that are high in fiber or protein can do.

Wheat chapatis should be eliminated from your diet as they won’t provide you with any health benefits aside from causing some discomfort when eating them due to their higher glycemic index.

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With the decrease in blood sugar levels, weight loss becomes possible for people who are on a diet or have diabetes.

Wheat chapati is an easy way to reduce your risk of having high blood pressure and cholesterol because it’s made with whole-wheat flour that has fiber, which lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels while raising good HDL levels.

Wheat chapati are made from wheat flour. One serving has 104 calories, which can make you worry about the effect it might have on your weight loss regimen. However, carbs give us energy and are also our biggest weight-loss enemy. Therefore, if you are planning to eat more chapatis in order to lose some pounds, you should not worry too much because they will help with your progress while giving you energy at the same time.

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Types of chapati – Healthy Chapatis For Weight Loss!

There are many types of chapati that are way healthier than wheat-based chapati. You should consider these alternative ingredients for a more healthy weight loss journey where you should not have to stay hungry.

Soya Protein and whole-wheat flour

Soya atta is a type of flour made from soybeans that can be used to make chapatis. You could also use it in other dishes that call for wheat-based flour, such as rotis or parathas.

Btw Soy atta is just Soy protein. You can also use pea protein.

Soy-wheat flour is a mixture of soy and wheat flour. It can be used to make rotis, naans, pancakes etc. Recently, people have started using whole-wheat flour for chapatis instead of white rice because it provides more nutrients than white rice does.

Some feel that chapatis are healthier than regular rice because they contain fewer carbs, but there’s no conclusive evidence on this claim yet.

If you are planning to eat chapati for bodybuilding and weight gain, then use this method to eat up some protein as well. No extra protein shakes, just some chapati made with protein powders of soy and pea should do.

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Jowar and whole-wheat Chapati

Jowar is a type of grain that aids weight loss. Jowar is high in protein and fiber, making it the perfect option for roti or chapati dough. Makhana can be added to your diet for weight loss. Whole wheat with other foods that aid weight loss will help you lose weight as well.

Ragi and whole-wheat Chapti for weight loss

Mix ragi flour with atta or wheat to make healthy chapati for weight loss. If you eat more then you can use this chapati for weight gain as well.

Chapati is a flatbread that can be made from either whole wheat or ragi flour. Whole-wheat atta is a healthier option for weight loss because it contains fewer calories and nutrients than white flour, which makes it easier to manage one’s calorie intake.

Bajra and whole wheat Chapati

Bajre Ki Roti is an ancient food that means “bread of the poor”. It is made with two different types of flour, bajra atta and whole wheat atta. Adding these ingredients to your regular whole-wheat atta will make healthier rotis and chapatis. Always consult a doctor or professional healthcare provider if you have any specific medical questions about anything related to this article.

The main difference between bajra flour and whole wheat atta is that the former absorbs water easily, while the latter doesn’t. A chapati made with bajra flour needs to be cooked separately, adding more time in preparation for a meal.

Whole-wheat chapati is healthier because of their higher carbohydrate content. Rotis/Chapati can also be fortified by other foods like oats or beans, which aid weight loss and boost overall wellbeing.

Some more items that you can make flour and use to make chapati:

Barley: Barley is known to improve digestion, low cholesterol and might reduce heart diseases

Chana: Black chickpeas or kala chana is another staple of Indian households. Or you can use sattu as well to make some Chapati for weight loss in India.

Jowar: Jowar flour can be ground from jowar grains. You can mix it with wheat or other grains from this list to make your chapati which will be very healthy.

Almonds: Almonds are a type of nuts that have potassium, vitamins and magnesium. almond flour can be made at home or can be purchased from the market. Chapatis made with almond flour are very healthy and filling.

Oats: Oats are rich in fibres, antioxidants and minerals. Oats chapatis are made by kneading the dough with water. Oats aid in weight loss

Nutritionists have been advising people to replace wheat with healthier options for a while now. Chappati has been proven to reduce weight and cholesterol levels in the body of an individual who eats it on a daily basis.

Chapatis are made from whole-wheat flour, mixed with another grain or multi-grains, unlike white bread that contains refined grains like white rice or sugarcane molasses.

These healthy substitutes can be used by individuals who want to lose weight without sacrificing taste and texture.

Which is the best chapati for weight loss?

The best chapati for weight loss is multigrain and wheat. It contains protein and fiber that help you lose weight, but it also has a low amount of carbs, which can lead to confusion with the count on the label.

A high-quality chapati will have a lot of different ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, and proteins in order to make it healthier for your body.

Thus you should consider any chapati which is made with Soya atta, ragi, Bajra, millet mixed with wheat flour. And you should be healthy and lean.

As a result, you should eat food in moderation. A gluten-free diet will help to lose weight and better for sleeping after consuming it because of its easy digestibility. It’s also important that rice is the best choice when you’re trying to lose weight due to the nutritional difference between wheat flour and brown rice.

Boiled rice or chapati for weight loss

Although rice is healthy, it doesn’t come out on top in this comparison. The winner of the chapati vs. rice debate is clearly Chapati as it has fewer calories than other foods like white bread or pasta. It’s important to eat food in moderation, but you should always focus on what your favorite foods are so that you can lose weight without sacrificing taste and quality nutrition!

Can I eat a chapati every day to lose weight?

There is no food that has a magical effect on weight loss loss, except the usual wheat-made chapati. But multigrain chapatis are healthy, but those are also calorie dense. What you should do is limit your calorie intake and do weight training to lose weight.

Eating a chapati every day will not help you lose weight. Wheat is highly caloric and can lead to weight gain, so it is best for people who want to avoid wheat intake. Eating 5 chapatis daily would be too much or unhealthy, as it could cause digestive problems or increase cholesterol levels.

Can I eat 2 chapati during diet?

Chapati is a thin, round Indian flatbread that you can eat with curry or vegetables.

It’s important to have two chapatis and half a bowl of rice for lunch so that the person eating it has enough carbs. If you are working out, then you might want to make soya protein mixed chapati or eat meat with your chapati or Roti.

How many chapatis should I eat in a day for weight loss?

It is not recommended eating a lot of chapati in a day, as it does not provide enough nutrients for your body. The usual recommendation is three days of two chapatis each.

How many calories in a chapati

Chapati is a traditional Indian flatbread that’s made from unleavened dough and cooked on a hot griddle. It has about 120 calories per serving, contains 33 calories from fat, and 3.7 grams of total fat, 1.3 grams of saturated fat, and 0 grams of trans fats in every serving.

All the values are approximate.

Can I eat chapati at night for weight loss?

Chapati and Roti is a good choice for the night. At Dinner, you should not eat a lot and stick to carbs and some protein. So eating chapati at night is a good choice. But eat 2-3, not more than that. You should fill your tummy with vegetables and proteins more.

How many chapati should we eat in a day?

Well, you can eat around 5-6 chapati per day easily without any worries. But make sure that the chapati is made with whole wheat, soya, ragi or other multigrain atta. This makes the chapati very healthy.

What you should do instead of counting chapati is count your calories. Low-calorie diet and workouts should lower your body fat.

Is eating 5 chapati daily good for health?

Eating 5 chapatis daily is a healthy way to maintain normal hemoglobin levels. This ensures that body functions like digestion and absorption of nutrients are still functioning at their best, without any digestive issues or malnutrition.

The high fiber content in the chapatis helps prevent intestinal problems and stomach discomfort caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the gut due to lack of fiber intake.

Does chapati increase weight?

It has been found that eating too much chapatti can cause weight gain and obesity. But what is too much chapati is debatable. If you are working out and want to gain muscle, then healthy chapati recipes are great to have. These will help you build your strength quickly. For weight loss you should limit yourself to eating 4-7 chapati per day. If you are eating chapati for weight loss then you should eat more vegetables and protein instead.

Does chapati make you fat?

Chapati is a high-fiber food rich in protein and helps in effective weight loss. Consuming it for a better night’s sleep is also another reason to eat chapatis. But eating too many carbs and not working out might make you fat easily. Whole wheat chapati for weight loss might still work though.

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Best time to eat chapati for weight loss?

Chapati can be taken for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is a good source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium. They also have fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer periods. Chapati is a flatbread made from wheat flour or wholemeal flour, water, salt and most commonly with an addition of fat such as ghee. It is often eaten in India with curry dishes.

Chapati benefits for weight loss

Chapatis are a popular Indian flatbread, and they have fewer calories than other types of bread. This makes them an excellent choice for people who want to watch their weight or lose some weight.

Multi grain chapatis can lower blood sugar levels.

Chapati is often made with whole wheat, which contains zinc and other essential nutrients that are beneficial for skin health. It also has vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimal health.

This rice-flour bread can be used as an alternative to tortillas or wraps because it’s low in calories, gluten-free, has high fiber content (it’s about half the size of regular flour), easy to make at home without needing yeast or baking powder, healthy alternatives like eggplant and cauliflower, easy to eat at home or on-the-go.

The benefits of eating chapati vary. It can be a low-calorie option that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, or it can help improve health by preventing diseases through its high fiber content.

Since chapati is a rich source of fiber, it will keep you full for longer periods of time. Thus, you might eat less thus consume fewer calories and not accumulate fat.

Eat milk and chapati for weight loss?

I have eaten milk and whole wheat chapati together for a long time. This helps in weight loss also in weight gain, depending on the quantities. Overall, this is a good food combo of protein and carbs. For flour options, you should consider oats, barley and other multigrain instead of only wheat-made chapati.

If you want to eat milk and chapati for weight loss, then you should do it in the mornings or near lunchtime. If your stomach can digest it, then you can eat it at night as well.

What are the substitute for chapati for weight loss?

Brown rice and other multigrain mixes are good for eating with milk/water for weight loss. Like whole wheat chapati, brown rice will not increase your glucose levels. Thus, multi-grain and whole wheat are better flour choices.


is chapati good for weight loss at night?

Chapati is good fiber-rich food, so it can be eaten at night. But limit yourself to a couple of heavy chapatis only.

How many chapati eat in one day for weight loss?

If you are following any version of the chapati diet for weight loss, then you should eat at least 5-8 chapati per day divided into between 3-4 meals. And all of your meals should contain protein as well.

Multigrain chapati for weight loss?

Why I am repeating over multi-grain made chapati. Because multi-grains are made from ragi, millet, bajara, oats etc. All of these are rich in fiber, minerals, which are not present in regular wheat-made chapati. Thus, eating multi-grain chapati is good for overall health.

Chapati side dish for weight loss?

Chapati can be eaten with milk or some vegetables easily. If you want, then you can also eat eggs and chicken with chapati as well. These all work very well as a side dishes for weight loss.

Is chapati better than rice for weight loss?

For carb intake, whole grains make more sense. They are rich in fiber and more fulfilling than rice. Thus, eating roti or chapati makes more sense if you want to lose weight. If you want to gain weight, then both of them should work with workouts.


I hope it is clear to you that chapati is good for weight loss but when consumed in moderation. Chapati is a good source of fiber, which is very good for health. So even if you are not into weight loss, then you should eat multi-grain chapati.

If you are unable to find grains like ragi, bajra etc then buy oats from the market or online and make tasty oats chapati for weight loss!

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