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Contemplating the use of Protinex for weight gain? Well, let me share my in-depth Protinex review with you. Protinex, a well-known health drink, has been a topic of extensive exploration.

In this journey, we will understand the role Protinex plays in weight gain, its limitations, and some surprising revelations. We’ll delve into the myths surrounding Protinex’s weight gain benefits and explore alternative high-protein options. I’ll provide insights into the advantages and disadvantages of Protinex, including potential side effects.

We’ll even discover which Protinex variant might best suit your taste and needs. So, let’s dive in to uncover the truth about Protinex and its effectiveness for weight gain.

how to use protinex for weight gain

How to use protinex for weight gain

I would drink one times a day with 30 gram of protinex with milk to gain weight.

You should take protinex before or after of your workout when your body needs the protein most. But you can also take it the first thing in the morning. At morning, your body could use that protein to build you up as well.

If you are skinny then you would also need a higher calorie diet. You may drink protinex of your favorite variant, one in the morning, preferably.

That may help, but protinex should not be your top choice when trying to bulk from skinny. Eat real food, do compound exercises for actual lean muscle gain.

Take it from a skinny Indian fellow: only protinex will not put up muscles on your body. Rather protinex should also not be your main protein source at all. 56% protein content may sound high but that protein is peanut hydrolysate. Meaning more than half of the protein that protinex original has that you can get just by eating peanuts!

Is peanut protein more usable by our body than Whey concentrate or Isolate.

Not even considering whey hydrolysate.

And many aspiring bodybuilders, guys like you and me, who want to gain weight consider protinex original.

It cost 900 INR plus for a 750 gram pack.

While you can get a cheap one where protein concentrates around 1000 INR for 1 kg. Or even less.

Find whey protein under 1000 INR

Some Other Choices

Do not make protinex your go to choice for protein intake. Either invest in real food or in Google quality whey protein.

Indian diet chart for weight gain pdf download 💪🏽 550g protein, 8K kcal suggestions!

Email is required so people do not spam the diet plan itself. I will not send you any emails unless it is important.

Some information direct from the company on protinex for weight gain

High protein diet does not lead to weight gain till your calories are consistent. As a matter of fact, low carbohydrates high protein diet works wonders to satisfy your hunger which can actually help you keep your weight under check.

If you want to use protinex for weight gain then you must read the above.

Protinex Review
Protinex Review

What limits protinex for weight gain?

Firstly it has very poor forms of protein. Peanut in Original Protinex and all others have soy and skim milk powder. Content % of soy and milk powder is not known.

So you do not even know exact grams of protein which is coming from what ingredients.

Soy is a good source.

And milk powder has 80% casein and 20% Whey but you can not calculate exact amount in a scoop of protinex.

You can not rely on Protinex for weight gain.

Also protinex contains simple carbs or sugar which is not really necessary in your healthy drink. Protinex for weight gain again fails in this manner.

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protinex ingredients

How did the myth of protinex for weight gain come about?

Well, protinex is here for the last 60 years in Indian market and widely known as a health drink. Protinex original have been referred by doctors to the sick for a strength recovery.

And most probably from this the myth of protinex for weight gain became common.

Even so some aspiring bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts used protinex for weight gain.How to use protinex for weight gain + Review 3

They also believed since it has protein in its name, it has good quality of protein. And that is not true. People still steer away from whey protein, pea protein or soy protein powders.

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But these are the best if you want to gain weight. Of course, you have to eat real food and go heavy with your workouts, but these protein powders will help better than protinex for weight gain.

Exercise Equipment that you would need to gain weight -> Buy Gym Equipments Online

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Protinex advantage and disadvantage – my Protinex Review

Kids like the taste, if you want them to drink the milk then mix the protinex with it.

56% is protein is peanut protein in the original, if you have peanut allergies, you are doomed.

Have some amount of biotin, calcium, iron for overall good health, as other health drinks has.

Does aim to be one cure for all and definitely not for bodybuilding or sports.

Protinex is doing business for 60+ years, and can always expect good quality material used in the powder.


Some reviews in for the Protinex Original recently says the taste is bitter, peanut protein hydrolysate is supposed to be bitter.

Anyways protinex is not ideal for weight gain.

Protinex side effects

  • In my protinex review Protinex Original boasts that it has 56% protein which is from peanut so if you have some allergy from peanut then you will be affected. The no 1 protinex side effect.
  • Protinex other variants like vanilla have milk powder, soy protein so if you have lactose or soy allergies then you better not have it.
  • Protinex vanilla has maida (refined wheat flour) in it!!! But WHY???? This is probably the most weird find and absolutely be on the list of protinex side effects.
  • All of the protinex variants have almost 8 ram sugar per 30 gram – not good for if you want to control sugar intake and watching weight.
  • Another protinex side effect is that it will burn a hole in your pocket.

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Types of Protinex

Which protinex is best

Well, if you ask me which I would drink. I would then choose the one which tastes great. ProtineX Vanilla tastes good and so does the Original. I have not tried the protinex kesar badam so can not comment.

If you want to go by protein contents then in my protinex Review I found out –

  • Protinex Original has – 10.2 gram/ 30 gram serving (Peanut Protein)
  • Protinex Vanilla has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Kesar badam has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Tasty Chocolate has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Lite or Protinex sugar free has the same also but it has only 7 gram of protein.

Not by any means the quantity or source quality of protein is good for weight gain. Notice, the protein content – do not hope for amazing results with protinex for weight gain.

Get the taste you like. All protinex variations are the same. Do not try to know the use of protinex for weight gain, that does not work. In my protinex review original had the best taste but now a days many says that the taste is bitter now.

protinex ingrediants

Protinex Usages

  • Protinex original uses

Use only as a generic health drink which has some vitamins and irons. Not for sports or any similar activities.

  • Protinex lite uses

Protinex lite a protinex sugar free version with vanilla flavour. It has only 7 gram of protein and is targeted towards diabetes patients. But if you need low protein contents then you can get NeproLP. Low protein is also required for people with kidney issues.

  • Can we take protinex at night

Apart from the protinex original, the protinex sugar free or the protinex vanilla has mostly skim milk powder. And milk has 80% casein. And casein can be taken at night due its slow releasing properties. So in my opinion you can take protinex at night. Protinex isn’t a medicine, it is a health drink.

  • Can we take protinex after workout

You can take protinex sugar free or the regular after workout but it has no whey so there is particular benefit. Protinex will not release any protein to your bloodstream that would repair muscles. Better take whey which has fast absorption rate and is beneficial after workout.

Protinex Everyday

Protinex powder for weight gain in hindi

इसे एक पतला भारतीय साथी से लें केवल प्रोटिनेक्स आपके शरीर पर मांसपेशियों को नहीं रखेगा। बल्कि प्रोटिनेक्स भी आपका मुख्य प्रोटीन स्रोत नहीं होना चाहिए। 56% प्रोटीन सामग्री उच्च लग सकती है, लेकिन प्रोटीन मूंगफली हाइड्रोलाइज़ेट है। आधे से अधिक प्रोटीन जिसका अर्थ है कि प्रिनेक्स मूल है कि आप सिर्फ मूंगफली खाकर प्राप्त कर सकते हैं!

मूंगफली प्रोटीन मट्ठा ध्यान केंद्रित या अलग से हमारे शरीर द्वारा अधिक उपयोगी है। मट्ठा हाइड्रोलाइज़ेट पर भी विचार नहीं कर रहा है। और कई आकांक्षी तगड़े लोग, आप और मेरे जैसे लोग जो वजन हासिल करना चाहते हैं, वे प्रीनिक्स को मूल मानते हैं। 750 ग्राम पैक के लिए इसकी लागत 9000 INR से अधिक है। जब आप एक सस्ता एक प्राप्त कर सकते हैं, जहां प्रोटीन 1 किलो के लिए 1000 INR के आसपास केंद्रित है। या उससे भी कम।

प्रोटिनक्स को प्रोटीन के सेवन के लिए अपनी पसंद के अनुसार न बनाएं। या तो वास्तविक भोजन या Google गुणवत्ता वाले मट्ठा प्रोटीन में निवेश करें।

Protinex vs ensure

Well in this Protinex vs Ensure the major difference between these are that – 

Protinex has biotin

Ensure has no biotin only essential vitamins and minerals like Protinex

Protinex has 12 gram of protein from milk/soy/peanuts per serving of 30-35 gram.

15 gram of protein per 100 gram for the complete. And 20 gram protein per 100 gram for the diabetes care variant.

Like protinex for weight gain if you have dream of using ensure for weight gain, then wake up.

Endura mass vs protinex

Endura mass is available in three flavors – chocolate, vanilla, normal one. It is a vegetarian product.

Endura mass has 15 gram protein per 100 gram.

Protinex has almost 36 gram of protein per 100 gram.

Endura mass has various types of fat in it and dietary fiber is less than 1 gram. So only fat makes this so calorie dense?

Not calorie dense, not intended to make you gain weight. No questionable fat element exists.

Endura mass has some mixture of soy, whey and milk powder.

Protinex only has soy, milk powder and peanuts.

Protinex vs horlicks

Most of the features are common only the type of protein used is different.

Protinex has no casein, and have 36 gram of protein per 100 gram but no info on exactly what it is.

33 gram of protein per 100 gram, a mix of whey, casein and soy.

Per 100 gram Protinex has 33 mcg of biotin

Per 100 gram Horlicks Protein Plus has 30 mcg of biotin

Protinex vs whey protein


Protinex mostly uses peanut, soy and milk powder which are not fast absorbing proteins.

Whey is milk protein which is fast absorbing and popular protein for athletes.

Protinex is a generic health supplement.

Whey protein is geared towards athletes and bodybuilders and anyone who wants to build muscle.

Protinex vs bournvita


Protinex has 34-36 gram of protein per 100 gram.

Bournvita has only 7 grams of protein per 100 gram.

Average taste.

Bournvita has btter chocolate taste

How to use protinex for weight gain + Review 4All of these health drinks unless specified sugar-free, (Protinex sugar free) have a decent amount of sugar. Also, these are not weight gain products.

To gain weight one must do heavy lifts, have a very good diet and other drinks can only supplement.

If you are curious to read some more review, you can check mouthsout as well.

And here are the ads, which I find weird because I do not feel this supplement would work this way.


Is Protinex good for weight gain?

No. Protinex is not calorie dense, and neither has a good source of protein, so it will not help with weight gain. Protinex for weight gain is not a good option.

How do you take Protinex?

I would preferably take Protinex in the morning with milk.

Which protein is best for weight gain?

Stick with whey protein, a good amount of real food throughout the day and lift heavy to gain weight.

Is Protinex good for health?

Yes, they are here for the last 60 years and have good amount of vitamin, minerals etc.

What is the original Protinex?

Their earliest formula which they have been selling for the last 60 years.

The Last Rep!

Protinex offers a convenient way to supplement your protein intake, particularly if you’re aiming to gain weight. Many users find its taste appealing, making it an enjoyable addition to their daily routines. Moreover, the presence of biotin, calcium, and iron in Protinex highlights its potential benefits for overall health. Additionally, Protinex’s long-standing reputation in the market instills confidence in its product quality. The various flavors and formulations cater to different preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of Protinex when seeking weight gain solutions. While it can complement your protein intake, it should not be your primary source of protein. The absence of key elements like casein and whey makes it less ideal for muscle repair and growth, especially after workouts. Additionally, some variants contain sugar, which may not align with dietary goals. To achieve effective weight gain, it’s crucial to focus on a balanced diet, real food, and quality protein sources alongside supplementation, rather than relying solely on Protinex.

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How to use Protinex for weight gain - Review - Not so Good!
How to use protinex for weight gain + Review 5

Do you want to gain weight? And thinking of using protinex for weight gain? You will be shocked to see what I found in my Protinex Review!

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