How to run on treadmill without getting shin splints

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

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Want to know how to run on treadmill without getting shin splints?

I have been running for more than a year now and it is great. 

But I am having trouble with my shins. I have been using the treadmill for a long time now and I can’t seem to get rid of my shin splints. 

So I have to stop running for a few days. I have tried all the methods and I will share them with you. So if you are also suffering from shin splints, then you should read this article.

How to run on treadmill without getting shin splints

See below the common causes of shin splints and how to avoid them!

Most Likely Reasons for Shin Splints and how to avoid them!

how to run on treadmill without getting shin splints

After every walk on the mountains would give me shin splints. And I get shin splints from walking on the manual treadmill as well.

Treadmill under 1 lakh

Hard Pavement

Paved roads can be rough on your shins. If you drive frequently, you should find a treadmill that can accommodate the terrain and avoid running on hard pavement. 

But a treadmill should be soft right?

Well not all treadmills have high quality rubber belt that are soft to the joins. Thus you might end up with shin splints anyway.


But if you are buying a decent treadmill with shock absorbers, thick running belt then you can avoid shin splints. But also wear a shoe for far better effect. A thick soled shoe with a thick rubber belt would give you the best protection.

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Increasing Speed Quickly

Weak tibia muscles and ankles will give you shin splits if you increase the speed quickly. No matter the softness of treadmill rubber, it will give you shin splints.


To avoid this you should increase speeds for 2 km per hour on average.

This will prevent your tibia from over working and thus there will be no shin splints.

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Bad Shoes

Bad shoes always hurt the knees and feet. With bad shoes it will be difficult to keep balance and maintain your composure. Thus a bad shoe might give you shin splints. 


Thus you should buy shoes with proper cushion and support on the heel and front. The mid sole should also match your feet and then you will not get any shin splints.

Bad posture

Walking and running and even sitting in bad posture is very common in India. Thus most of develop some sort of knee and back pain very easily.


To counter this, you may want to grab the treadmill handlebar and make yourself upright. You should also do hamstring and tibialis workouts. Suce as Elephant walk outs, Hamstring stretch are good for hamstrings and glute. And for Tibialis you should do tibialis raises. These will help you immensely with shin splints.

Especially tibialis raises, since Tibiliase is the muscle that causes shin splints if it is weak.

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Buy Automatic Treadmills

If you are using manual treadmills then you should stop and get a motorized treadmil. Manual treadmills for long walks or run is a bad idea for knees. And those can give you shin splints as well.


Automatic treadmill will have a motor which will move the belt on its own. This will reduce the stress on the knees and ankles. This is helpful when you are walking or running for long hours.

Some more tips on how to run on treadmill without getting shin splints?

Increase incline: some treadmills have a slight downhill slope, which puts more pressure on the ankles thus you get shin splints. If possible you should increase the incline slightly to avoid shin splints.


Shin splints are natural and will occur from time to time to tell you that your legs are not strong enough. But you can train and make them stronger. Just do it slowly and pick a good treadmill and a decent shoe. Hopefully I have helped you avoid shin splints while you use your treadmill.


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