How to keep yoga mat from slipping forever!

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How to keep yoga mat from slipping in India

I’ve tackled the common frustration of slipping during yoga poses. From cleaning techniques like using mild detergent to prevention tips such as opting for rubber-backed mats, I’ve explored it all. Learn the art of breaking in a new mat, the benefits of double-sided mats, and the role of microfiber towels.

Quality matters, and I recommend the Sanglobal yoga mat for its anti-slip properties. Follow my advice and invest in a rubber-sided cotton mat to ensure a secure workout. Let’s dive into a slip-free yoga experience!”

What is a good non slip mat?


Key Takeaways!

– Prevent slipping: Clean and wipe mat after each use, sweep or vacuum floor before workouts.
– Non-slip backing: Use rubber-backed mats to ensure durability and grip.
– Reduce slipperiness: Rinse mat with mild detergent and lukewarm water; avoid high-pressure cleaners.
– Breaking in new mat: Allow weeks of daily practice or use cotton cloth with mild detergent.
– Double-sided mats: Consider for better traction; quality matters for longevity.
– Microfiber towels: Thin towels for traction, especially for mats with poor gripping properties.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping

In order to keep your yoga mat from slipping, make sure that you have a clean floor and wipe down your mat after every use. Additionally, sweep or vacuum your floor before beginning the workout.

The key to preventing a yoga mat from slipping is using a non-slip backing. The rubber is the perfect material for this because it’s durable, comfortable, and can provide grip without being too sticky or oily.

You may be using the wrong type of yoga mats that are made with less quality materials in order to save money on your purchase. In addition, you should make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on one area when performing poses so as not to cause slip errors.

This is a smart way to keep your mat in place and prevent slipping.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping

How to make your yoga mat less slippery

A yoga mat can be slippery when it dries if you do not take the time to rinse it off before and after use. Use a mild detergent to degrease your yoga mat, then rinse with lukewarm water until all of the soap residue is gone. Finally, wipe down your yoga mat using a paper towel or cloth to remove any remaining dirt or dust particles.

Note: Do not use high pressure cleaner on your mats as this will damage them.

If you are using a EVA foam mat then you can scrub one side of it. If this yoga mat is slippery. Or you can use rubber mat under the yoga mat.

Or the best way to combat this problem is to buy something like this yoga mat to slip not at all.

Breaking in a new yoga mat like a shoe

If you are new to yoga and have a shiny, brand-new mat, then it might be difficult for the mat to grip your feet when doing poses. Breaking in your new yoga mat can help improve traction.

You should allow weeks of daily practice before traction improves significantly.

You could speed up break-in process by rubbing a cotton cloth on the surface of the mat or by using soap and water with a mild liquid detergent – do not use harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia as they will damage the material of your mats.

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But the yoga mat is not strong enough or does not have good gripping properties it will not work.

Purchase a double-sided mats

If you are experiencing problems with your yoga mat slipping, consider purchasing a double-sided one. This will be more comfortable and offer better traction than the standard single-sided mats.

When shopping for a yoga mat, there are typically two options: the more common single-sided mats or double-sided mats.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping forever! 1

Double sided mats provide improved grip and prevent slipping during practice while still providing enough padding to cushion your joints.

When buying a double-sided mat, it is important to consider the quality. Most times, when one side of the mat gets dirty or worn out quickly, you may have to switch out for a new one since they are not easily fixable.

Generally one side of the mat should have rubber coating and other side could have cloth or foam material.

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Use microfiber towels: Towel Tip

To prevent your yoga mat from slipping, use a microfiber towel. The yoga towel is thin enough to provide traction but still thick enough to be used in the same way as any other regular size towel.

Place it on top of your mat and place one hand on top of the other so that you can help with traction. Yoga grip towels are only needed when your mat has poor gripping properties or if you are using a sticky mat (like an outdoor carpet).

Backing for the mat

No-skid rug backing is designed to keep area rugs in place and prevent them from sliding on hard surfaces. It is also great for providing traction while you are working out.

You can install it on the back of an area rug or large towel, which will provide a sticky texture that prevents your mat from slipping.

If you are looking for a yoga mat that will not slide, consider finding one with a no-slip backing. You can also use sticky mats underneath your yoga mat to prevent it from moving around while exercising.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping forever! 2

Here are some Yoga bricks that you can use!

But before you do this, yoga mats are not super costly so you should just buy a yoga mat that has a rubber back!

Buy a quality mat

A quality mat will stay in place and is also less slippery. It also has a regular yoga mat on one side, cotton or polyester blend that helps it to stay tight while you workout. If tips on this blog did not work then you should get a new yoga mat with rubberized one side to get a good grip on the floor.

You should not negotiate with the quality of the workout mats.

Practice More for balance

To stop your mat from slipping during practice, try doing these things. First, practice more to get better balance. PVC materials are slippery by default and you should use a material that is not as slippery when practicing on the floor.

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What is a good non-slip mat?

Sanglobal yoga mat is a good anti-slip yoga mat that I use regularly. It has a thick layer of natural rubber which is very grippy, you have to touch it and use it know. Otherwise you would not believe how strong it is.

It will not move from the hard floor or carpet even if you jump on it.

Types of Yoga Mats

If you’re slipping on your yoga mat, it’s likely because you’re using a low quality PVC mat. To prevent this from happening in the future, switch out your old PVC for a vegan yoga mat. The vegan mats are made with natural fibers and environmental materials like jute or hemp that won’t damage the earth.

Some materials for yoga mats are listed below:

  • PVC
  • EVA foam
  • Cork
  • Cotton
  • Cotton with Rubber back
  • Jute

Here the most non slip mat would be the ones with cotton with rubber back. Otherwise the next great yoga mat will be made from Jute. Jute is a natural material and should be great for carpets. For floors you should still stick to rubber mats.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping forever! 3

Which products should you use to clean your yoga mat?

A simple detergent would do just fine. Just use what you use for washing clothes and your yoga mat should be clean. Be it a EVA foam yoga mat, cloth yoga mat etc,. Cloth washing detergent will work for all of them.

How do I keep my exercise mat from sliding on hardwood floors?

Your yoga mat can slide on hardwood floors. To prevent this from happening, use one or two pieces of Velcro to attach it to the floor and avoid using furniture as an adhesive. If you still want to make sure your mat stays in place, try using tape for a double-sided design that is more durable than Velcro.

You may also use a rubber flooring mat first and then lay down the yoga mat so it will not slip.

How do you keep rubber mats from slipping?

If your rubber mats are slipping then the grooves and sticky property of the yoga mat might be gone now.

Rubber mats slip on hardwood floors. Carpet tape is a two-sided adhesive that can be used to prevent the mat from slipping. It’s also used for carpet installation and not rubber mats, so it should work as well.

Otherwise you might want to change the yoga mat as well.

How do I stop my exercise mat from moving?

Use a yoga mat with rubber backside so it will not move while you workout. But if you have EVA foam yoga mat that might slip on carpet or hardwood floor. For that you might want to use double sided tape. Place the Eva yoga mat over a rubber gym mat. This will stop your mat from moving while you workout.

How to keep your yoga mat from slipping on carpet?

If you want to keep your yoga mats from slipping, buy some carpet tape. It is a two-sided adhesive that prevents floor mats from sliding and can be useful for other applications as well.

Carpet tapes are sold in different colors so it’s easy to find one that matches with the color of your mat or home decorating scheme while still being able to tell where they’re placed on the surface.

But if you buy a thick rubber yoga mat then that mat will not slip on the yoga mat.

How to keep yoga mat from slipping on floor?

If like most of the Indian homes you do your practice on concrete or marbel floor then you should use some furniture to keep your yoga mat from slipping. You can also use gym rubber floor mat underneath your yoga mat to keep it from slipping on the floor. This will ensure a safe yoga practice.

How to keep hands from slipping on yoga mat?

For almost all yoga session you will see your hand slipping on the yoga mat. This is true if you are using a EVA foam yoga mat. Those yoga mats get slippery quickly. But if you are using a jute or cotton made yoga as your workout mat then you can do standing yoga poses, Bikram yoga easily. You might want to wear cotton gloves and cotton socks if you still see your hands are slipping.


I hope you understand that buying a rubber sided cotton mat is the best way to not slip and get am injury while working out with a yoga mat. Otherwise you have to use heavy furnitures, use another thick rubber gym mat to stop the yoga mat from slipping.


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