How to increase biceps by food in India

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In my journey to enhance my biceps, I’ve delved into the concept of “How to increase biceps by food in India.” It’s essential to understand that there’s no single food that can exclusively sculpt your biceps. Instead, it’s about fostering overall muscle development through a balanced diet. Protein takes center stage, with sources like milk, eggs, and soybean serving as vital building blocks. Not to forget the significance of fruits like apples and bananas, offering a boost to both your overall health and biceps.

Embracing natural fats and carbohydrates is equally crucial. For my fellow vegetarians, soy and paneer become valuable protein alternatives, and plant-based protein powders can step in as well. Alongside these dietary insights, I’ve also curated a list of the top 5 bicep-growing exercises. Additionally, I’ve addressed common FAQs about bicep growth and shared my personal experiences in crafting a home gym within the Indian context.

There are no magic food items to grow biceps only but since you are looking for how to increase biceps by food I will share some info on training and food that I have acquired from working out in gyms.

How to increase biceps by food

These will help you gain some muscles all over your body, but food items will not target your biceps alone.

If someone is saying that to you, then know this is a scam.

You can however wear an arm blaster while doing bicep curls. It will help you grow biceps faster.

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Key Takeaways

– There are no magic foods to target biceps growth alone.
– Emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet for overall muscle development.
– Recommends protein sources like milk, eggs, soybean, and more.
– Highlights the value of fruits like apples and bananas for health and biceps.
– Encourages the consumption of natural fats and carbohydrates.
– Advises vegetarians to opt for soy, paneer, or plant-based protein powders for protein intake.

Bicep Curls
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Foods for Your Muscles including your Biceps!

Your diet should have a portion of protein, fat, carbs.

For protein, you should get around 1.5 grams per your bodyweight and eat other items as naturally as possible. This will help you grow your biceps.

Protein: you should eat at least 1.4 – 1.8 grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight. The source of protein can be natural if you can.

Natural protein sources include milk, eggs, paneer, soybean, chicken, peanuts, beans, chickpeas and more.

In India we have lots of variety of food items to eat for bicep growth.

How To Increase Biceps By Food

Fruits: apples, bananas are your friend here. You can also eat all seasonal food items that are available in India to eat. All these fruits are good for your body and for your biceps.

These fruits will provide you with vitamins, minerals which will help you stay focused on your workouts.

Fat: yes, naturally occurring fats are not bad. You can eat nuts, oily fishes etc for those healthy fats. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will accumulate those fats on your stomach.

Carbs: Chapati, roti and rice are the best option in India. You do not need to eat oats though but you can if you can afford it. And dalia is also similar to oats so you can also try it. Carbohydrates will provide you the calorie you need to do your workouts.

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Veg diet for Muscle gain including Biceps

How to increase biceps by veg food?

As I said earlier, no food will increase your biceps. Foods will effect your entire body. Do bicep workouts to make them big.

Since I do not want to count calories and measure my foods, so I would suggest that you do not do that also.

As you are a vegetarian you will miss eggs and chicken for protein intake but not to worry you can eat soy, paneer instead.

And if you wish you can opt for plant based protein powders which contain all the necessary amino acids to grow muscles.

Every meal you eat should contain some form of protein, and you are good to go. And eat at least 4-5 meals a day.

Best exercise to increase biceps

Here are the top 5 exercise for biceps growth. The chinup is a compound move, and you should do it to increase overall upper body mass and strength.

  1. Incline dumbbell curl
  2. Preacher curl
  3. Hammer curl
  4. Bicep curls
  5. Chin ups


How can I increase my biceps fast?

Do bicep curls and hammer curls at your gym. And even though you have finished your set, try to squeeze in 1-2 extra reps in those exercises. Only for those extra reps you can rock your body. If you are at home then work on your bicep frequently every time you get up.

How can I grow my biceps naturally?

Chinups, bicep curl and hammer curls are your friend here. Do as superset or individually, all these will help your bicep grow naturally. If you are in India I would suggest that you avoid machines to work on your biceps.

Should you lift heavy for biceps?

Biceps are a fairly small muscle and they do get involved heavily on back day and to a degree on chest day also. So go for a medium weight with which you can perfectly do 10-12 reps. And then try to squeeze some more reps to get those biceps on fire.

Is 50 pushups a day good?

If you can do 50 pushups a day then you are more than fit than many more men in India. But be careful if you are only doing push ups that will create an imbalance on your upper body. To compensate you should do some vertical pulling movements as well. Such as bent over row etc.

Can you train biceps everyday?

Ideally training your arms 2 times per week is enough but you can do more. In India we love to do biceps almost everyday. In this case make those workouts short, do hradly 2 workouts for biceps then.

How can I increase my forearm size at home?

At home I believe you do not have any weights. In this case try using books or 1 liter-2 liter water bottles of pepsi or something. Then do forearm curls on all angles. Up-down with wrist vertical, and horizontal curls. Do more reps per set and you will see results.

What foods stop muscle growth?

Indian junk foods like those chow mein, pakora and all fried items are not beneficial for muscle growth. And also sugar filled drinks like coca cola, pepsi, maza are also not great. You can have them as a cheat meal but not frequently.

Do Bananas help build muscle?

Yes, Indian bananas contain carbs and potassium which are helpful for exercise so indirectly it will help with building muscle.

How many eggs should I eat a day to gain muscle?

2-3 eggs per day is good for muscle growth. This will give you around 20 grams of protein and as per your bodyweight you should get more protein from different sources as well.

Is two exercises enough for biceps?

Yes, 2 different exercises for bicep workouts are enough. You can pick any 2 but choose those workouts with different angles. And you can do them at least 2 times per week also.

How can I get huge arms?

You can get huge arms by doing compound moves like pull up/push ups and tricep and bicep workouts. Remember that the tricep is a larger muscle. Along with compound moves use 2-3 different tricep and bicep workouts and do 2-3 times per week. Also do forearm curls and heavy farmer carries once or twice per week

Rep Ranges For Arm Workouts?

Forearm workouts I would go for 10-15 rep ranges per set. Arm muscles like bicep and triceps are smaller muscle groups so going for overload is a good idea with maintaining a good form.

How many days rest for biceps?

Ideally you should rest 1 day between each muscle group after workout. Same goes for bicep, if you workout out on your bicep on Monday then skip Tuesday and work on Biceps on Wednesday!

Is gym everyday OK?

You should keep a rest day in a whole week of workout. But if you are well rested, taking help from a professional coach then you can go to gym everyday. But under supervision only.

Are bicep curls a waste of time?

If you think closely then you will know that bicep curl movement is not being done naturally by us. I mean in the real world we do not move our hands like that. Thus many trainers would say that doing bicep curls are a waste of time. I also believe so but do not completely ignore it. Rather do train your biceps and triceps at least twice a week, nothing more.

How do I build my lower biceps?

Incline dumbbell curls will help you build lower biceps. You need to fill the stretch at the lower head of the bicep and this will do just that. Start with low weights.

What drink helps build muscle?

Milk is one of the natural drink that will help you build muscles. There is also diet named gomad which consists of high volume drinking of milk.

What stops muscles from growing?

Not enough calories by food, too much cardio, less sleep will stop muscles from growing.

Which is best exercise for biceps?

Traditional bicep curls, chin ups and reverse grip bent over rows are great for bicep growth. You can also do EZ bar bicep curls to protect your wrists from overwork.

Can I do biceps after back day?

Back workouts do involve the biceps so it is always better to do bicep workouts on the back day. But if you are willing to put in some extra sets of bicep curls on the next day then do so. But do not go heavy as you should give one day rest to your muscle groups in between workouts.

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