[Nope!] How to get thicker legs without exercising?

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How to get thicker legs without exercising?

You might be wondering how to get thicker legs without exercising. The answer is simple: you can’t, at least not in a week.

There are some things that you can do to improve the look of your legs without any exercise whatsoever, but they will take time and patience. We have compiled an article with all of the best tips for getting thicker thighs fast!


We recommend that you do the following exercises: squats, lunges with weights (no more than 5kgs per leg at beginning), and leg presses.

These are all easy to do at home for beginners, but if you want a good workout then we suggest getting some dumbbells or kettle bells from Amazon!

Check the easy to do leg workout routine!

Here are our top five tips for how to get thicker legs fast:

how to get thicker legs without exercising

Eat Lots of Protein

One thing nutritionists agree on is that protein is key to building muscle mass and staying satisfied throughout your day.. This means eating lots of lean sources like fish, chicken breasts, eggs, oatmeal etc.

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Eat decent amount of carbs for muscle growth

Carbs are important for energy and recovery, but not too much. And if you are skinny then you might need to eat more frequently too.


Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol is full of empty calories that will lead to fat gain and water retention.. This means no more than two drinks a day! You can take a look at the Indian diet plan here.

Do leg workouts with weights on alternate days

With these easy exercises you’ll be able to get thicker thighs without exercising by toning up key muscle groups in just weeks!. It’s recommended that you do squats, back extensions (or hyperextensions), lunges,,and leg presses.

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These are all easy to do at home for beginners, but if you want a good workout then we suggest getting some dumbbells or kettlebells.

Ideally you should also do full body workouts as well. Otherwise you will lose the balance of muscles in your body.

More on leg workout routines later!

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Reach Failure

For maximum growth you should go to failures while you are working out. Without intense workout you will have slow growth or no growth at all.

But this does not means that you have to lift extreme or excess weight at all. But chose a healthy weight that you can lift comfortably for 8-10 reps.

And then you should slowly move from your starting position to your original position to maximize the muscle under tension and improve mind muscle connection.

Even if you are using a machine the rule above still follows.

And if you are comfortable with the chosen weight then from the next time increase the weight slightly or increase the rep number.

You can also reduce rest periods.

How can a skinny guy get bigger legs at home?

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Want thicker legs? Eat more food. Doing so will feed muscle growth in your legs, especially if you’re on a restrictive diet. Getting sufficient calories is crucial to gaining mass and building bigger thighs. It does not mean that you should go wild and eat everything you want, but 3-6 nutritious meals per day plus healthy snacks are enough to help bulk up your muscles.

And each meal should have some protein in it.

And here are the three 2 top exercises that you can do to get bigger legs at home –

  • Thighs: Squats/Single Leg squats/Bulgerian Split squats
  • Hamstrings: Dead lifts/Glute bridges/Hip thrusts
  • Calves: Standing calf raises/Seated calf raises

How can I make my legs thicker without exercise

You can not make your legs thicker without exercise. Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to get thicker thighs quickly. However, if you don’t want to use weights, then you’ll have do exercises that work the muscles in your leg and butt.

How can skinny guys get bigger legs without weights?

Since you are skinny like me thus you have to eat a lot and each meal should have some protein in it. And then you have to do high volume sets of leg workouts. For starting up you can do squats and glute bridges. do both since squats will grow your thigh muscles and glute bridges will bulk up your hamstrings.

You should do 4 -6 sets of each with 15 repetitions.

This is how you can bulk up your skinny legs at home.

How to get bigger legs for females?

How To Get Bigger Legs For Females

Since both male and female of our human species have the same muscles the workout for men should also work for women as well. After all, we all have the same muscle tissue and structure.

But females do focus more on butt hips.

For those specific parts do body weight exercises like single leg bridges, fire hydrant, bird dog etc.

But overall you should stick with compound exercises like squats, deadlifts. And even better if you opt to do single leg exercises.

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How to get thicker thighs and hips in a week?

Ideally if you are not genetically gifted then you can not gain size at your thighs in a week. And if you are looking to get truly bigger in size when your leg muscles are concerned then you are out of luck as well. Our legs have the largest muscles in our body and they do take their sweet time to grow.

And they grow best when you train with heavy weight.

You also need to ensure that you not only train them hard but your diet is on point.

The simple answer is no, it is impossible to get thicker thighs in a week without exercise. So what can I do? You should focus more on resistance exercises and eating healthy foods rich with protein. If you want an overall better look then you should also do upper body exercises along with a healthy diet.

Otherwise wearing baggy jeans might help you out.

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How To Do Deep Squat Pulses Exercises for Bigger Thighs?

Deep squat pulses increase the time under tensions on the quad muscles, calf muscles and somewhat on the hamstring muscles as well.

Thus this workout position makes it harder to push up and thus may help you gain more mass on your legs.

The Deep Squat Pulse is an effective lower body exercise. By incorporating it into your workout routine, you can simultaneously work on multiple lower-body muscles while zeroing in on the thigh muscles.

Why are my legs getting fatter?

I believe that if your legs are accumulating fat then it could be that you are built that way. That is if the rest of the body is more or less fat free or skinny fat. But if you are on the heavier side naturally then you should watch your diet and do some cardio workouts too.

If you are not able to do these then you should try split squats, quarter squats or other suitable bodyweight leg exercises.

Also while doing any leg workouts like leg curls, deadlift, romanian deadlift, split squats, leg extensions, be careful about your knees. It is very easy to injure knees with a bad form.

Thus mind muscle connection and proper form is necessary.

Here is a short workout program to get thicker legs at home for skinny guys!

General idea:

It is all going to be compound exercises and you can do legs without weights but unless you have knee problems then you can do weighted exercise along with bodyweight leg exercises as well.

But if you are a novice then you should start with bodyweight leg exercises to create mind muscle connection.

And if you have trouble getting into positions like full squats then you can do quarter squats but hold that position for better mind muscle connection and growth.


Ideally you should keep a day between your workouts. Also do very little cardio exercises since you are already skinny. If your nutrition is not good enough to support your body then doing cardio exercises will make you more skinny.

But do not worry exercises like squats use the largest muscle in your body thus you will still get some cardio exercises after all.

While working out you can do the rest-pause method of getting workout done quickly. In this method you keep the rest periods short so you can quickly finish your workouts and go to failure each time.

And finally here is the killer leg workout which also includes a thicker thigh workout!

This is made by me who has some years of personal experience of weight training. 

Warm ups:

  • Bodyweight squats/ Freehand squats (2*15) (sets*reps per exercise)
  • Bodyweight Hip Hinges/ single leg body weight deadlifts (2*15) (sets*reps per exercise)
  • Brisk walking/Knee lifts (5 minutes)

No matter the body type you will always need a hip hinge workout like the conventional deadlift or any other deadlift variation like Romanian deadlft, staggered deadlift etc. 

No matter how many hamstring curls you can do, you will always need a hip hinge movement.

Secondly you will also need a squat like movement.

it could be ass to grass squats if your body is flexible. Otherwise you can stick to bodyweight squats, quarter squats for thicker thigh workout.

You can do a squat position variant also like the walking lunge. Or the bulgerian split squat.

For reducing muscle imbalances I mostly do unilateral training. And I will select the workouts based on that also.

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Day 1: 

  • Squat movement:  (3 sets *15 reps)
  • Bulgerian Split Squat
  • Sissy squats
  • Sumo squat


Day 2:

  • Hip Hinge movement: (3 sets *15 reps)
  • Romanian deadlift/single Leg deadlift
  • Glute Bridge
  • Hamstring Curls


All these exercises should be enough to train your entire leg muscles. Ideally all major muscle in your legs will get targeted and you will grow lean muscle eventually.

For solid muscle you diet should be on point also. Google on how much daily protein you will need and eat accordingly. If you are doing vigorous exercise then you have to eat well too.

I am not going into how to do these, since there are tons of workout videos on Youtube already.

For progressive overload you will need to use weights or bands.

If you are a beginner then start with bodyweight exercises only.

But for progress you will either need to add weight or add up the sets and reps.

But adding weights is a much faster way to thicker thighs, thicker butt and legs. if you are using weight then do not let your ego get the best of you and screw your exercise form.

Focus muscles while you are working out and not the weight. Your muscle memory will develop and you will be able to lift more weight later on.

I do not recommend using leg press machine, leg extension machines. These have the potential to do more harm than good.

For females, you might want to put a little more focus on the glute exercises. Ideally all hip hinge movement will develop the glute muscles.

If all these are easy to you then you can add power exercises like Dumbbell clean and press. This will develop solid muscles all over your body.

Ultimately I hope you understand that you can not develop thighs without exercise. 

In that case you have to wear clothes according to your body so that it hides your skinny legs.

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