How to clean treadmill belt Indian style!


How to clean treadmill belt in India

In order to clean a treadmill belt, you should use just water and soap. Clothing detergent like Surf Excel should work really well.

If you are wondering how to clean the treadmill belt surface, then here are the steps that you should follow to clean the belt.

How To Clean Treadmill Belt

Steps on how to clean top of treadmill belt:

1: Fill water in a spray bottle. Mix some detergent in it and shake it and keep it ready for use.

2: Run the treadmill in the lowest speed possible.

3: While the belt is moving, you should spray the water on the treadmill belt.

4: When you have spread enough, then use a clean cloth like a towel to rub the treadmill belt.

This should clean the top of the treadmill belt.

But use the treadmill once it is dried.

How to clean oil off treadmill belt?

And if you are wondering how to clean a dirty treadmill belt… then these steps will work as well. The soap water and towel rub will remove the oil from the top of the treadmill belt.

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How to clean sweat off treadmill belt?

To clean the sweat off treadmills, you should wipe it off right after your workout. It is not possible to prevent sweat from falling on the treadmill like a bench press machine, so you have to wipe it off right after a workout.

And after every 2 weeks, you should use these steps to clean the treadmill belt.

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How to clean the underside of a treadmill belt?

Here are the steps to clean a treadmill belt inside:

Step 1: Get a towel and a steel scale

Step 2: Use the scale to pry up the treadmill belt, so you can insert the towel in.

Step 3: Pull the towel from the other side.

Step 4: Slide the towel up and down to clean the backside of the treadmill belt.

Step 5: Once done, pull the towel out.

Caution: Do not use screwdrivers or sharp items to lift up the treadmill belt. This might tear up the treadmill rubber!

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How do I deep clean my treadmill?

To deep clean your treadmill, first vacuum around and under the belt to pick up any dust. Next, wipe down the belt with a damp cloth and soapy water. You should rub the belt with a clean towel afterwards.

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Can you use wd40 on a treadmill belt?

No, WD40 is not suitable for use on a treadmill belt. It can be used to clean other metal surfaces, but it won’t do any good when cleaning the belt of your treadmill or exercise equipment because there are no bearings or moving parts like in most machines.

How do you clean a moldy treadmill?

To clean your treadmill belt, use a larger towel than the width of your running belt and cover the whole underside. Scrubbing in small circles with a sponge is ideal to get into all spaces and remove any dirt or debris from the underside.
If more cleaning is required, use toothpaste on a damp cloth to scrub away tough spots.
The cleaning needs to be done every three months so it doesn’t become moldy again, but this will depend on how often you run on it.


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